Art With Fabric Blog Hop… I’m A Fashionista, Are You?

Fashion 1When Alida approached the idea last year of doing these Art With Fabric Blog Hops, I thought it would be so much fun, at the time of the first one I couldn’t participate. I was all set to participate in the second one when we got news that we were moving back to the states, so here she is now on her third one and I finally get to participate.  So first, a lovely Thank You to Alida who has been professional in each and every way of organizing her blog hop, it’s been a sheer pleasure to work on this project and while mine is probably not as artsy as the others, I love seeing how each person interprets the theme of the hop.

The theme as I understood it for this hop was to be about what inspired us as women, or a woman who inspired us… I am by no means someone who dresses to the nines, no longer do I wear business suits or dresses too often, although, a dress is still my favorite thing to wear and I try to wear them often in the summer. I don’t get dressed up to go shopping, or to the store, nor do I wear jewelry or makeup. The only jewelry that I in fact wear is my wedding ring, but in my earlier life as a young hip single woman, I almost always had something new that I’d sewn up that week to go out on the town in… or to go dancing in.. These were fun times back in the day and I remember them fondly.

In everyday life, fashion is a part of our lives, whether, we are just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a wool business suit. Fashion affects our lives in many ways, and in many styles. I can remember a time in my life, where I loved wearing hats, I had some pretty nice hats at one time, and I loved wearing them, but that time wore out and I moved on to some other fad…

My inspiration goes to fashions of the past… It really doesn’t matter what era of fashion it is, I love the styles that influenced the era of the time. My favorite fashions are those of vintage or southern style dress. My wedding dress was, in fact, a southern style dress with the petticoat and all…

For my project today, I have created a vintage style fashion girl dressed up holding a flower in her hand… The artwork I used was inspired by the artistry of AMB Illustrations. This is from a collection of artwork she has created that I’m hoping to release soon, I hope you will enjoy this fun and frivolous design.

Enna With A Flower

stbs-2017 Enna This design was entirely done by machine. It was created on a pc, in Electric Quilt Software, then converted for Bernina Designer Plus v8 software, then into cutting files, and cut on my Brother SNC cutting machine, and then stitched on my Pfaff Creative Vision and my Bernina sewing machines.

The technique for the applique is one I’ve been working on, using a different type of stitch.  I’m working on something that will allow those of you who don’t have embroidery machines to try a sewing machine applique that uses a decorative stitch that is common on most home machines.

The border was done using the technique I plan to show how to do for Twas The Night Block of the Month in June for the Attic Window.

With the exception of the background fabric and the blue in the doll, all fabrics are from Island Batik, the blue fabric is from Northcott, and the background is one I am not sure about, but I think it is Maywood Studios. If anyone recognizes that background fabric and knows a shop that still has some, I’d love to get some more of this fabric. please write me if you do.

All threads used with the exception of the mitered border in the background are from Aurifil.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project today, and perhaps you to like fashions of the past or have a favorite fashion era… tell me about it in your comments, I’d love to hear it.

The schedule for this hop is:

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017
Marian (You Are Here)

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Friday, May 19th, 2017


20 thoughts on “Art With Fabric Blog Hop… I’m A Fashionista, Are You?

  1. I too love fabric and EQ. Although I am just a beginner in EQ7, I enjoy learning all the great lessons from those who are willing to share their knowledge. Thank you!

  2. Hi Marian, I love fashion of all kinds, especially anything historical with lots of fabric! Which is pretty ironic since I’m always hot and wear as little fabric as I decently can! I really like your piece and I look forward to seeing more of your upcoming posts.

  3. Love your interpretation of fashion and am totally impressed with your mastery of EQ, Bernina, Brother and finally Pfaff. You have an amazing set of tools to draw upon!

  4. Your piece is very pretty!! I really enjoy seeing how everybody takes the inspiration to different places: that’s the reason why I run this blog hop! I am looking forward to see all your future designs: your work is always so intricate but also simple (if it makes any sense). Thanks for being part of the event and for making sure it’s successfull and inspiring for all our followers!!

  5. Sooo pretty Marian! I am a hugh fan of the Victorian era. I love the dresses that they wore back then.

  6. It’s beautiful, Marian. I would love to come one day and watch you do all these things from start to finish, so I really understood what you’re talking about. LOL What I always understand is how much work you put into things, and how lovely the end product is.

  7. I love those sleeves! and the hat of course. this makes me want to go out and get electric quilt. i didn’t realize you can design applique with it. very nice 🙂

    1. Oh yes, absolutely, it’s very easy in fact to create applique patterns, and lay them into quilt layouts. EQ itself comes with applique patterns, but if you’re a designer also, it’s quite easy to learn. I have quite a few EQ tutorials on my blog that show how to use EQ and creating applique patterns if you decide to add EQ, you might like to take a look at them to see how easy it really is.

  8. this is so pretty. I am partial to fashions during the civil war. my husband, son and daughter in law reenact civil war. all of us sew civil war clothes. my son and daughter in law sew and sell to other reenactors. their wedding was civil war themed. i made them a civil war quilt as a wedding gift.

    1. me to Sharon, especially all the embellishments and manipulation they offer, that’s where I get my love of fabric manipulation.

  9. Love the creativity of this project, from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing all the steps it required.

    1. I am also definitely a fan of purple and lime and loved how adding the other colors brought this piece together, and the background just really made it pop.. thank you.

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