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Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018This year’s Quilt Qwazy Queens event will be once again held in March to celebrate International Quilting Day. I love how quilters all over the world can unite for this one day to celebrate the one thing we love to do in our lives. While we may have nothing else at all in common, our one common love is the art of quilting. I consider quilting an art, others may consider it a hobby, but it is art to me because no quilt is the same, making it one of a kind, that to me is art.

There is a theme for this year, but I’m not going to make this complicated, your free to do as you like for your post, but if you wish to follow a theme, it is UFOs. Do I need you to finish a UFO for this event? Nope, you don’t need to feel like you have to finish a UFO, show off some of your UFOs, be proud to have a few you don’t wish to work on anymore, it’s ok, they aren’t going anywhere until you say so. Maybe you’re ready to give them up, why not participate in a UFO trade? There is that too with this blog hop, if you wish to trade with someone, we’ll be doing some of that too. This blog hop is all about the Joy of Quilting… with a touch of the unfinished side of quilting thrown in.

You can choose to show off a UFO you finished, one your still deciding what to do with, maybe you’ve turned an old UFO into a new project, show that off to, it’s totally up to you and what you decide to do on your featured day. If you wish to trade one or two we’ll even have a bit of that thrown in to. At the same time, if you just want to show off something you’re currently working on, that’s cool too.

However, you can also participate by offering to trade a UFO. No need to show it off prior to giving it away, you’ll simply send your address to me, and I’ll coordinate you with someone else who wishes to trade a UFO also. If you decide to trade, simply show the UFO you traded during your posting day for the blog hop. During the summer, we’ll have a UFO show off hop where you can show us what you did with the UFO you received.

Signups will be taken until February 10, 2018.

Please note, do not signup if your visitor who comes to the events, signups are for people who are bloggers, or people who have a project they’d like to display as a guest blogger.

The schedule will be done and sent to everyone by February 24, 2018.

So, you’ve decided you want to trade a UFO with someone else. I want to be as fair as possible, but if you smoke, have pets, or are not willing to ship internationally, these things need to be checked on the form. I will trade with people who are equal in that respect because many people are allergic to pet hair and smoke. I know you wouldn’t want them to get sick opening your package.

In your package, you should be willing to include all the fabric that is part of your project thus far. If you still needed to add newer fabric to the project, there is no need to add that. If you used a book pattern, please tell the person the book you used and the pattern, so they have a chance to try and track it down, if possible, simply write down the rest of the instruction for that pattern so they can finish it. If your unwilling to give up the pattern, again, please write down the necessary info they need to finish it along with telling them the pattern used, author, and any other pertinent info, so they to, can finish properly. Tell them the story of the UFO if there is one. 

Whether you trade a UFO or not, show a UFO during your day or not, I hope you will join us for Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018. Each year of this event has been so much fun and I just wish to continue that without causing any stress or pressure to other bloggers and visitors.

Our First Sponsor of this Event Is

The Fat QuartershopClick the picture to visit the Fat Quartershop.
They will be giving away a $150.00 gift certificate to one lucky person
once this event is over.


I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

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11 Responses to Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018 Sign Up Now!!!

  1. Doris Rice says:

    I’d like to do this one. I haven’t participated in a while. The Quilting Queen just can’t pass up Qwazy Quilt Queens!

  2. Susan says:

    Okay, I haven’t done one for a while, and I think I can handle this, even with school! I have plenty of time to get a post formatted to go up what ever day you tell me. =) I like the UFO theme. I might have a few of those lying around. LOL I don’t want to swap any, though.

  3. Moira says:

    I might be sane enough by then to write a post that would make sense…..lol…….I do want to focus on some of my UFO’s this year so this sounds like something that might get me to do that………..going over to sign up now. =)

  4. UFO’s are my focus this year again. This is the perfect HOP for National Quilting Day. I’m in, going over to sign-up.

  5. Tami Von Zalez says:

    I’m back in Marian! I was a good girl and completed all of MY UFOs at year’s end. I do pick up other quilter’s projects at thrift shops so there is always one or two I have laying around.

  6. Carol S. says:

    Looks like a fun hop! I have LOTS of UFO’s

  7. Looking forward to this hop!

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