Is Your Christmas Shopping Done??? Lotsa News Today…

New Years Sampler 12-4

Christmas ShoppingSomewhere in this world, at least 1 person hasn’t even started there Christmas shopping. I can remember as a single person always waiting until the day before Christmas to hit the malls and get it done at that time. Back then, there was no internet, the malls and shops were always very busy, parking was a nightmare. When I got married that all changed. Everyone in my new family was not even in the same state we were, so we had no choice but to ship everything. In today’s world, thank goodness for the internet, I can shop online and have it delivered right to them, no need to wrap, no need to guess at what they like or dislike, a gift card does the whole thing nicely. I love gift cards. I do give gifts of my sewing projects, but I’ll be the first to admit, that my sewing this year has concentrated mostly on wedding gifts I’ve made for the wedding were just at, and the wedding we have in February to go to.

I hope you have your shopping and even your sewing done. By the time you get to this date in December, it’s not too likely you’re going to even get a package to someone in time for it to arrive by Christmas Day. I think all the shippers have set today as the last day to do Express type mail, so if your planning to still ship… you need to Express it today.

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Christmas Caroling Row Along Sponsors, Anita Goodesign and Ottlite…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongI have been told that quilters don’t own embroidery machines. I do not think this is true. It might be fun to see how many of you out their have an embroidery machine. Most of you know that most of my patterns come with machine embroidery designs to help you create your embroidery work on the patterns quicker than by normal hand methods.



Personally I Anita Goodesignlove Anita Goodesign’s designs and love it when they offers a giveaway for this event. They gave us some wonderful embroidery cds last year and this year, they have not disappointed either. They are a generous company who give you the opportunity to try there wonderful designs.

Ott LiteOttlite is another great company. They have given us several lamps thru various events hosted by Seams To Be Sew. They imho make the absolute best lighting for any of my needs not just sewing, but bedroom, living room, kitchen, basement. When we moved into this house last year, the one thing it lacks is overhead ceiling lights. The one thing I was short of was lamps. I had a few, but nothing like we had in Italy. I purchase Ottlites for each room as I love them and I know they last and last and last.


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A Small Update…

Just writing to give you a small update… I’ve been very busy, with the Christmas Caroling Row Along coming up in September, I needed to have my row finished by the deadline I set for the other designers so that I would not be behind, this took a few days to accomplish, but my row pattern is at least done now for September and I am ready to show it off… The image you’re seeing features the Northcott Fabrics they kindly sent designers to use in their rows and is a small preview of my row I’ll be featuring.

Next, I am hoping to release the next Sue and Sams this week along with Twas The Night Before Christmas Blocks. I’m just finishing these up and possibly as I write this post tonight I’ll finish them up tomorrow so they can release on Monday/Tuesday…

Next, I got a little teeny tiny bit involved with row by row and had tons of fun visiting shops… I mean really who can blame me, it’s my first time out and about visiting the shops and being the new quilter in the state, I, of course, had to visit as many shops as possible.  I’m sure some of you know how that goes. I have patterns to swap if anyone would like some… write me with your address and I’ll send you a Colorado pattern. Maybe you’ll do the same. I’ll be heading to Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho in August, a girl just wants to have fun!!! Ya know šŸ™‚ So let me know if your lookin for a particular row.

and last… Just for Fun, I updated the Row By Row Free patterns page. I’ve checked all the links and fixed the bad ones or removed those that removed their downloads. Always Quilting already has their patterns up for pre-order on the free patterns they will offer for 2017, so you may want to get your pre-orders in.


Zooming On In To Day 4 of The Road Home Row Along…

Road Home Row along

Road Home Row alongToday is day 4Ā of the Road Home Row Along. We’ve seen some really wonderful places so far and travelled with our fellow bloggers to their road homes, today we follow suit with that bringing you to theĀ Road to Tehachapi, California, Worcester County in Massachusetts, the North Georgia Mountains, Toronto, Ontario in Canada and New Milford, Connecticut.

Winners from last Thursday, Sept 8, will be announced later today.

New giveaways do start today and you can enter the next 5Ā blogs for The Fat Quarter Shop giveaway also.

I’ve also added the FlickR reward today, so you can enter when you get your row made.

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Thermoweb Joins The Road Home Row Along.. Surprises and A RBR Link..


ThermowebOne of our favorite companies for fusible’s and interfacings is joining us with a wonderful bundle of their products for a giveaway during The Road Home Row Along. I’m very excited they are offering this giveaway and I think you will be too.

More news inside including a free pattern, and an RBR Link…

Therm-o-web is offering a beautiful bundle with a $60.00. Continue reading

Introducing The Road Home Designers…

stbs-Road Home logo

stbs-Road Home tall banner

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the many wonderful bloggers and designers who are creating row patterns for The Road Home Row Along coming to you in September 2016.

We have 48 amazing designers and bloggers who are participating this year with their rows available to you on their featured day of the Row Along.

Because we have 48 of them, this year, it will run two days per week, for six weeks with a Show and Tell day at the end of the Row Along.

Many of these are bloggers you may recognize from just visiting their blogs, or by following them, perhaps visiting on blog hopping events, and many of these participated in last years EQ Seasons.

So, without further ado, here are the participating bloggers/designers. Designers with no link, do not have a blog. I’ve also listed their Road Home area for you.

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EQ Seasons – Week 6 My Week 5

Marian's Preview

Marian's PreviewWell, it’s finally time to wrap up this event, and move on to other things. It has been fun, creative, and overall, a great time. I’ve enjoyed every week of the rows offered by the featured bloggers. The Flickr group has been a blast seeing what ya’ll have done with the rows, and I will be looking forward to your finishes.

I do not have my quilt finished, I have my rows finished, but they are not even on the ends, and I have spent the weekend tearing them apart, coming up with ways to try and fix them.

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