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Row By Row ExperienceThis page has been updated for 2016 and is now housed here, this page will no longer be updated.

Based on how successful turning in of links for my previous post on the Row By Row Experience’s Shortsightedness, I chose to separate the page to a links page for those of us searching for those free patterns or really great patterns to purchase, With that said, this is what has been collected from that post.

I will update this page when I find new ones, and hopefully, you may comment with ones you know of that are free or if they are a “scenic” type scene, let me know, I am interested in anything that is landscape like.

To all the shops, your participation in the Row By Row Experience is not without appreciation, I truly do understand the costs involved with creating the patterns, perhaps commissioning the pattern to be created, the frustration of having people come into the shop and possibly demanding the pattern as if it’s their right, at the same all the foot traffic because of the project. I hope it really does benefit your shop, because I firmly believe it’s a great project and a fun experience. 

With that said, to those of you who offer your patterns to the online community after the Nov 01 deadline, thank you.

To those of you after the freebies, take a few moments and write a thank you in email to the shop. I believe they want to hear that you appreciated the time it took to not only create the pattern, but to put it online.  So few of you do this even for freebees left on blogs by bloggers and it’s disheartening when we don’t even get a thank you for our time, our creations, and our willing spirit to just give it away.

Huge thanks to those of you who’ve left comments on the previous post to other shops offering freebies, Let’s keep this going.

Note: At any time, these links can change as has already been proven. Please feel free to let me know, I don’t mind writing the store owners to ask if they have been taken down.

Stitchin Post and 2014 Direct Link
Tranquility Quilts, –Site Closed
Cloth and Quilts (who also offers their 2014 pattern),
Stitch Online 
Linderella’s who has the foresight to sell their patterns at a price I like, and still give me free shipping.. I like you.. I’ll be back. 🙂

Thanks to my commenter who noted some other shops where the free downloads are available. 

Leavenworth Quilt Co — download no longer available

Serendipity Quilt Shop — bottom of page
The Silver Thimble (also offers their 2014 pattern for download)
Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilts — download no longer available
Quilting Confections

When I wrote a thank you to Budding Stars, she wrote me back with a few more links for downloading:

Moms Sewing Basket (no picture of row on page)
Harvest House
Cinnamon’s Quilts (also offers their 2014 pattern)
Montgomery Quilt Co (no longer free, 3.00 to download pattern)
Accent Sewing Inc. — download no longer available
Cottage Needleworks  — download no longer available
Artistic Artifacts (have 2014 and 2015 pattern available, very bottom of page)

ty to Sunshine
Hoffman FabricsSeaStars Row and WaterColor Waves

More found today Nov 12, 2015

Cortez Quilt Company
Quilts Etc… (Added 2015 – At very bottom of page) (send a thank you in email, they might send you the 2015 pattern free)

More from J on Nov 13, 2015

Sew Inspired —- download no longer available
Fabric Depot (3 different rows (do not add to cart, instead open page, click on download link for each page))
Best Sewing Deals (do not add to cart, instead look below, download both files)

Nov 14

Family Threads 2014 and 2015 rows 6.00 for both or 3.00 each includes postage (Cute Rows
Sew Lets Quilt It – 2014 pattern only – take it thru cart to download
Thimblemouse 2014 Row

Found Nov 18

Quilted Forest 2014 Wonky Trees Row By Row
Stitchcraft Boca 2014 Pattern 
Spring Water Designs 2014 Pattern– Updated July 3, 2016  (Top of page Maryland Sailboat Block)
Rosebud’s Cottage 2014 Pattern
Bush Family Affair 2015 Pattern

Via Comment from Kelly on Nov 20

A Little Comfort Quilting —- download was never available you have to write them to have them send it. (I couldn’t access this site, they block foreign IPs apparently. I could only access it via my VPN service which allows me to log in with a US ip address, Kelly notes that you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to them and they will send you the pattern, row or plates. Pattern is free, kits and plate have a cost)

Via Comment from Kelly on Nov 23

The Quilt Rack (2014 and 2015 patterns available near bottom of page, no images for rows)

Via Comment from Kate on Nov 27

Heartfelt Quilting (2 store patterns)
The Common Thread  —- download no longer available

Dec 1

The Row by Row Studio blog site is doing a “wreath” effect that features 2015 rows for the next 20 days. It may help you find rows you are looking for, either or, they are showing how to make a wreath or advent shaped quilt..  You can subscribe to their newsletter also if you wish to be aprised of the daily rows.

