Thank You For Joining Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018

Thank youThank you for joining us for Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018. I look forward to seeing what you will be posting this year.

I am using a new form plugin on my blog, you will receive an email receipt with this form which shows all the info you filled out, please check it to be sure everything is correct, in particular, your email address (especially if your new to blog hopping) and your website address and name so if you’d like to confirm your info, If you find a problem please contact me or reply to the email.

The submit button on this form does seem to take a bit to submit, but it will refresh this page with a message that says the form was submitted once it submits the form.

Please read the additional guidelines. these are helpful for those of you who are new to blog hops or just need an idea of how to post.

Please fill out the form below to join us.

This could be a blog, a website, a shop.
The address of your blog/website.

I personally like knowing when you wish to be scheduled, this helps me to schedule you when you'd like to participate.
Is there a specific date that is good or bad for you. Please answer with something like No Fridays, or Wednesdays are great or the specific date during hop run.

This area is about the UFO trade itself if you have no plans to do so, just check no and skip the rest of the questions and submit your form.
It doesn't matter if you do or don't, I just don't wish to pair someone up who isn't willing. It can be expensive.
You can also email this separtely if you would prefer not to send it via a form.
Another reason to pair up people properly
This is a commitment, you need to let us know if you can't ship on time.