12 Days of Christmas Winners and Extra Patterns

Full View with Train 10Hi Everyone!! It’s so hard to believe, just a few days away is Christmas and I have just finished up these patterns for you. 

I have added a left corner border with a Gingerbread Train Station, Train Cars 09 and 10, and a option bottom right corner with a Gingerbread House and Tunnel instead. I hope you like them. These are available currently only in my Craftsy Store.

Have a look at the full village. it is done.. I will work on cutting files and the machine embroidery files next, you should receive updates in email if you previously purchased these files. If not, I will let you know when they will be available. I will do a special price for those of you who got the patterns free to purchase the svg and embroidery files.

Please note, The Ginger Station, The Gingerbread House (in optional corner) and the Trees in left border will not have svg cutting files created for them due to restrictions with the artist the cutting file licensing. 

This is a full view with Train 10 instead

Full View with Train 10

The left border without the Gingerbread Station is free at Craftsy.
The Optional Corner, I believe shows up much nicer than the original, I just felt the other shapes get lost in the corner, I could be wrong, but I think the Gingerbread House just shows up better.

I love Train Car 09 and Train Car 10, the little ginger building a snowman and the popcorn garland car.. I don’t know what 2 cars I wouldn’t use in my quilt if I added these, but I thought they’d make nice mini hangings, or pillows to go with my wallhanging.

A little notation about Train Car 10, if you place it in the same spot I did, you’ll want to use the 12 1/2 long car instead in the pattern. (I have added the 12 1/2 x 7 inch car pattern to the pdf now for car 10, both sizes are included in the pdf). If you purchased this pattern, just re-download it as it has now been added to the pdf since I first published this a few hours ago..  This issue is only with this spot in the quilt.

Artwork for Ginger Station, Trees and Gingerbread House are by
Kristi W @ Graphics ‘N Bits
Trains 09 and 10 are from artwork by Country Clipart By Lisa
All other artwork is by me.

As of Sunday, all FlickR rewards are caught up. If you plan to request another pattern between now and Saturday, please do it by Friday, I will not be here next week to issue FlickR rewards, no FlickR rewards will be sent from Dec 24, to January 01, 2016.

Winners of the Calibre Art Mats giveaway have been sent an email, I will announce those winners when they have all paid the shipping fees.

and last… I am running a sale on all my patterns in my Payhip shop. 25% off until January 2nd. The sale starts today. You know how often I run a sale, so this is really the time to buy up any of the Sue and Sams you might have missed, or other patterns you’d like to have. I do not offer sales very often. You can use coupon code: HappyNewYear2017 to purchase any patterns you’d like. I’m sorry I do not think I’ll have the time to get 12 Days patterns up on payhip for the sale.

Coming Soon… my announcement of my Block of the Months for next year.. yes, you read that right… their is a (s) on the end of Month.. I’ll be doing two of them… and Friday a post for next years events… maybe I’ll even announce my own Block of the Month’s, you never know… 🙂 

Please note, I will be leaving for San Diego on Saturday, I will be gone until Friday Dec 30, 2016.. in home in time for the New Year.. 🙂  For those of you wondering if our stuff has arrived yet.. nope, on Monday it was in customs in Houston, TX, the moving company says it then will leave for Denver by train, and then to our lovely home.. should arrive the first week in January…. Ironic, I’m going to San Diego for basically the same reason, to get our stuff we’ve stored for 14 years to bring here to our new home. I’ve hired a moving company to move it to… I wonder if they will arrive at the same time… Wouldn’t that be funny!!

Keep Warm and Wooly it’s cold outside…

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

21 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Winners and Extra Patterns

  1. So sorry I missed this beautiful quilt. Was in Ecuador during the postings so unable to download on my iPad (deep heavy sigh). Will they be offered again? Will go check out craftsy. Merry Christmas and thanks ever so much for all your wonderful patterns and things that you do for all of us here in the quilting world.

  2. Thank you for the border and extras available! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a safe trip to San Diego!

  3. Coupon doesn’t work, I was going to buy Australia, France and England since I won’t have pics by Saturday, but Craftsy doesn’t recognize HappyNewYear2017

    1. I had mentioned on I think the 11th or 12th day that there were still 2 train cars in the artwork to do… but I didn’t have the time to do them.. I should have planned it better, but the train was an after thought and I started working on it when 12 days had already started… so that’s why it didn’t appear until the 3rd day of 12 days.. At the same time I thought it would be nice to have a train station to go with it.. so I looked thru my artwork for a train station and came up with that one, thus I added a bit more to the Gingerbread Village… finishing up the pattern with my post yesterday on the blog.. That will be it as far as the patterns go for that project. 

  4. Safe travels to San Diego. Have a very Merry Christmas and hopefully, I will have most of my appliques done by the time you get back! And by the way…the new additions to this quilt are just perfect!

  5. thank you. have a great time in San Diego. Hope everything arrives in good shape and on time. Have a very merry christmas

  6. Just purchased the additional parts of the quilt, so excited to start on this. The new pieces are icing on the cake. Thank you for all the freebies.

  7. Love them! Thank you! Wishing you safe travels and hope all goes well with your movers. Remember when we got out containers from Germany & long term storage from Travis.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  8. This is great. I love the add-ons and borders, with the blocks. It all comes alive. Maybe I can get it done for Christmas next year.

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