Row By Row Advent Quilt

Added June 26, 2016

Sew Happins2014 and 2015 patterns
The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby – this link sent to me in email via Suz – both 2014 and 2015 patterns (middle of page)

Added August 8, 2016

Pink Castle Fabrics (2015 Pattern) you need to say 1 pattern in the little pull down window, add it to the cart and run it thru the cart, you will then receive an email with your download links.

Updated the Stitchin Post link with their 2014 download. (higher above in this post)

Hoffman links were also updated today via my friend Susan who let me know they had moved to other pages.

If you know of any others, please leave me a comment, I will update this page, and place a link to it in my right hand column so it’s easy to find as the posts go down in the list.

August 12, 2016 Update

Key Grocery and Quilts this looks like your going to add it to a cart, but you don’t, the links are right on the page after you click the 2015 Row By Row picture.

August 18, 2016 Update

PineTree Quilt Shop has their 2014 Row By Row pattern available. You do need to run it thru the cart, once you are finished, just click the links to download the pattern. To get to the Free pattern, “Hover” over the Shop menu and click on Free patterns. It is currently on the first page and is the 2nd row.

Their 2015 Row by Row pattern is available also for a very small fee. I am guessing it is also available for download. The page doesn’t say whether it is or isn’t, so I do not know for sure.

August 20, 2016 Update

Always Quilting – The patterns are free, but they will use the slow mow mail method to get to you. You just add them to your cart and be willing to pay for shipping. They have their 2014, 2015, and you can pre-order 2016 all at the same time. Be sure you add your quantity to the cart, then check out.


I am in no way affiliated with the Row By Row Experience. I’m just a fan of this event as I love the idea that we get to support our local shops. Logos were obtained from the Row By Row Experience website for use in this post strictly to link to their site.

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Karen P

Two pieced 2016 rows: Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz, CA has a modern row with a seagull and poppy field ( and Harvest House in Plainfield, ILL has a flag made from diamonds


You are so right! Your blog is very informative and helpful. Please contact me regarding 2016 patterns. You won’t regret it. Thanks.

Carla Miracle

I have been very sick actually to my bed and dream of going into the shops seeing everyone’s work of art. I truly wish to get pattern to certain ones just to make big enough for me to be in bed 5 min to another than rest 2 hours. I enjoy any part. I can’t read all that well my eyes are stubborn. Thank you for the helpful hand each one of you do.

Celeste Burns

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this website. It is a treasure trove of links to free patterns.

Pauline Perry

Oh my goodness – I love the San Francisco row with the painted ladies and The Golden Gate bridge – I have to get that somehow!


Wow, we have some great sponsors for this upcoming hop! Like all the fabulous rows aren’t enough! I’m “sew” excited!!!!!

Guest has their 2014 Row by Row, click free patterns, then checkout to download.

Roxana Whitner

Thank you so very much! ~~ The Family Threads row patterns are now $4.00 each. They are so cute!


Thank you for taking the time to add these links!! Row by Row has been so much fun!


thank you so very much for all the new and wonderful patterns. I don’t know if I can ever get to then all in this life time. but thank you!

Lori Smanski

thank you so much for sharing these links


Wow. Thank you. I feel like I’ve just clicked thru a major virtual quilt show or quilt shop run, as I thoroughly enjoyed the links you shared. Inspired by all the designs and downloaded two that I definitely want to make.


Guest has their 2015 row pattern posted for download, called Oka Colors.


Thanks so much!!! I have a lot of 2015 patterns, so this adds to my collection. There were some patterns I could not find: Sew Inspired 2015, Spring Water Designs 2014, A Little Comforting Quilt, The Common Thread, Lisa’s Clover Hill Quilting, Leavenworth Quilt Co., Accent Sewing. Don’t know what the problem is, or whether the patterns are just not available.

Lori Smanski

wow thanks so much. I can not get to any of the stores.

Quilting Tangent

Thank you for all the links to the row by rows.

snowbaby katz

oh I love your blog on Row by Row. I totally agree with the online post about Row by Row not being available for those of us who don’t live anywhere near quilt shops, it is so unfair! Totally short sighted. I really have enjoyed your links, but I guess I can’t wait until November to purchase things. I am calling Hawaii and Oregon and every where that I want to get the patterns now..


I know, Katz. At this point, I am calling shops but did have one say the pattern in Nov will be $10 or so. Feeling taken advantage of right now.

Bonny Schmid

Thank you so much for your site! I love it!


Thanks for the help. I am using my row by rows to cover window frames against the cold.



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Raised Row Gardening: Incredible Organic Produce with No Tilling and Minimal Weeding Price: $14.39 - $14.29
Cannery Row: (Centennial Edition) Price: $3.57 - $9.78
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