Flickr Block Request For Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas The Night Before Christmas Block Of The Month

As my thank you to you for creating a block and uploading it to the Flickr group for Twas The Night Before Christmas, I am offering you a free block when you finish the block you had to purchase. In other words, block 2 will be free when you upload block 1.


All requirements for redeeming your blocks are also listed here, and below the submit button on this page. Please review them from time to time.

Fill out the form completely. Missed details will be ignored if I don’t have all the info I’ve asked for.

Please be sure you Flickr URLs are correct for your pattern. It’s very easy to confuse them if you’re trying to get the url from the group page. Double Check!!! If you don’t, there is no reward.

Flickr Block Request-TTNBC

You can enter the url (in your address bar of the block) by copying and pasting it from your address bar. (This will help me find it much faster).
Do you have a message for me?


  1. For each block you request, you must have uploaded an equal block to Flickr. 
  2. Your blocks must remain in the Flickr group for the entire year, if they are removed from the group, you will no longer be eligible for any future blocks for free.
  3. There is a form you fill out for each block you are requesting. Please allow me 24-48 hours to reply.
  4. If a block that you want is not available yet, you need to wait for new blocks to become available. 
  5. If you purchase or purchased a previous block and then you decide you want it as part of the free blocks for uploading to Flickr, I am sorry, but the answer is no.
  6. The block you receive will be the one that is in the numbered succession of the block you uploaded. In other words, if you uploaded block 1, you will receive block 2 as your free reward. You will then need to purchase block 3 in order to get block 4 as your free reward.
  7. If the block you request is not in the Flickr Group when you ask for your rewards, your reward will not be given until it is. If you pass the deadline, and I go to give you your reward, and it’s not there, I’m sorry but the answer will still be no. I don’t like being this way but tracking down those images is costing me too much time and taking away time that would allow me to do other things. Double check the Flickr Group url is listed on this page at least three times and is on every single post page for the Twas The Night Before Christmas BOTM.

You will receive a coupon code in your email to redeem for the specified block. The coupon is created for the block you specified and will only be allowed for a 1 time use. You can only redeem the coupons in my Payhip shop. Simply add the item to the cart, go to checkout, add the coupon code, then download, it’s just that simple.