Calibre Art Mats – Have You Got One?


Today, I’m going to talk to you about a product I bought for myself back in January.

I was in the market for a new cutting mat. Mine was so worn out and the cuts so heavy that cutting fabric became impossible to do cleanly. It was time to say goodbye to my very old mat.

Normally, I would just go and buy another replacement mat, but at the time, someone in the Quilting group on Facebook, was talking about Calibre Mats. It of course peaked my curiosity. So I followed the discussion and I found them on Amazon. Lately, I’ve had horrible luck with Amazon and it not wanting to ship certain products to me, so I literally expected them to not ship this mat to me, but turns out the manufacturer was happy to ship to FPO addresses, which of course made me very happy. So I ordered the 18×24 cutting mat. I have this really old sewing machine table that folds flat, and that’s what I cut on. My table is something like 22 x 30-inches, so it’s not real big.

Along comes the mat, in this really big Amazon box, it was so big in fact, that my hubby couldn’t fit the box into the trunk of our car.. Instead, he had to put it on the short side thru the opening in the top of the car (what are they called, my mind is escaping me at the moment) and slide it down into the back seat.. I can just imagine him having a few words under his breath over that one. 🙂 Ooops 🙂

The next day in email, along comes a email from Calibre Arts and they are wanting to know how I like my new mat… well shame on me, I hadn’t even taken it out of the box yet. So I wrote them and let them know it had arrived here safely and I’d write when I got to use it that weekend. Well, I took it out of the box after removing that old dirty ugly worn old mat of mine, and cleaned my table up real well, and then laid that mat on the table, and talk about obvious… WoW.. not a single warp, the mat laid nice and flat on the table, no bubbles, it was fabulous.. So then I took it for a test drive, I purposely drove some cuts in to the mat as hard as I could, I wanted to see that self healing come into play, and it didn’t disappoint, it absolutely healed those cuts lickety split.. Again I was amazed…

I’ve had the mat now for just over two months, I’ve given it a good workout and I have to say, I am pleased as punch.. It’s just really a wonderful mat. I even ordered the smaller 9×12 to use by my sewing machine and it’s working out wonderfully their. It only arrived last week.

Now there are some things to know … I’ve only found this mat available at Amazon, they have various sizes: 24×36, 18×24, 12×18.

The other thing is, when you buy this mat at Amazon, Amazon only gives you a 30 day warranty, but when you receive your mat, you can register it and receive an additional 90 days warranty. The only reason I can see needing the warranty in place is if their were damage to the mat during shipping.

I found some other reviews on the web for Calibre Arts, and they pretty much acknowledge the same as I have… although while I’ve never smelled any odor or at least don’t remember if their was to the mats I’ve used in the past, their is no odor either with these.

Other reviews Ali Julia’s Reviews

Your Ultimate Comic Information Blog (do not ask me why they are reviewing a cutting mat, I’ve no clue unless they are cutting paper), but the video has some good tips on keeping your mats in good shape, worth the time to watch it.

I’ve stolen some of the images off of Amazon.. to show you this mat and all it’s great features…


I love how easily it washes up, I accidentally spilled some Pepsi (yes, I’m a Pepsi girl, no Coke for me), and it dried before I realized it, and the Pepsi cleaned up real nicely. No sticky residue, the lines are still their… I’m happy.


When I say it’s flat, I really mean it was flat..


I absolutely love how easily my cutter just glides across the mat, I don’t recall ever having a smoother glide across the ruler and mat.


I really love that both sides of the mat can be used, and I love that they are both marked. I know that we aren’t suppose to use the lines to line things up with, but there are times when I do use those lines.

The mat is also much thicker and slightly heavier than most of the other mats on the market, so your mat isn’t moving on you easily either when your cutting your fabric.


One of the things they are more proud of is the testing of these mats. They run these mats thru the mill with tests to be sure they are everything they say they are. And they are..


While I know I’ve only had my mat for just a few months, I already think I’ve wasted way to much money on past mats.. I doubt this one will need replacing for a long time to come and in the end, the slightly higher price I paid for it, was well worth it.

I have talked in email extensively with Samuel at Calibre Arts, and I really am impressed with this company. I really love this mat, and I know you will to.

With Quilt Qwazy Queens, Samuel has offered us 10.. yes, that’s right.. 10 of these very nice cutting mats, and we are giving away all ten of them during the hop. You to could own one of these very fine mats and I hope you’ll let others know how much you’ve fallen in love with yours to.

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Thanks for the review. I need a new big mat, but have been holding off. At one of the last retreats I went to somehow my mat got a tear in it and of course, my husband, being the fixer guy, fixed it with a piece of duct tape on the back. And it wasn’t even pretty duct tape. Just that old silver stuff that men use. I’ll look into this product.


I’m glad you did this review, because I trust you when you say you’ve given it a good workout! I’ve always loved my Olfa mats, but it is time for a new mat – mine’s been used by three people for quite a while. I’ve turned it over (because I DON’T need the lines), but now I’ve about worn out the back, too. I’m willing to give this one a try.


I wear out so many mats. This is going to have to go on my must try list!


I’m wondering if you checked the ruling against another ruler to make sure it is accurate and consistent. I don’t need a mat right now but plan to keep this one in mind.

Mary Furber
Mary Furber

I took a look at Amazon and don’t really need a new mat right now. But maybe I’ll be lucky enough to win one during the blog hop. If not, it will be the next one I buy.


Ok, I’m going to check it out. I was interested when I saw it was self healing.


Wow! This sounds like a fabulous mat!


Until today I had never heard of this mat. Maybe the next time I have some extra cash I will buy one.