Introducing Sarah and the Final Frontier…

Introducing Sarah...

Introducing Sarah, she is a 17 year old girl now who started taking sewing lessons from me early this year when I offered to help at the school. Sarah really fell in love with sewing. She has made many fun clothes for herself and her brothers and sisters since getting started back in January.

When I started working on The Road Home Row Along, Sarah just jumped right in and said she wanted to do her dream home. At the time I had no idea it would be a space row, but I showed her some artwork she could look thru and started showing her how to use Electric Quilt.

This is Sarah’s free row for you, she calls it Sarah’s Space – My Final Frontier, because she wants to live in space someday. Who wouldn’t want to… I would do it if it were possible, that’s for sure.

Sarah needs to earn some money for college, so her row has a few extra patterns that are not included in the base pattern. You may purchase these extras if you like all the money made from the sale of the extra’s pattern goes to her college fund.

Below you can see the extras.

Sarah's ExtrasSo this is her extras row, she has an extra planet, an alien, the alien in a ship, and the satellite, along with the border info on how to give it the dimensional look along with the info needed to create it.

Download Sarah’s row at Craftsy.

Purchase Sarah’s extra’s at Craftsy.




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I hope you enjoy Sarah’s row, cya Thursday



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47 Comments on "Introducing Sarah and the Final Frontier…"

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Sandy Wootten

Love your row. Great job

Lisa Marie

Wow, Sarah is a talented designer! Seems like she is off to a great start with her sewing.

Mary Ann Maciel

Sarah, that is a wonderfully creative row. You are a super talented young lady.Look forward to seeing more of your work.


Sarah … this is sew sweet! Your row design shoes a great eye for colors and fabrics. May your dreams take you everywhere you wish to go … 🙂 Pat


Congratulations, Sarah; that’s a cool row. I love hearing that young people are learning and enjoying sewing.

Linda Coleman

What a fantastic row from such a young quilter, great work

Vicki R

I love it! I like space, and I find this row to be great 🙂 Keep up the big dreams, Sarah!


Very impressive indeed.


WoW!! What a super row! Out of this world! ;-D Lots of great imanation and I love it. Great job!



Sarah, this is a wonderful row! Thank you for sharing it and enjoy your sewing journey!

Janey Cook

Did you know the stars are much clearer in space? Their image is not distorted by earth’s atmosphere. Thank you for your cute row and this giveaway!

Vicki H

Sarah, your row is awesome. I can’t believe you are a beginner sewist. Your are amazing.


I LOVE Sarah’s row! I, too, would love to live in space. I have my habitat all designed, based on my favorite option, O’Neill Cylinders. How exciting to be Sarah’s teacher! Thanks for the chance to win a prize, but this row is prize enough itself.

Lois W

Sarah, Great job on your row. Sewing is something you will always enjoy, Wait till you get to the quilting!!

Bonnie Larson

Great row, Sarah. Thanks so much for sharing

Marti M

Thanks for the great row by row!


Sarah, you did well! And, yes, I can imagine living in outer space… Awesome!

apple blossom

love your final frontier row. nice

Liz Horgan

That row is out of this world!!


What a fun row. You did a good job.