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Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018I’ve talked about this project for weeks now… and while it’s not quite finished or as finished as I’d like, I have enough done that you can at least see it and see the layout and such.

This project stems from my time on Genie Online Services back in the 1990s. This quilt has traveled with us from Virginia where my time on Genie was, to Arkansas, Texas, California, Germany, Italy and now resides in Colorado with us. I attempted to start putting this together while we were in Germany, but I quickly realized that while I had good intentions I didn’t have all the necessary supplies I needed to finish this quilt… Mainly rulers.

This quilt was created in all by 25 people on Genie, we each made 25 12 1/2-inch blocks, and they had to be made out of flannel. (at the time flannel was becoming quite popular in quilting) We then sent them to one person, they were separated out and we received 25 different blocks back in the mail. This was the last project that we ever did as quilters on Genie, it was turning there public services off, and we all seemed to just scatter after that. I wish now we’d had the forsight to perhaps find a way to still meet online. I have no idea today where any of the woman whom I had come to endear are now.  I moved on to Compuserve after trying AOL out and not liking it at all. When Compuserve closed, I ended up in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for 5 years and then I just went off on my own way… We had moved to Germany by then and I wanted to get back to sewing, so that’s what I did.

This is a small sampling of the blocks, the reason you see so many log cabins are because my block was the Log Cabin, and I made extras at the time thinking they would help me to create a nice layout for this quilt. Which it worked because I really like the layout created for this quilt.

Each of the blocks are marked with little tabs, with the person who made the block on them. I did this so when I make the label, I can state each person who made the block.

So here is the rest of it..

My Genie Quilt

The basic layout has a medallion type center with a log cabin diamond layout.

It will then have a square row of the sampler blocks around it, followed
by another square set of log cabin blocks, with the dark side going towards the inside.
It will finish with a row of sampler blocks on the top and bottom of the quilt, the log cabins staying on the side.

My Genie QuiltThis is a closeup and I think you can see a better image of the various blocks also.My Genie QuiltThis is the first 4 rows stitched together, as you can see it’s coming nicely into shape.

My Genie QuiltIt will follow with the dark plaid as a thin border around the quilt and then the houses (which is the middle fabric in my log cabin blocks) as the final border.

The dark plaid will also be the backing of this quilt.

One of the hazards of doing quilts like this is that every block is a different size. I can remember being told that our blocks needed to be 12 1/2-inches, but that didn’t happen and I spent a good deal of time getting some of these blocks down to size. Most of the blocks were much larger at 13-inches and some at even 13 1/2-inches. While I am no means a perfectionist when it comes to quilting, I also know you can’t butt a 12 1/2-inch block up next to a 13 1/2-inch block and not have it sew out well, you can stretch only so much to try and make it fit, but the good part about the larger blocks is only one of these had points on the outside of the block, the rest could afford to be cut and not have it affect the design of the block.

I chose not to use a sashing because I wanted my log cabin blocks to stand out, had I used a sashing the design would have been lost in that, and so I let the quilt blocks stand on there own. I truly love this quilt, it has been the one quilt I have wanted to finish for many years. I am hoping now I will get it done. I will be doing quilt as you go on this quilt with the blocks being put together in 4 x 3 rows. I don’t usually do quilt as you go block per block, instead I do it in sections.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the quilt I have had the biggest desire to finish, I do have others and they will get done, I definitely don’t have more than ten UFOs tho as I like to finish my projects, so I don’t have a lot of UFOs.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Linda Cartwright

I love that train pattern.


thank for the wonderful t
easter train I truly in joyed the hop , where is the rest of the pattern I cant fine it ? can some help me pleses

Lorie Bugaiski

Great job on the quilt. Love your blog I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for the free pattern.


I love your Easter train!

Linda Cartwright

It is never easy being in a block swap, as everyone sews different seam sizes, but you have done a wonderful job@!

Charlene McCain

What a beautiful job you have done with this very special quilt. I can’t imagine the challenge you had trying to make everyone’s blocks match up. I am so glad you are finally finding the time to finish this quilt. Great job!


Thanks for sharing your project! It will be beautiful and warm for snuggling in the winter. And thanks for hosting the hop. It was fun!


Great work on your quilt! And thanks for the free patterns you’ve been sharing1


Thank you for all you do! You do such beautiful work!


I love your patterns, and appreciate all your hard work – you are so talented! Many thanks!


thank you so much for this fun blog with everyone sharing their UFO’s. I can relate to UFO’s and good intentions. Thank you again!


I love the blocks. My favorite block has always been the log cabin. I have one I am working on that is plaid strips. And I love that train! Those blocks are adorbs!


i love this wish i wouldnt have missed the first 2 love it 🙂

Tu-Na Quilts

Hi, Your UFO story is so typical of what happens with UFOs; those wonderful projects suffer when problems occur or time is spent doing other things, or when major moves happen. So glad you’ve brought this one out and hoping you’ll get time to finish it up. Thanks for the free pattern. I’m missing two of them as I missed the download time so here’s hoping I win one of those you are giving away. Thanks again for hosting this event. Count me in next year!


Your patterns are so adorable! Thank you.


Great hop Mariam, thanks for hosting and cheering this on.

Karen McMahon

Thanks so much for the great blog hop. I really enjoyed seeing all the UFOs. I hope you post yours when it is finished, it’s going to be beautiful!


Muchas gracias por los Easter Train Car Blocks, son una delicia. Un abrazo


Thank you hosting Marian. I, as usual, had a great time being a participant and visiting all of the others.

Silvana Lanza

Come al solito batti te stessa……meraviglioso quadretto!!!!! Grazie per questi blocchi unici