2016 BOTM – Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

Features and Guidelines For Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel The World are located here.

Flickr Group located here.

Layout Options Located here.

Blocks Of The Month Around The Web located here.

A tutorial for How To Upload To Flickr has been added to help you with should you need to know how to do it.


Blocks Now Available For Request Upon Upload To Flickr

These blocks are available free to you for uploading one of the block of the month bonnets that are featured above as part of the block of the month series for 2016. Below are addon blocks that will be up for sale. You can earn them free by uploading to Flickr your finished Sue or Sam blocks from above

* = Addon Block – Addon blocks are blocks that won’t be available for the free block of the month series. They are blocks that went up for sale at the time they were first released.

** = Previous 2016 Blocks Of The Month Series (was free, Now Up for Sale)

***= Current Block Of The Month Available Free

How this is going to work:

  1. For each block you request, you must have uploaded an equal block to Flickr. You can have a block for a Sam in the same Country and a Sue in the same Country, but you can’t have 2 blocks for 2 Sue or Sam’s in the same country.
  2. Addon blocks that you upload to Flickr are not eligible for a future free addon or missed botm block. Only the Free Block of the Month blocks are eligible for the free addon blocks.
  3. Your blocks must remain in the Flickr group for the entire year, if they are removed from the group, you will no longer be eligible for any future blocks for free.
  4. Their is a form you fill out for each block you are requesting. Please allow me 24-48 hours to reply.(Most of the time, you will hear pretty quickly from me tho) Not on weekends tho. My weekends are my best sewing time, so I stay away from the pc as much as possible).
  5. If a block that you want is not available yet, you need to wait for new blocks to become available. Two new addons will become available each month as the block of the month continues thru the year.
  6. If you purchase or purchased a previous block and then you decide you want it as part of the free blocks for uploading to Flickr, I am sorry, but the answer is no.
  7. Addons that I add elsewhere for sale (such as Craftsy, or Patternspot), are not eligible for this offer.
  8. If you need a missed block and don’t wish to miss a addon block in the series, you can use a “addon” block only and upload it to Flickr, to earn 25% off the purchase of a previously released Block of the Month released block.

You will receive a coupon code in your email to redeem for the specified block. The coupon is created for the block you specified and will only be allowed for a 1 time use. You can only redeem the coupons in my Payhip shop. Simply add the item to the cart, go to checkout, add the coupon code, then download, it’s just that simple.

To request the patterns for any of the past blocks or addon blocks, click here.

You may trade the blocks shown above for the blocks shown below, but you may not trade these blocks for the above blocks or a different one of these blocks.