A New QAL… and a Please Resend..

Little Miss Bunny

Hey Ya’ll, How ya doing? Did you know that Little Bunny Quilts has started a new QAL?

Alison always has the cutest projects, this one is a mystery QAL, it started in March, and is posted once a month. It’s gonna be quick tho as it ends in July. She hasn’t posted block 2 yet, so their is time to still get started.

Next, ya’ll know I’ve been working on a new desktop recently, I am fairly sure I’ve lost some emails that came my way over the last few weeks. If I haven’t answered your email, please resend it. This would include any Flickr requests, if you didn’t get a coupon in your email, I didn’t see the email to send it. Please redo them, and I do apologize for the inconvenience I have caused. Sometimes those things just happen.

Ya’ll have a good day,


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Thanks for sharing! The second month is now up!