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If you’d had told me a year ago when I first posted links for downloading the free patterns that this page would become one of the most popular pages on my site, I never would have believed you. It’s been an amazing first year since I first posted those links and that page last year saw just over 19,000 visitors on it alone since it was first posted.

I have a new look for this page and it should be easier for me to maintain. The links are in alphabetical order and when I update a link I’ll add a date to it so you know that shop was updated.

I couldn’t have gotten as far as I did with this page if it weren’t for you, my many commenters and those who emailed me with links. Please keep it up, and when you do, I will share those links also. Thank you so much for your kind and generous nature to share, I was only to glad to add the links to the previous page.

The Row By Row Experience, is an event that is a little slice of heaven, the idea is that you visit a shop, ask for a pattern, or possibly purchase a kit, license plate or pin, create a quilt out of 8 different shops rows, then turn that quilt in for a nice prize of fat quarters and if you use the winning shops row, you get a bonus prize also. For those of us who can’t make it to every shop in the nation, it’s much appreciated at the time the event is over that some shops will offer their patterns either for Free of a small price so that we may order them. Some buy kits, others just want patterns. I like patterns, for this event because I have fabric, I see no need to buy kits. It’s really based on your preference, if your trying to win quickly, a kit is a good idea as the fabric is usually cut to size for what you need to create the row quickly.

There are a lot of links on this page, over 30 of them currently with patterns from as old as 2013 to as current as 2017. All links were checked as of July 8, 2017.

Please take a moment to let me know via my contact page or via a comment if a link stops working. I’ll do my best to either correct it or find out when it will be online again.

If you download a row from one of these shops, take a few moments, and either visit their Facebook page or send them an email with a thank you. They do not have to provide these patterns free to us, they also do it out of the kindness of their hearts. Please say Thank you.

Free Patterns

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1 2 3 4

Please contact me or leave a comment if you know of any other rows available to download. If you encounter an error, I’d also appreciate knowing.

Thank You and Enjoy


I am in no way affiliated with the Row By Row Experience. I’m just a fan of this event as I love the idea that we get to support our local shops. The logos have been approved for use on this blog by Janet Lutz founder of the Row By Row Experience.

This page is provided thru the kindness of shop owners who’ve given permission for me to link to them, and commenters who let me know shops providing free patterns.

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Kathleen Trail

Marian, I really appreciate all of your hard work put into organizing all of the RxR patterns like this, you are awesome!


The 2016 pattern for Bush Family Affair is now available.


Budding Star Quilts in New Jersey has 2016 and 2015 patterns

Bonnie Brown

Thank you so much for making this information available to us. So much fun to see the creative projects produced by talented quilters.


Thank you so much for going to all of this work for us who can’t get to these shops. I really appreciate what you have done.

Loretta Villanueva

Oh my so many to look at….Thank you for the link to so many shops and the Row by Row.

Karen P

Oh my goodness, so much work, and alphabetized too. Thank you again.