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Bird Tree Blog HopWelcome to the Tree Bird Blog Hop today at Seams To Be Sew. I’m so happy to see you today. I’d like to thank Lana at It Seams To Be Sew, Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt, and Elizabeth’s Studio’s for this absolutely beautiful collection called Beautiful Birds. I love these fabrics, I wish I’d bought more of them to be honest. So many wonderful uses for them and a beautiful panel to match it also. I thought I was never going to get this post written today. I had created this … I hate to think I’m bragging, but what I have to honestly say is it is one of the prettiest wallhangings I’ve ever created. I absolutely love it…

LBH Layout

The artwork in my hanging is from Semi Exclusive clipart purchased at, and the artist is Nell at Diddybag.

I drew and created this quilt in Electric Quilt 7

The fabrics depicted are pretty close to the original in this image.

Unfortunately, it has been stolen from my own home while I was actually here. Yesterday I had some women in to discuss some sewing I am doing for them. I can only surmise that one of them has taken it. The military police were here this morning to take my report, and hopefully it will come home soon. I am really frustrated, sad, and embarrassed all rolled into one.

So, once the military police left, I went about looking for something else I could do.

I have this lovely little pattern I picked up at SewAz Embroidery at awhile back. I love these door hanger danglers they make, and when I saw this one I thought, oh, that’s easy, it will go together quickly… hahaha 13 hours later it’s done.

So I quickly put this together and finished it at 3am.

I have always finished my projects with time to spare prior to  a blog hop, so I felt I was really sweating it  by getting down to the wire trying to finish.

2015-031715-tbbhWhat I do have for you tho as a gift for stopping by and leaving your comment today is a free block from my Little Birds & Houses wallhanging.

I created 10 blocks for my wallhanging, actually I making them into 3 panels, 2 of the panels will have 3 blocks each on them and the middle panel was the one I had finished with 4 blocks on it. I intend to hang it in my hallway.

So, this is the block I have for you today:

LB&H B01

You can download it here.

It is free through the duration of this blog hop only.

Here is the schedule of this hop.

Friday, March 13
It Seams To Be Sew
Monday, March 16
Tuesday, March 17
Wednesday, March 18
Thursday, March 19
Friday, March 20
Monday, March 23
how arT you?
Fabric Bias
Sew We Stitch

My thoughts and prayers go out to you Madam Samm, I hope and pray everything will be better with you and your family soon.


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Your bird design is just too sweet. How terrible that someone would steal that from you!!!


Thank you so much for the lovely design. I can see why you thought your wall hanging was so darn pretty. Loved how you designed the blocks. I feel so badly about it disappearing. Let’s hope it was an accident and wasn’t intentionally taken – I can hope, can’t I. Your door hanger is sweet and fits right into our Spring season.

Peggy Starkey

Your designs are fantastic! Thank you for the free Pattern. I embroidery and quilt so it will be a double blessing. You are so sweet. In light of the theft you are so generous!


I’m so so sorry that your beautiful work was stolen. I’m heartbroken that it could happen. You really demonstrate resilience in being able to post despite everything. Blessings,


I can’t believe what happened to you. On the bright side, it does go to prove the quilt is stunning otherwise they wouldn’t have taken it in the first place. I’m sure it will return safely.
Your door hangers are fantastic! Great job.


Such a pretty design. I hope the missing returns home. Such a horrible way to be treated by guests in your home.


What a pretty design. I hope it is found. So awful to have a treasure go missing.


I can’t understand what is wrong with people that they would do that but in today’s world you never know. So sad. Your design is wonderful. I love birds.


I know the feeling of violation of being robbed. I am very sorry that you have to endure all that and to think that someone for whom you probably are sewing took it. I was robbed of almost every material thing my parents left to me by my son’s girlfriend who was living with us. I kicked her out when I found $20 missing from my wallet and it was obvious that she had taken it. I had no clue until after she was gone what she had taken. The DA let her walk, not once, but twice on the charges and that was the end of it for the DA, but not for my heart. I pray that it finds its way home to you. Thank you for the pattern. Your project is beautiful and I am sorry it overshadowed with sadness. Blessings.


I sincerely hope your quilt is found. You must be so heartbroken. Your graphic of it is beautiful and I’m sure it’s even prettier in real life. Thank you for the free pattern. I can’t believe you finished that second project so quickly. It’s perfect for spring.


That is sad : ( The graphic looks beautiful though. Congratulations on such an awesome project ☺


How brazen and wicked some people are. I hope your belonging is returned to you. Sweet designs and you welcome sign is cute.
Good luck and may this occurence not change the person you truly are.


I hope that you wall hanging returns home. What you designed looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing today. Happy quilting!

Doris Quilting Queen

I’m at a loss for words… to think someone came into your home and took your wall hanging. It is adorable and who wouldn’t want it but…. how brazen of them! You’re a trooper to come up with plan B. The door hanger is just too cute! Thank you for sharing your pattern.

Super Mom - No Cape!

Oh I hope the military police are able to find it! I can only imagine how upset you must have been and still are. Sending you Aloha hugs! The little wallhanging that you stayed up half the night to make is adorable.


I am saddened to think someone you invited into your home to help out actually stole your beautiful Tree Bird wall hanging. I adore each project you created and completed. Thank you sew very much for Tree Bird hopping and participating. Creative Bird Bliss…

Tricia Morrison-Stork

What a way to bounce back in a dreadful situation. Kudos to YOU!!! it shows your strength in an adverse condition. Your designs are very bright & cheerful. From the drawings and the details of your door hanger I can see the beauty for your work. So thank you for sharing your free pattern with us along with your story & pictures today.

In Kind Regards,

Mary Ann

So very sorry that that happened to you. I feel bad for you and bad for the person who is so desperate and unhappy that they would steal from another after being invited into their home. Your wall hanging is gorgeous and the little door dangler is so precious. Very cheerful. Thanks for sharing your projects and thanks for the free pattern. Hugs, I hope you get your qulit back.


That is georgeous, I love those designs. I hope you get it back soon. Your door hanging is also very pretty.


What a beautiful design Marian. It makes me heartsick to think that someone would steal it. I pray that person is found and is overcome with shame. Yet you continued on to make other lovely things to show to us and to gift your beautiful design with us. Blessings to you. Your lovely heart shines all the more brightly against the backdrop of the thieve’s selfish cowardice.



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