Are You Doing A Block Of The Month In 2017?

ttnbc-01-largeAs a quilter, one of the things I most enjoy is a pattern, something that entices me, something that makes me think WoW, I want to make that.  When I got back into quilting in 2013 after a 15 year break from it, I was amazed at how some things had changed, but how some things had remained the same. What I didn’t know about at the time was blogging. I was looking around at places on the web thinking that there had to be some quilters who had websites. Imagine my surprise when I not only discovered blogs, but quilters who so generously give of their time to create patterns that they just gave away.. freely.. WoW!!!

So, it’s four years later now and I’ve had such fun visiting blogs and downloading patterns, and imagine how lovely it will be… I can finally break down and do some actual sewing. My first Bernina came home to me at Thanksgiving, she went immediately into the shop to be cleaned up and put back into shape, and she is gonna see some use again… WooHoo, she’ll be so excited that I’m back to using her, she won’t feel so neglected anymore. Over the last 15 years, she’s visited my mom, my sister, my dad, but she hadn’t lived with me, she just sat in a closet collecting dust, so she will be so happy to be doing what she does best.. Sew!!

Not that my other machines won’t be happy, they will still see plenty of use, but it’s time for me to finish up some of the UFO’s I had when we left for Germany to be stitched up.. It’s time for me to make a new quilt, something I haven’t done in many years, it’s just been small projects because I had a small area in which to sew in.. so in a way, moving back to the USA is good for me sewing wise, because now at least I’ll finish another quilt, or two, or three… 

I got off track, I’m so excited to be home and am visiting all the wonderful things in my mind that I forgot the whole reason why I was writing this post.. LOL The reason I got off track tho is because after downloading all these patterns over the years, I’ll finally get to make some of these wonderful block of the months I’ve downloaded over the years, just waiting for the moment where all my fabric and supplies would be in one place and I could feel the fabric in my hands again, cut it, piece it, and then quilt it… So to those of you who came before this year… Thank You!! I don’t always remember to say thank you, but I am like you, I know the sheer amount of time it takes just to create one pattern… 

So, here we are with another year of Block of the Months, and Quilt Alongs. There are always some blogs where you can just count on the fact that they are doing one, while others take a break, others who took a break come back to do another. This year for the first time, I finally saw a block of the month that I’m going to actually pay for.. Something I’ve just refused to do before, but that’s only because I didn’t really have the space to sit and sew a botm.. Now that I do, I’m going for it.. 

My Block Of the Month list only lists Free Block Of The Month and Quilt Along events.

My Block of the Month page is one of the most accessed pages on my site daily. To qualify, your block of the month or quilt along, must have a “free pattern” as part of the event. It must stay online as a free pattern long enough for the next release to be listed freely. This is my only requirement for being listed at my blog, I do this because I only list free events. I don’t care how long it’s free for, just as long as their is always a free pattern available as part of your botm.

If you are planning an upcoming event such as a Quilt Along, or a Block Of The Month, please contact me, I’d love to list it. I no longer need logos, I’m using a plugin/extension that will just take a screenshot automatically of your site, so no logo is actually needed. However, I’d still like a logo if at all possible because my side items need a logo. These will be updated later in the months when I have collected all the logos.

Two people wrote me in the last few months asking to be added. I have misplaced those emails as I had written back noting that I’d be writing this list in Dec/Jan and would add them. Unfortunately, my move has made some things bad for me and I’m not as organized on my laptop as I am on my desktop.. (it will be here Friday January 6th and it will be setup as soon as I find the box it’s packed in because I love my desktop) 🙂  If you aren’t listed here, please drop me an email again, I want to list your site.

You’ll find the 2017 Block of the Month for sites around the web located here. You’ll also find it up in my top menu, listed under 2017 Botm, just hover over the title to see the menu line.

My Block of The Month for 2017

Now, you might ask yourself, what am I doing this year. Well, I am doing two Block of the Months. I really wanted to be able to show a preview, but unfortunately, I am still waiting on the first of the artwork to arrive… so I’m just going to say… I’m continuing my Sunbonnet Sue and Sam series with travel to each of the US states and Canadian provinces. This botm will work almost the same exact way as Sue and Sam traveling the world did. The difference with this release is that instead of choosing a different state as your Free block, you will receive the opposite release. In other words, if Sue In Virginia is released as the Free block, you will receive Sam as the Flickr Reward. Because I am still waiting on the artwork, I’ll just have to say it’s not set to start until February, because once I get the artwork, the artwork has to be re-drawn to create the pattern. This botm will release with a US State twice a month, on the first and 3rd Mondays, and a Canadian Province once a month. All the Canadian provinces and territories are being created. Ideas for the artwork of your state and or province/territory are welcome. Please contact me, we are having quite some difficulty on what to do with the Canadian artwork for each province/territory, so it would be really helpful if you could give us some idea of what to do with those. Some states in the USA are also difficult, if you write me, I’ll try to have the artist incorporate those into the block.

