From EQ To PDF To Cutting File

The video is 22 minutes long. Currently, this lesson is available via video only. If you’d like it in images also, please leave me a comment.

What I forgot to mention in the video is that if your pattern is an applique pattern, you will need to reverse the pattern in EQ first to do this.

To reverse a pattern in EQ, do the following:

(In image only below)

Reverse In EQ 1

Press CTRL+A on your keyboard (for mac users, do whatever you do to Select All), or choose your Pick icon in your left toolbar and drag the entire design so it is completely selected.

You can also go to the Edit Menu and choose Select All.

Reverse In EQ 2

Click where it says “Flip left and right”

Reverse In EQ 3

Once you click the “Flip” icon, you’ll immediately see it has reversed the pattern.

The images in this lesson are derived from the Little Treasures May BOM 2014 with the artwork from Graphics and Graphics



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