On The Third Day of The Christmas Caroling RAL… my true love ….

Christmas Caroling Row AlongSo, we are into our 3rd day of the Row Along and I’m guessing most of you are now getting into the groove of things and looking forward to the great patterns that are coming thru the event. You’ve already seen some really wonderful patterns and this week isn’t going to disappoint either. 

So let’s get right to it…

Winners for last Tuesdays giveaways will be announced on tomorrow’s post.


On Today’s Schedule Is:

Today’s Giveaways at Seams To Be Sew Are

Northcott Fabrics

A Fat Quarter bundle of 2 yards of fabric from the Collections you see being featured on each day’s blog. You can view all the collections here. Click the pictures and it will take you to each collection being shown and given away during this event.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Northcott‘s giveaway ends September 18, at midnight est.
Northcott will ship, and they will ship everywhere.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can read about these giveaways here

The Calibre Art giveaway ends tomorrow for today,
The mat you will be able to purchase is the 8×8-inch Rotating mat for this week.
Value $29.95
This is for the USA only
unless you wish to follow the guidelines on the description page.

The other giveaways being given away today are: 

Inspired LED
Anita Goodesign
Michael Miller
June Tailor

You can enter these by visiting the different blogs featured today.
Don’t forget to download your pattern while you’re visiting.
Please leave a comment on the various blogs
and please consider a donation to your favorite charities as a way to say
Thank You for all the hard work that has gone into this event.

Giveaway Rules and Guidelines will be below my signature for the
rest of the days featuring this event.

Enjoy this third day of the Christmas Caroling Row Along

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

Rules and Guidelines For Giveaways
Please take the time to read it.

  1. Giveaways offered by sponsors are assigned to the various bloggers for their featured day.
  2. There are no prior announcements on who is doing which sponsor except to the sponsor themselves.
  3. You’ll have to visit the blog or the featured blog to enter the giveaways. Not all giveaways can be entered at Seams To Be Sew.
  4. I will start announcing winners on September 12, 2017, and finish announcing winners on October 12, 2017 with the exception of the Calibre Art giveaway, those will be available after each featured day, starting September 06, 2017.
  5. In most cases, the blog where you won at also will announce their winners.
  6. You must give a valid email address when you enter the giveaways, any email returned to me, loses the ability to win automatically.
  7. With the exception of Show and Tell Day, all giveaways run for approximately one week.
  8. You are given 3 days to answer the email, if you do not answer within 3 days a new winner will be drawn. Check those spam/junk mail folders, you may miss that winning email if you don’t do so because there are no exceptions to this rule.
  9. If you are notified that you are a winner, in most cases, you will need to provide your name, address, city, state, zip code, country, telephone number, and email address.
  10. In some cases, you will be asked to comment on the blog to enter the giveaway… do the right thing and thank them for the time it took to create the pattern, thank them for the pattern and…
  11. Thank the sponsor by buying their products for the giveaways. This helps them continue to offer great prizes for these types of events. You can also comment on their social media pages. Even if you don’t win, letting them know you love their products is a huge incentive and they really do love hearing from you.
  12. No purchase whatsoever is necessary.
  13. You must be 18+ in order to win a gift.
  14. You are responsible for claiming and paying any tax owed on the value of any gift that you win. Prizes valued at $500.00 should be claimed.
  15. All winners are chosen at random.
  16. All winners will be announced on the blogs via the Rafflecopter entry form and/or post by the blogger at the site where they won and here at Seams To Be Sew. All winners must allow for their first name and first initial of their last name to be announced on this blog.
  17. Odds of Winning a prize are based on a total number of rafflecopter entries during each week and in total for all giveaways.
  18. This giveaway is void where prohibited by law.
  19. Participating bloggers may enter any of the giveaways.
  20. The word giveaways in the rules and guidelines are also known as sweepstakes.

Most of the giveaways are international shipping this year
in some cases, you will be asked to pay for shipping your giveaways.
I am not rich and I do not ask sponsors for money, they provide prizes only.
If they shipped the prize to me, you will be asked to pay for shipping.
All giveaways will be shipped that are in my home within 48 hours of my having heard from you.

An invoice will be sent to you via Paypal, and shipping will take place via Paypal, so your Paypal email will be needed to send the invoice. You will receive a tracking number except for overseas shipments. All shipping will either be first class which averages out at 2.77 to 4.00 up to 13 ounces. Paypal fees are added to that amount to cover that fee. All fabric bundles from Michael Miller, Hoffman, and Moda will be shipped via Priority Mail to protect the fabric itself.

Please note, every effort is made to protect the prizes. They go into a plastic bin when I receive them, and it is covered by an air tight cover. I have a dog in my home and I have a smoker in my home, so I do everything possible to protect the prizes.

Most companies are very good about getting prizes off to customers quickly also, but some companies are overseas, so please allow all sponsors a 2-week time period before you report to me that you still haven’t received your prize. When the company is overseas, it can take 6 weeks to 90 days for an item to also arrive.

Whether or not you read the above, the rules for giveaways are in place to protect everyone. I do not want to hear you didn’t read them, they will be posted on my blog daily during each featured day. There is no excuse for not reading them.

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I am so impressed with the patterns that have been designed for this row along. Thank you!

Beth Strand

You have made this such an amazing event! Thank you!

Vivian Oaks

You have gone above and beyond with this RAL. I am thrilled more and more with each block I see! So many talented people!! I am in awe of the creativity so far, and can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you!


Four more wonderful rows! If the beginning is so good, the rest of the hop will be, too. I’m excited about all of them!

Shelley Buttler

This has been so much fun! Thank you for all your work organizing it!


Thank you so much. All of the rows are absolutely gorgeous!


Thanks so much for all you do for us quilters!!


I love this row along, thank you!

Michele cais

So many amazing designs! So little time! Can’t wait to get started on these.

sandra pipitone

thanks for the rows so much fun

Jackie Hale

Thank you for another great day of rows! The rows are so beautiful!!

Lori Smanski

another wonderful day of rows. thank you

Judy Lancaster

A friend of mine “Quilt and a Prayer” told me about you. She was telling me about you giving coupons. I am interested in Calibri Mats. MayI get a coupon for the 18×18 mat, PLEASE??? I am also interested in the sew a long.