Flags On A Stick – Who’d a thunk it!!

Flags On A StickWho’d have thought you could take this cool little fabric called Laminate and make a flag out of it, let alone buy a special ornament for your yard to display it in. I suppose with all the Christmas decorations or other holiday decorations that it was probably inevitable that someone would come up with the idea to decorate your lawn. Now, let me explain, I did not purchase the flag stand that goes in the ground. The reasons being that the Flags On A Stick’s website could not seem to let me get through the cart, and I gather that’s because I have a FPO address, which is a post office box located on the military base that we live on. It didn’t matter what frame I added to my cart, it would not let me check out. When I wrote them, they didn’t seem to know how to fix the problem, so, like any thoughtful customer, I went elsewhere and purchased my stand. It happens sometimes, even at Amazon, it won’t ship some things overseas, so it’s just something I’ve grown to know over the years. I did find a stand in the image to your left that you see at Garden House Flags. I really like it. There are also regulations for living in military housing such as no planting of flowers, trees, plants, or even a garden, so placing a flag stand in the ground would definitely be out as well. Perhaps that’s just here in Sicily, I don’t really know, but I like living in normal housing, so I couldn’t have put a stand in the ground anyway.

Sunbonnet Sue

For my design, I drew the Sunbonnet Sue from artwork I purchased at Clipart-4-Embroidery. The Sunbonnet Sue was drawn in Electric Quilt 7, and then parts of the shapes were digitized in Bernina Embroidery Software v7. Parts of this design use dimensional elements, the bow on the dress, the hat ruffle and bottom on the dress. Unfortunately, the green print you see in Sunbonnet Sue’s dress, did not arrive at my home until my husband came home last night, so I was up all night finishing what I’d originally planned to do. I have come to the conclusion that the mail is behind again as I still haven’t even received the interfacing from my owl purse for the Ruffles blog hop.. So I didn’t have any chance to create a test stitch out first. I had wanted to play with a zigzag stitch as the topstitching, so most of the dress and hat feature that zigzag stitch, where other parts are just straight stitched on. I also didn’t have time to fully remove the stabilizer from the top of Sue, but I think you can still see her well enough. I do apologize for any sloppiness, I was really trying to finish in a hurry. I did learn pretty quickly it’s better to use a walking foot than a normal foot on your machine as laminate tends to slide or bunch up quite easily. My fabric kept bunching up on me, so I had to take out part of it and fix it. I tried the walking foot and my problems were resolved. What I will show you as the back was going to be what I’d planned as my backup plan if the green print didn’t come today. Here is the back of the flag:

Flags On A stick Back

What’s odd about the back is that I am unsure of why my block didn’t give me the proper height, I can only assume I need to beef up my EQ drawing skills where blocks are concerned for piecing. I’m not any good at drawing pieced blocks in EQ in the first place, but thought I’d give it a first go, so this is my first manually drawn half log cabin block in EQ7. When I finished it without adding the black bottom, it was 13 x 14 1/2. I had to add the extra wide strip to make it to the 16 1/2 inches. I gather I could have added some text to that, but at 4:30am I just wanted to go to bed. 🙂

Thank you to Thearica and Madamm Samm for another fun blog hop.

It’s now 5:12am and I’m going to publish this post and go to bed.

Night Ya’ll, and Have a great day!!

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Susie Parr

What a great flag and how different. Thanks for sharing. Susie x


Your Sue Bonnet flag is very creative and lovely.

Sandra Davidson

I think you did a wonderful job on your Sun Bonnet Sue , sorry you had to stay up half the night to finish I have been there. Thanks for sharing.


Such a cute idea! and very well done…
Looks like we have about the same blog name!

Gmama Jane

You certainly did persevere and it was worth the effort. I love Sunbonnet Sue patterns and you made a delightful Spring Flag. Thanks for hanging in there.
Gmama Jane


You combined two of my favorite things, swings and Sunbonnet Sue. Perfect for blowing in the wind. Thanks for sharing, great job.


Luv your swinging Sue…and the fabric for the dress is perfect. Your determination paid off…a great finish!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy stitching, Pauline

Shirley Clark

Your flag is just as cute as can be! I also like your flag stand. We need a new one for our yard.
I own a Babylock embroidery machine, and I recently bought a roller foot which works great for materials like the laminate.

Happy Flagging!

Stephanie Palmer@LateNightQuilter

I’m so impressed with your EQ7 drawing skills. I’m working on that… And I can’t wait to read your blog and hear about life in Sicily!


I love your Sunbonnet Sue – I am sorry you had to stay up late to finish! I have been through that too! I am so glad you stuck with it. You now have a beautiful flag. I haven’t tried EQ7.
You did a great job. Hope you got some rest!
xo jan


The stand is very unique and beautiful. Really love your version of Sue,she makes a delightful little flag. Hope your mail gets caught up,and you get some sleep!


Now, get to bed early tonight!! Sunbonnet Sue is really cute – congrats on the digitizing and all. I love that you did laminate – a great idea for any flag that might be outside at any point.


Your flag reminds me of the swings at school that we all wanted to be on come spring and summer…. thanks for sharing
in stitches


Your flag is just adorable! Very, very creative! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

Saucy Chick Sherry

Sunbonnet Sue Swinging is wonderful on your flag. Thank you sew very much for Hopping and Flag Flying…


What an artful piece of work!
I like your stand, it looks much nicer than my 8 Dollar Michael’s pole 😉


How brave to try something new. Your Sue looks lovely.

Beth Strand

Lovely! I didn’t realize that about the rules for base housing. I would have thought gardening would be good…one of my favorite pictures of my husband is him showing off the vegetable garden he planted on base in Vietnam. Thanks for sharing! Beth @ Words & Stitches (who is frantically finishing her flag, too!)


What a beautiful flag! She looks great on your stand.



Very sweet & very creative!