EQ Appliqued Animals – Fall 2013

Autumn Appliqued Animals EQ Blog Hop

Bea’s Autumn Appliqued EQ Animals Blog Hop

Sponsored by Beaquilter

Held from October 21, 2013 to October 25, 2013.

Copyright Note: I do not own these images, they belong to the owner of the sites they are linked to. They are not hotlinked but stored on my own host, so as not to take any bandwidth from anyone else. There is also no re-blogging here. If you wish your image and or link removed, you only need to contact me and it will be done.

All sites are linked directly to the page for the day they participated. At any time, someone can change the link to their page and I won’t know it. I try to check links about once a year. Please contact me if you come across a 404 error page. I will try to get the link fixed quickly. – All links checked January 2014

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