A Fresh Snow Day 01 – and sadly, no snow today here in CO :/

A Fresh Snow Blog HopWell it’s still dark outside as I write this post this morning… and est time is 6:13 am… It’s very quiet here in the mornings, my hubby is still up in bed and I’ve got a few moments to get this post written very quickly for you.

I’m so excited you’ve stopped in today to visit for the first blog hop of the year. A Fresh Snow came from the idea for me when I ws working to get Wooly Block kits. I honestly had no intention of even participating in the event, but when I was sewing clothing the one fabric I loved working with was wool, then when we heard about the move to Colorado, that’s when I really decided that yep, I was going to participate, how lovely would it be to have a new quilt for my new home. Today isn’t my day and my project isn’t done, so I’ll be hopefully sewing on it all weekend long.. My friend Joan was here yesterday and it was so much fun meeting and chatting with her. She really got the everything in place for me to set my machines and desktop up, so I’m going to get that finished up this weekend.

Today’s Featured Blogs are:

Jan 20

Jane’s Quilting
Lulu & Celeste
Quilt In Piece
3Patch Crafts

Today’s Giveaway is:

The Quilted Cow In Branson, West

This absolutely adorable kit from The Quilted Cow in Branson West, Missouri

It’s perfect for a lovely snowy day doncha think.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Simply leave a comment at one of the blogs featured today to enter.
I’ll pay shipping on this one, and it’s open to everyone.

My Free Pattern today is

Mr Groundhog

This giveaway has expired

Click the image to download

February 2, 2017 is Groundhog Day and I know at this point in Winter, most of you want to see his shadow… so here ya go, an opportunity with a chance to even add your own text to his sign.. 

He’s available at Google Drive until Monday January 23, 2017, when a new pattern will appear that day.

Mr Groundhog was created from the artwork of Clipart Crush

The PInterest group for this hop is located here.

I hope you enjoy your day!!


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33 Comments on "A Fresh Snow Day 01 – and sadly, no snow today here in CO :/"

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Carol DeLater

THANK YOU for the Groundhog block. Too darned cute. Thankfully, we have now snow right now!!


apple blossom

what a cute block thanks

Elizabeth Coughlin

Very cute groundhog! All the projects on day 1 were great!


Thanks! I like your ground hog, and the first four blog entries are great!

Laurie Weimar

No snow here in Pennsylvania. Thank goodness, lol. Love the groundhog. I’m hoping Punxsutawney Phil will predict an early spring here.


Thanks for another great blog hop Marian! There was some interesting projects today.


Thanks for the ground hog pattern. I’ve enjoyed the first day of the Blog hop. Thanks for doing it.


Thank you for sharing the groundhog pattern. We have one that lives in the woods behind out house. I always look forward to spotting him the first time in the spring.K

Susan Spiers

No snow here either in south Mississippi-but once in a blue moon-love your groundhog-too cute! Thank you, Susan

Barb Colvin

He is sooo cute! Thanks 🙂

Liz Horgan

Very cute groundhog!


Cute little ground hog! Hope he doesn’t see his shadow! Think I am done with snow for this winter.


Cute groundhog. Thank you Marian for the pattern.


Very Nice Patterson, thank You very much

Mary Furber

Thanks for the gopher!

Mary Furber

Sorry, groundhog.


He’s adorable Marian! thanks so much–you should be getting snow later today since we got rain yesterday!

Lori Smanski

aww this little guy is so adorable. I love happy animals. He will be fun to make. Thank you for this pattern. Here in Illinois we are just getting rain and cloudy. Though it has been in the low 40’s

Joyce Carter

Hi Marian. I have enjoyed the Blog Hop so far.Thank you for doing this. I couldn’t leave a comment on Janes’ blog because my computer was being stubborn today, but she is on my Facebook page so I left her a comment there. I hope that is okay.

Trudy Double

Upstate NY and no snow here either, just cloudy rainy and cold. We really do need the snow. Marion, the groundhog is absolutely adorable and will make a great wall hanging with February embroidered on it. Thanks.


No snow here either. 🙁 Oh well. The groundhog is really cute! Thank you for the free pattern. 🙂