EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop – First Day

Photo Fun Blog HopHello and Welcome,

Today I am participating in the EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop sponsored by Electric Quilt and Fun Threads.

I have to admit, this one had me a bit stumped, and then a hard drive failure wiped away all my work, I know I keep going on about it, but I’m still upset over losing that drive.. I absolutely love the idea of being able to work with photos, and it’s really nice that EQ has features that allows you to incorporate your photos into quilts you are trying to create.

What this does for me is gives me the ability to see how the photo will look and work in that block, what I’ll need to do to prepare it for printing.

I can’t stress this part enough to you and how important it will become. As a for instance, I did actually create the wallhanging that is part of my lesson, and I printed out the photos on to Electric Quilt photo paper.

My photos printed out at the size of the paper which was 8×11. I had cut my paper to that size as I’d bought fabric rolls last year. So I know that the next time I try this, I really do need to resize my photos out to a proper size. I ended up cutting off far more than needed and now I have not only the photo waste, but the ink from the printer that was wasted because really there is not alot of use for me to use those scraps. It is not EQ’s fault that I didn’t know this about photo printing. Had I done a bit more research on the web, I might have found this out, but time was escaping me for this hop and I really needed to “hop” to it to finish. 🙂 The next time I buy paper tho, I will most likely spend the extra dollars on the sheets instead of the roll and this is because I wanted to print right away, but I had to wait overnight with my cut sheets having a stack of books sitting on them so the sheets would lay flat. My printer was not going to print them otherwise. So that’s another lesson, don’t buy a printer where the fabric has to be “laid” into a tray to print, buy one with a stand up sheet fed type system. 🙂

I have created two videos on how I accomplished this wallhanging and some tips for editing your photos, and how to use your photos on the quilt worktable.

Below is the wallhanging I created:

My first memory quilt in honor of those I love.

The first video has a length of 6:03

The second video has a length of 12:28

Feel free to download my videos if you prefer to view them offline.

Here are a few other layout ideas for photos:

Download The EQ File For This Lesson,

This includes all the files, and blocks you see on this page, the only thing not included is all the photos, you will need to add your own.

Here are the other blogs participating in this fun hop, Be sure you stop in to see them.

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April 15th
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Enjoy The Lesson,


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32 Comments on "EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop – First Day"

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Sandy Y

Love the quilt. Thanks for the tutorials.


The video is wonderful. Thank you for your time and preparation. This blog hop is fun. I am going to try some photo quilts someday. 🙂


What great videos Marion, thanks for sharing! This would make a great memory quilt!


I have checked Gloria Hansen’s book out of the library more than once, and it would be nice to have a copy of my own. Would also like to try the fabric sheets. Thank you for the tutorials.


Thank you for the great video tutorials. Your memory quilt is awesome. I never knew you could save images to fabric!!


Thanks for showing us – easy to learn from a video 🙂

Sandie Hrycyk

I’ve made a quilt with photos but never put them into EQ before. Thanks for the videos so that I can create a quilt and see the photos in it first.

Linda Webster

Thanks for all the great tips. I haven’t worked with photos yet when using EQ7 but I’d really like to give it a try.

Patchwork Breeze

Really liked that you were able to present a video for us. I finally learned how to add and save to my libraries with your tutorial. I only ever had them save to the project–my libraries would disappear.
I think many of us find that we learn something in EQ by experimenting and I am sure there are a dozen ways to do any step.
We are able to get the Fussy Cut tool in the Quilt layout by customizing with the add/remove selection, just as in the block layout.

lorene holbrook

very cool idea! thanks for making it look so easy!

Dawn Frisch

I want to do a memory quilt for my son using pics from his childhood… Plus, I would love to make a tee shirt quilt using all of his old and favorite tee shirts! Thanks for the info and participating in the blog hop!
Happy sewing
array-dawn at cox dot net

Sharon G

I think I will use color in a different way to accent the main focus. Thanks for the info.


Great memory quilt. Always special. Thanks for the video tutorials too.

So sorry about your hard drive failure. Never fun.


Margaret Schindler

I am doing a memory quilt from my husbands shirts and want to put some photos in it.


Looks great! and lovely quilt


Thank you for sharing this. I am wanting to do a quilt with pictures and this will work out great.



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