EQ Seasons May Be Over, But It Still Lives On….

EQ Seasons Row AlongI don’t know about you, but the last six weeks has really been an amazing gift.

To bring 19 bloggers together, and thousands of quilters visiting our sites enjoying the patterns and the learning experience with the Electric Quilt tutorials has been a wonderful and joyous delight.

I never dreamed that it would all come together so quickly, and then end just as quick. These weeks have just whizzed right by and before you know it, we’ll be in 2016.

I truly hope you have enjoyed this experience as much as I have, hopefully, you’ve found a few new blogs to follow, left some comments that the bloggers smiled over, and in the end browsed away knowing you had a fun time visiting with us.

During the last six weeks, these are just a few of the happenings that occurred at Seams To Be Sew and the 18 other blogs that came a rowing along with you.

A Pinterest Board was made to archive the featured blogs pages on.

You can also find everything posted here.

679 of you joined the Facebook Group for the EQ Seasons Row-Along

11,721 visits to the pages on my site for EQ Seasons
707 pj7 downloads from my row patterns
2279 pdf row pattern downloads

Across all blogs featured:
27 row patterns were given away
16 tutorials were featured for Electric Quilt.
1933 comments were made

11715 entries to the giveaway/sweepstakes were made
60 giveaway/sweepstake items were given away, worth a value over $2600.00.

A huge clap for our sponsors, Thank You Sew Much!!

Another HUGE thank you to the featured bloggers

It takes an idea, some creativity, and pure love to create patterns and then turn around and just give them away freely. Thank you so much for putting your faith in me, and letting me lead this Row-Along. I have no words other than to say it has brought me so much joy and pleasure to work with each of you, to learn with you and to just be around you.

To Amy and Bea, their for me from the start. my sincerest thanks. I truly couldn’t have done this without your words of support, encouragement and your help.

I know your dyeing to know who the final winners are, you’ll have to look inside to see..


Stafford Springs, CT USA

Hobbs Batting
Betsy who entered here at Seams To Be Sew
and said Loreen’s School House Fall Row was her favorite. 
Laura won at Just Let Me Quilt
Marybeth P won at The Quilting Queen Online
Rachel won at Country Junk’tion

1 more to go..



Amy Kalmbach
Kent, Washington


Marlene Baerg Oddie
Yvette Michele
Carla Henton


Nancy’s Notions
Carol Swift
Nancy Myers

Maybe we’ll do this again next year.. 

Come on, I want to hear what you think.. encourage us to come back and do it again.


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18 Comments on "EQ Seasons May Be Over, But It Still Lives On…."

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This was such a blast and I learned so much from all the designers. You really did an amazing job pulling everyone together and getting wonderful sponsors. Thank you so much!

Vanda Chittenden

I am keen for a new row along, block of the month/week, etc. next year. Count me in.
I loved all the rows this year, and still working on them, had to put them one side for a bit, to work on the Haunted Halloween blog hob, but now that I am finished with that, and finish up my Seasons rows.

Carole Corn

Great Job Done! to all the bloggers, sewers, quilters, and RAL creators….I think it was a huge effort by all and a huge success, the stats you posted were amazing. I really enjoyed the experience and I do hope ya’ll will consider repeating this again. A suggesting would be to make the rows shorter 36″ or 40″ wall hanging size, and possibly more rows? Just an thought


Amazing blog hop. So many over the top spectacular ROW quilt designs and excellent EQ tutorials. Thank you for coordinating this. And, I hope there will be another EQ blog hop one day.



It was great to learn so much about the program, even though I don’t own it yet. I will definitely know where to go to find out things when I do. I downloaded a couple through print-friendly because they were so interesting. Thanks for everyone’s wonderful rows, and some interesting read for Mondays!

Kathy Sexton

I really enjoyed what I was able to see…I didn’t get to join in every week but I did learn more about how to use my EQ7 better….Thanks to all for getting together to do this…Maybe again next year? Let’s hope so!!!!

Wendy K

Thanks for bringing us all together. This was awesome! Looking forward to the Halloween Hop 🙂

Lisa Marie

I enjoyed this blog hop so much and look forward to the upcoming Halloween hop. Thanks so much to you and your helpers for doing all the work to make these things possible!

Joyce Carter

Marian, I really do enjoy these Blog Hops and appreciate all you did to get it started and keep it going. It is always fun to see what every one creates. Every one had such beautiful rows. i know that it is a lot of work on every one’s part. I am looking forward to the next one. Please keep it up. Thank you so much.


Thank you Marian I’m looking forward to using it.