My Happy Place Row Along 2018…

My Happy Place RAL 2018

My Happy Place RAL 2018It seems so funny that we are in February and I’m announcing an event for September. In this case tho, time is not our friend and we have to plan far ahead for events that are as large as the Row Along is each year.

Last year’s designers had the pleasure this year of helping me decide on the theme and it was a very close race between two different themes this year. This theme in fact won by just 1 little teeny tiny vote.

In its fourth year as an event hosted by Seams To Be Sew, this event has grown each year not only in visitors who come to see all the fuss, but designers who wish to participate. This is not a row by row affiliated event.

This post is here to take signups only for bloggers/designers who would like to participate by offering a free pattern row during this event.

Please do NOT signup if your not a blogger who intends to create a pattern to offer during the event, visitors do not need to signup for this event, we ask you to simply follow the blogs, and or social media pages so you’ll see the announcements during the events. My Facebook group also announces each day of this event so you can easily join it and receive an announcement each day of the hop also.

These are the requirements for this hop for each designer:

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Is Your Christmas Shopping Done??? Lotsa News Today…

New Years Sampler 12-4

Christmas ShoppingSomewhere in this world, at least 1 person hasn’t even started there Christmas shopping. I can remember as a single person always waiting until the day before Christmas to hit the malls and get it done at that time. Back then, there was no internet, the malls and shops were always very busy, parking was a nightmare. When I got married that all changed. Everyone in my new family was not even in the same state we were, so we had no choice but to ship everything. In today’s world, thank goodness for the internet, I can shop online and have it delivered right to them, no need to wrap, no need to guess at what they like or dislike, a gift card does the whole thing nicely. I love gift cards. I do give gifts of my sewing projects, but I’ll be the first to admit, that my sewing this year has concentrated mostly on wedding gifts I’ve made for the wedding were just at, and the wedding we have in February to go to.

I hope you have your shopping and even your sewing done. By the time you get to this date in December, it’s not too likely you’re going to even get a package to someone in time for it to arrive by Christmas Day. I think all the shippers have set today as the last day to do Express type mail, so if your planning to still ship… you need to Express it today.

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On The 12 Day of Christmas Caroling Final Thoughts, and Halloween Sayings 08 Release…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row Along

And last but not least, the final winners for the Christmas Caroling Row Along… Congratulations to everyone.

But let me just say, we can’t do this without you. By visiting our blogs, reading our posts, downloading or purchasing our patterns, even creating something from us, you compliment us whether we ever get to see your creation or not. It’s very humbling and it is the biggest reason why I know I am still blogging away.

To the sponsors, a HUGE Thank you… your generosity and kindness helps bring visitors to our blogs and lets people know more about your products.

To the participating bloggers, you all give me a lot of credit for bringing this event altogether and I truly thank you for thinking of me. I honestly don’t think it takes that much time to do this and I love doing it in the first place. However, knowing the sheer amount of work involved in just deciding to participate, racking your mind for an idea to do, playing with shapes until you find just what you want, and creating the pattern, and then giving it away freely is a lot to ask of anyone, let alone having to put up with my rants, when things go wrong. You are all an amazing group of women and I am honored and humbled to be in the presence of your talent and creativity.  To me, you are the heart of this event, without you, no way this happens, so thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for participating in this event with me.

Hall Saying 08

In this post I will also release Halloween Saying’s 08 – Pumpkin Carving…





Final List of Winners for the Christmas Caroling Row Along 2017

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Show And Tell Day Is Here Today For The Christmas Caroling Row Along…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongJust like those of you who visit today I to am excited to see what’s been up with the other bloggers and designers who put some of the rows together this summer.

Part of the requirement to participate in the row along each year is that designers must turn in their designed pattern drafts by a specific date in early June… This allows the patterns to be passed among the other participating designers and those wanting to create something for this day in the event can do so. That’s how the Show and Tell day came about for the row along.

For me, I had planned to finish my tutorial, but I keep forgetting that I can’t lift anything, or use my left hand well. Its funny how when we are injured, we still go about trying to do things we think we can do and then realize, you really are limited. When I had my surgery Friday, I came home with oxygen because my breathing was not at the right numbers after the surgery, and my left arm felt literally like it wasn’t there due to something they put in me that they call a block. What it does it make you feel like that part of the body isn’t here for about 24-30 hours after the surgery. I had to stay on the oxygen thru the weekend, severely limiting what I could get done. Suffice it to say, all my plans for Saturday and Sunday were shot by sitting on the couch all weekend. So I will post the tutorial later this week.

Today’s Participating Bloggers Are:

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CCRAL Winners Week of Sept 26 Calibre Art Winners Week of Oct 3

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongI’m so happy to be able to get this done today. My surgery is in about 3 hours, and I am trying to be calm about the no food, no drinking thing… let’s just say I’ll be glad when the surgery is over. LOL, I’ll be headed for the nearest Starbucks. A day without coffee is like a day without sunshine.

All winners have been previously notified.


Winners For September 26, and September 28, Are:

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On the 10th Day of Christmas at the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongThank you to everyone who has wished me well with my wrist. Some of you know I will have to have surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow. I have no idea how I am going to do without coffee tomorrow morning, but in order to have surgery, I can’t eat or drink anytime past midnight… :/

Today is the last day for patterns from bloggers, and you do have one week to finish getting them downloaded before this event ends. Next Tuesday is Show and Tell day and this will give you an idea of different ideas you can do with your rows. I can’t finish my project, but what I will do instead is offer a tutorial on tricks and tips when using buttons, charms and making little things to hang on your projects… It’s a cool lesson I think you will enjoy.

I do not want to write a 2nd post today just for my second row, so I am going to condense it into this post. You will find my row and download inside this post with the giveaways.

Today’s Featured Bloggers Are:

Todays Giveaways are

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On the 9th Day of Christmas at the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongI wish to thank all of you who have wished me well with my wrist. I am seeing the orthopedist today, so hopefully, I will know what needs to be done to correct it.

We are now in the next to last week of the Row Along…

Next week is Show ‘n Tell Week, and the last of the giveaways.


Today’s Featured Bloggers Are:

Kathys Kwilts and More

Todays Giveaways are

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