My other block of the month is the story of Twas The Night Before Christmas.

A Tiny Preview of What’s To Come!!

This will work the same way as last years botm, except that instead of getting the block Free, you will pay for it, and when you complete it and upload it to Flickr, you’ll get the next block in the series, free. If you wish to continue, you will pay for the next month’s release. There are 26 blocks in this series, 13 will be paid for, 13 can be free. The releases will be done in conjunction with the story line. It will come in two sizes at 12-Inch and 15-Inch block sizes and will include cutting files and machine embroidery files. It is not set to start until January 15th. It will be a once a month release and happen on the 15th of the month unless the 15th falls on a weekend (which happens 4 times in 2017), and then will be released the following Monday. This is a two-year botm, with 26 blocks. This first release is set to release on January 16 since the 15th is on a Sunday. 🙂

Artwork for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam, and Twas The Night Before Christmas was commissioned by me for exclusive use from Clipartopolis.

I think it will be a fun year, I hope you do to.. Enjoy and see ya soon!!


41 thoughts on “Are You Doing A Block Of The Month In 2017?

  1. Your patterns are delightful and I am never disappointed. Just when I think you can’t possibly top the last BOM or pattern series, you prove me wrong.
    I was wondering if there s a way I can order all 26 patterns of “T’was the Night Before Christmas” in One digital file or do I have to do them individually? On the PayHip I only saw 16 patterns, but do so want all 26.
    Thank you so much ☺️

  2. I love your patterns. I cannot wait to start the Twas the Night Before Christmas! I’m confused as to where I can get the pattern. I’m very willing to pay. Just let me know where I go to pay for it.
    Thank’s so much.

  3. I love you stuff and am really looking forward to this project.

    Question: Have I missed the first posting or am I confused when the BOM starts.

    You have a great day now.

  4. I really like the house block. I was so looking forward to doing the Christmas quilt and always look for free BOMs. This one is not really free. I’m so sad but understand.

  5. Marion,
    I had never kept up with a BOM before, but I truly enjoyed making each of the Sam and Sue’s for the countries. I am now working on completing the quilt and putting some ‘fussies’ on some of the blocks. I truly am looking forward to the states and Canada and the Christmas quilt. Again, thanks for all of your hard work. Love your quilting ideas.

  6. Yea!!! I think I have just found the project to celebrate our 150 birthday this year. Thank you. You truly are a generous person.

  7. Marian you must have read my mind. My plans for this year is to work on a Night Before Christmas quilt. You have made it so much easier for me. Thank you for all you do . I’m also looking forward for Sue and Sam US and Canada.

    1. Did you happen to find a pattern somewhere first, ya know I looked everywhere last year for a pattern for Twas the Night Before Christmas and couldn’t find anything in that regard, so that’s what made me decide to do it this year.

      1. Marian I have a panel that I brought along time ago and Julie needle designs has the embroidered words that I brought. I was going to place the words around the panel, but new I was missing something. Now I will use your blocks as a boarder. I could not find block panels either so thank you again.

  8. while i absolutely love your new bom, i, like you, will not pay for a bom. so unfortunately, i have to sit this one out. tx.

    1. I don’t get where you think both of my botms are paid botms.. they aren’t… and unlike you, I will pay for a botm.. I admit, I’m cheap, I won’t pay for a botm where they force me to buy the fabrics also, but I’ve paid for 2 botms in the last year now.. both were inexpensive and what I consider within my price range that I would pay for.. I wouldn’t pay for them before because I didn’t have a sewing space for doing the botms.. Now I do, so I signed up for one for this year, but that’s all I’m doing is one of them. I don’t have time for others.
      But.. before you decide that both of my botms are paid botms, this year, perhaps you might like to read the post again, because they are most certainly not both paid botms.

