12 Days of Christmas In July ….

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of ChristmasWell, this is definitely not my best work, but my thought was more towards showing you various ideas for creating your own ornaments. I love ornaments that are cute and have a story to them, but I also like ball ornaments, just a simple round ball in various colors. I think they bring light to the tree.

You can literally make ornaments out of anything, wood, spices, herbs, beads, buttons, fabric, the possibilities are endless. The cool thing about using fabric to do it is that your ability to add things like paint, drawings, pictures, pockets, buttons, beads, and many more items to fabric is so easy to do.

In my ornaments today, I used fabric and felted wool.

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Christmas Is In My Heart… Let’s Talk Tags…


stbs-2015-Tags-0239I love Christmas Tags, so fun, so different, so many ways to create them.

They are these tiny little pieces of paper that one uses to place a To.. and a From on, to let the lucky recipient know who gave them a gift. Sometimes it’s a secret sister, sometimes it’s from a secret admirer, even family and friends get in on the act by giving gifts at Christmas. Yes, you can get away with handing the gift directly to the person without placing a tag on it, but really, how many times would you do that. Perhaps you used a card instead.. if you bought that card you’ve just spent a small fortune to let someone else’s thoughts let that person know how you feel, but a tag, a mere small piece of paper just by itself says so much more.

Imagine a gift, where you made the tag, the wrap and even the gift, every single part of that gift meant for that person and that person alone… purchased cards, wrap, and gifts just don’t do that same feeling .. at least not for me anyway. I love handmade gifts, I love fabric to wrap gifts in and I love home made tags, but it’s pretty rare to see them.

In my days of selling at Craft Markets, I could sell gift tags all year long and they were always my biggest seller, and I always ran out of them.  Tags are an inexpensive item that people have no problem buying, because tags can be used over and over unless you actually write on them, and then the tag becomes specific to the person your giving the gift to for years to come, and perhaps even their children who they might name after themselves.

So as my project for today, I’m going to show you my best tips for making tags.

I know, your thinking, tags are simple, and yes, they are, but can you make 100 tags in an hour?  I can… Curious how I do it?

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Halloween Haunts – My Day To Be Haunted


Halloween Haunts 2015Well it is my day to show you my projects. I pretty much kept it simple this year. I had a larger project planned, but coming off of EQ Seasons also, I just didn’t have time to even implement it.

Instead I chose to create something I didn’t have any of.. and that is some Halloween Mugrugs. I know many of you have tons of them, but I’m still just starting on my quest to collect them. It was only earlier this year that I made my first few mugrugs. However I used purchased designs for those, this time I just created my own from some designs I already had, and some new ones.. 

So here is what I’ve been up to…

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