Have A Latte Starts Here…

Have A Latte I’ve been looking forward to this blog hop since I first signed up for it. I absolutely LOVE coffee, with my cream and my Equal.. I’m set to go. I am not a one cup coffee drinker, or just a two, I don’t do caffeine free coffees either. I drink easily a pot of coffee a day. We have a Kuerig and I have my first cup with the Kuerig first thing in the morning while I set the coffee pot to brew. My favorite coffee is Donut House Coffee, but I’m also fond of Folgers Black Silk. That said, while I know Latte’s are a bit different, I might drink coffee when I am home, but I drink the specialty stuff when I’m shopping or at the malls. When I’m in the states, I stop at these little box like stores in shopping centers and get a cup of Joe to get me to my next stop. To say coffee is part of my life, well yep, it lives with me 24/7 and their is always a cup where ever I am in the house. So, when I opened my blog two years ago, I had no idea what a mug rug was. Clearly this was short sighted of me to be so dorky that I had no idea what they were, but.. I quickly learned and have made a few, but for this hop, I designed and created my own template for a mugrug. With a template, you can do many things versus just a pattern. You can add your own patterns and designs to a template and make it work easier than if you were to create a normal pattern in the first place. I don’t normally use templates, but since mugrugs have become quite popular even for me as gifts I decided it was better to create a template. The beige background and green/olive fabric are part of the template, the designs themselves are machine embroidered.

Have A Latte - Monday

Monday’s Mug Rug

Have A Latte - Tuesday

Tuesday’s Mug Rug

Have A Latte - Wednesday

Wednesday’s Mug Rug

Have A Latte - Thursday

Thursday’s Mug Rug

Have A Latte - Friday

Friday’s Mug Rug

Have A Latte - Saturday

Saturday’s Mug Rug

Have A Latte - Sunday

Sunday’s Mug Rug

I hope this gives you a fair idea of why a template can be nice to have over a single pattern.

The designs I used on these mug rugs are from Ace Points Embroidery, the Days Of The Week Coffee Time Set.

I created the template in Electric Quilt and Bernina Designer Plus

I’ll be sharing my template in a few days on my Tutorials pages once I have the documentation all written. Sorry, no designs, you’ll have to buy them for yourself.

Thank you to Madam Samm, for hosting this blog hop, and to Joan at MooseStash Quilting for doing an amazing job with cheerleading us all on.

Also a shout out to Clothworks for the wonderful collection called Have A Latte. I love most of the fabrics in this collection.  I am sad I didn’t showcase a project with more of the fabrics as I bought quite a few fabrics in this line.

Coffee Drinkers For This Hop Are:

April 13
        April 14
How Art You?
          April 15
  April 16
  April 17
  April 20
  April 21
  April 22
  April 23

Be sure to visit them all, cheer lead them on with your comments or just say Hi, we all really love to hear from you.


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These are the best mug rugs I’ve ever seen! Inspiring!


These are the best mug rugs I’ve ever seen! Inspiring!


Such cute mug rugs. I love the embroideries on them, a perfect addition to the hop.


Your mug rugs are just adorable. A perfect companion with a nice cup of coffee.


What a cute idea. Love all the desings – I so enjoy my embroidery machine. Folgers’ Black Silk…I must give it a try though I’m a strong Starbuck’s fan.

Lori Smanski

wow these are all so very cute. this is a wonderful idea. thanks for inspiring.

Connie Campbell

Beautiful mug rugs Marian, I love my coffee too!


A mug rug for every day of the week. Such a great idea. Beautiful work.

Nicole Sender

Love your mug rugs!

Susan the farm quilter

Your mug rugs are adorable!!! So creative!!!


How very clever of you to design a template and create a mug rug for each day of the week. Thank you sew very much for Latte Hopping and participating. Creative Latte Bliss…


Love your mug rugs, and the embroidery is great. The days of the week are the best.


Your day mug rugs are fantastic, what a wonderful idea to use a rug for every day ! Love your embroidery skills, really, I never get used to embroider with the machine, I always do it by Hand…. but never say never again, LOL


Glad to see that you don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach! Love your mug rugs


What a great idea and such cute designs!


Makes me want to create mug rugs for the whole family! Fun idea!

Joanne H.

What a neat idea! I love them all. Thanks for sharing your creations with us today. 🙂

Jan N.

Great collection of mug rugs!

Mary Ann

These are so stinking cute. I love each and everyone of them. Great job. Thanks for sharing.


They are so inviting. Perfect way to have your coffee.



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