      1. This will work the same way as last years botm, except that instead of getting the block Free, you will pay for it, and when you complete it and upload it to Flickr, you’ll get the next block in the series, free. If you wish to continue, you will pay for the next month’s release. There are 26 blocks in this series, 13 will be paid for, 13 can be free. this is where i got it from

        1. But that is in regards to the paid botm, not the free one Rosemarie.. I’m sorry if it confused you, I tried to separate the paragraphs so it would be easier to understand. I don’t have a preview of the Sue and Sam’s yet, so I couldn’t show them. I’m still waiting and waiting and waiting on the artwork, but in fairness to the artist, I did only decide in early December to go ahead with the USA and Canada’s Sue and Sams, even tho I’d talked to him in October about them. In October, I was still waiting on the Twas the Night Before Christmas artwork to be finished which I had ordered last July when I made the decision to do this for my 2017 botm. Originally it was going to be the free botm… but then when he finished and the artwork was so expensive, I decided to switch them up and do Sue and Sam instead. Over last year, I had many requests to do a USA Sue and Sam and perhaps I should have done that first, but I had made the decision about the other one, and wasn’t going to order new artwork until the other was delivered, so that’s the biggest reason I don’t have the artwork for Sue and Sam yet, but Dan is very quick, and I know he is working on it, so I expect him to have the first few months for me in the next week or so.

          1. thank you for your response. i really do love your bom’s. i like that they are not “traditional” blocks & totally understand quilt a lot of thought goes into this. i understand that. i’m just saying i cannot afford to pay for a bom. i appreciate all you do. twas the night before christmas is really beautiful, but then i say that about each bom that you come out with. again thank you for all you do. sorry if there was confusion. it’s not easy bein me!

        2. Hi Rose, Marian’s paid for patterns are very inexpensive compared to some. You get a lot of value for your buck! Her patterns are adorable and one can only offer so many patterns for free, Then to be able to think of ideas for paid patterns. She’s a very talented blogger and I would love to even be able to think of patterns let alone organize a BOTM. I hope you will reconsider paying for the first BOTM. I’m not picking on you, please don’t take me the wrong way. I’m asking you to reconsider your thoughts on her adorable patterns and joining in on the fun. You won’t be dissappointed! (hugs)

  9. Hello I checked out your Craftsy page…love all those Sue’s and Sam’s…very talented, and creative…will be following your blog for now on…….

  10. You are a worker, Marian. I am looking forward to both of your BOMs. I am not particularly fond of applique. I do it with fusible. Your patterns are so cute, I can’t resist. And Twas The Night Before Christmas is my all-time favorite story for the holidays, so I’m in on that one.

    1. Awesome Nancy, other than the birth of Jesus, Twas the Night Before Christmas has always been my favorite to, it’s the reason I decided to attempt it as a BOTM.. I’m glad you’ll be giving it a go. I don’t mind fusible applique as much as I did 4 years ago when I came back to quilting as their are now better fusibles on the market that don’t stiffen the fabric and that’s what I use to dislike most about it. 🙂

  11. May I please ask if the Night Before Christmas BOM will be paper pieced or applique? I have yet to start the 12 Days of Christmas due to extensive traveling in December! But can’t wait to to bite into it!! Made you my homepage, so hopefully I won’t miss out on you posts! Thank you for all you do! Happy New Year! I think it’s going to be an excitingly busy one!!

  12. Thank you Marion, looking forward to seeing what you are going to show us next. I think you are amazing I have enough trouble trying to keep up with all the projects I try to do without out trying to design and run a blog site daily. I am just starting on the winter Quilt that you and Janeen did for the 12 Days of Christmas, hopefully I don’t fall off the perch like I did doing Sunbonnet Sue and Sam still have away to go. Will post pictures to flicker once done. Thank You again.

    1. and I’ll be excited to see them Hazel, do write me when you post them.. Flickr doesn’t send me an email, so I don’t know when people post or not. I did wonder what happened, but I know myself that real life gets in the way. 🙂

  13. I will wait to see how much for the BOM. I am disappointed that there is a fee and how it is set up to work. If one is doing this project either way you are paying at least half for it. I personally would like to see it as either paid or free not a combine of both.

    1. Well I personally think my patterns are usually reasonably priced in the first place, but the block will be 5.00 for the first month, and the 2nd free when you create the first one. To make it fair, the price will go up in the second month, so that you still feel you got a better deal and it entices you to get it during the month that it cost less.

      Sunbonnet Sue is still free, and the second is still free when you create the first one.

      The artwork costs a lot of money, I wish I could do both of them freely, but I live in the USA now, where I have to pay taxes again.. I can’t give everything away freely anymore as much as I have in the past.

      1. I like the idea of getting a free block after finishing one, but I’m afraid I won’t finish it before 2020… Just to busy at home, so then the fun is over 🙁

        1. You can still get the monthly Sue or Sam free, at least 50 of those will be free of the 100 blocks and you’ll have every state. That is why I changed things up a bit, because last year’s botm didn’t give you the opportunity to have every country, you simply got the free Sue and Sam for the same country. If you didn’t finish the block you had to buy it. Thus, this time, I may take more of a loss financially, but people still get all 50 states or the 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

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