12 Days of Christmas In July ….

12 Days of ChristmasWell, this is definitely not my best work, but my thought was more towards showing you various ideas for creating your own ornaments. I love ornaments that are cute and have a story to them, but I also like ball ornaments, just a simple round ball in various colors. I think they bring light to the tree.

You can literally make ornaments out of anything, wood, spices, herbs, beads, buttons, fabric, the possibilities are endless. The cool thing about using fabric to do it is that your ability to add things like paint, drawings, pictures, pockets, buttons, beads, and many more items to fabric is so easy to do.

In my ornaments today, I used fabric and felted wool.

and several pieces of fabric along with white thread (On purpose) and heat-n-bond lite.

What I did was first look for some basic shapes on the internet, I downloaded them and printed them out, and then cut a piece of heat-n-bond and ironed it to the fabric about a 6-inch square piece, cut the shapes with wrong sides together, and then I also cut a piece of felted wool at about 1/4-inch larger than the shapes.


Cotton scraps at least 6-inches square
Felted Wool, felt, or a fabric that doesn’t do a lot of fraying.
Beads, Buttons, and other things you like to decorate with.
Presser Cloth and Iron
Sewing Supplies

So let me go over the basics…

  1. Find the shapes you wish to use. Keep it simple. Draw or Print 2 of each.
  2. Print them out on freezer paper or a tear away stabilizer
  3. Trace the shapes so you have a layout, it makes it easier to line up the shapes over the felted wool. add another shape about a 1/4-inch larger around the shape you just drew.
  4. Iron your hnb on the 6-inch shapes for each shape. You need two 6-inch squares per ornament, so you’ll also need 2 for hnb also. Leave paper on for now.
  5. Cut out your shapes. Cut 2 of each shape, wrong sides together, your hnb should be on one of the wrong sides.
  6. Cut out felted wool at about 1/4-inch larger. (Felted wool fabric should be a color that coordinates with your ornament fabric) Remove hnb from cotton shapes.
  7. Lay one of the ornament shapes (cotton) onto the layout you drew or printed out. Wrong side with hnb should be on top (so you see it and right side of fabric should be on bottom)
  8. Lay the piece of felted wool on top of it and line it up with the outside edge of the layout.
  9. Lay a pressing cloth over the ornament and press the wool to the cotton.
  10. Lay the other shape onto the top of the felted wool, use straight pins to help you line it up so that both of the shapes lay together on the opposite sides of the wool.
  11. Lay a presser cloth on top once you’ve done that, and iron lightly in place, remove pins and finish ironing.
  12. Straight stitch, Zigzag or use a ladder stitch and stitch around the edges of your ornament so they are stitched down to the felted wool piece.

This is where you now get to decide how you want to decorate your ornaments. If your sewing machine, for instance, has a lot of decorative stitches, this is a great time to put them to use, draw some lines lightly on your ornament, use a color of thread in the top and bottom that coordinates or is in contrast with your fabrics. A good thing to do would be to test first and find some stitches you like so you can decorate them how you want on your ornament.

If your machine has a round buttonhole, use it to create holes for your ornaments and then add your ribbon into each hole and tie it so the ribbon in place for your tree or wreath.

In my examples above, with the stocking and the mitten, you can see the reverse side. In these two ornaments, I simply used decorative stitches to decorate the ornament.

With the round ornament, I added a pocket to the ornament, thus I can add little mini candy canes or Hershey kisses into the pocket. My example is just showing the pocket with paper. To make the pocket, use the hnb paper you peeled off as a template and cut half of the ornament in half, use it to create your pocket template, cutting 2 pieces and a piece of hnb. Iron them together with wrong sides together. Zigzag the pocket onto your ornament.

I used white thread in my samples on purpose so you could see the stitchings easier, thus the reason I said it’s not my best work… however, I also didn’t have time to create new ornaments, all my baubles and beads and such are still packed in boxes and I haven’t had a chance to unpack them yet.

Many of you have commented today on liking the pocket idea, thank you. I would like to point out that the pocket idea is not limited to just the ornament, you can do it to any simple shape where you can simply just cut it in half with your hnb paper that you took off your shape, and following the instruction for the pocket then just stitch around it. Both the glove and the stocking are perfect for this and with the glove you can even angle your pocket so it starts near the top but the opening ends at inside the finger… 

By the way…. I love pockets, I literally add them to all of my projects, even when I make clothing that doesn’t have pockets, they get a pocket. I just love them. 🙂

Todays other stops on the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop Are:

Tuesday, July 18th

A wonderful giveaway will happen with each day of this hop, Free Spirit fabrics will give away fabric from their new Tula Pink holiday line called Holiday Homies.

Being given away are layer cakes, design cakes, and a fat quarter bundle. Simply leave a comment on each blog each day and Sarah will draw names from a hat. At the end of the hop, she will offer the grand prize of the fat quarter bundle by putting all the names in her hat and drawing again. Sorry, only one prize per person.

I’m not someone who likes to ask for comments, but to be entered in the giveaway, you do have to leave a comment. Be sure you use a working email address also.

Enjoy your day, and we’ll see you soon.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

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Bonnie L Thiem

I love anything Christmas.

Karen D Martin

Fun idea–these would be awesome gifts!

Christina Peer

An easy idea to decorate a tree. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah J

So adorable- I bet my daughter would like to sew these for gifts!


Very cute!


These ornaments look so cute and not too difficult to make. Thanks for sharing with us.


Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy S. ~ Ohio

Sometimes the scheduler I use for WordPress doesn’t work for me either (for our guild blog). Someday I’ll even figure out how to get the time to be correct to my time zone… Shahann@yahoo.com

Lorraine Lowe

well these are nice and simple! Thank you for sharing!


what an original idea. I can see the pocket used to hold my scissors, threads and epp pieces over christmas

Leanne Parsons

Cute little ornaments! I like the pocket idea too. It would be a fun way to give a gift card too.

Maxine Shaw

I think these ideas for ornaments are a great idea. The pockets would be perfect for gift cards.


Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Craig

You did a beautiful job with this tutorial, and such cute ornaments! Thanks for helping make the hop a success!!!

Barb N

Very crafty idea for Christmas – thanks for sharing!

Leslie K.

Thanks for the cute ideas!

Pam Pollock

Great project. I love ornaments.


I could see using these as an applique on a sweatshirt or stocking endless possibilities