Valentine’s Sampler Released…

Valentine's SamplerIt’s been a crazy day. I’d intended to write this post last night, but got so darn busy I just spaced it off. By the time I remembered to do it, I was so tired I just decided to go bed. This morning I was back up and at the sewing machine, again forgetting I needed to make this post.

I am busy sewing because I need to finish my last project for Island Batik, my day on the blog hop is the 29th and I’m really trying to totally finish this project for it. I also have another wedding on February 3rd, so my next few weeks are really busy.

Yesterday I noted that the patterns released over the next 14 days would all be related to Valentine’s, but I should have noted that there is a Sue/Sam release on the 24th, TTNBC is hopefully later this week, there is also a pattern for GroundHog Day release planned and last a Mardi Gras pattern planned, so there is plenty to come over the next 13 days. Please note, I will not be posting on weekends.

You may remember back in October when I was dealing with a broken wrist, there wasn’t much I could do with the one hand out of commission, I drew many patterns during this time as it’s the one thing I can do with one hand. I actually got all of the patterns for Sue and Sam drew, Twas the Night, and many others. Valentine’s Day was one of them, so the next thing to do was to get patterns out to my testers and they have been working thru them. Thus, I have quite a few patterns that will be released this year because of that time just sitting around drawing patterns. Although, it’s not just having a pattern drawn, it’s the very time-consuming writing of the patterns still to go.

I would like to remind you tho… please take the time this year to be thankful or say thank you to blogs where you might receive a free pattern, a block of the month pattern, perhaps even a tutorial. It takes 2 minutes of your time to just say Thank you and means the world to the blogger who posted it or created the pattern. Please don’t assume that others will do it for you. Between my two free patterns I released yesterday, there were over 600 downloads of the free designs, but only 1 person took the time to say Thank you. That’s really discouraging and it is just one of the reasons I dislike putting free patterns on Craftsy now. So for those of you who are upset with me for dropping Craftsy for free patterns, perhaps now you can see why. When I don’t use Craftsy, there aren’t nearly as many downloads, but there are people who take the time to write a comment.

The other reason which someone asked me in a comment a few days ago with the Sunbonnet Sue/Sam release is that limited pattern releases do not get deleted when you delete them from Craftsy. For me, I make money based on people who may miss a download of a pattern that was once free so of course I do not want to keep deleted patterns on Craftsy‘s servers so that you can download it 2 years from now should you lose it to a hard drive failure or some other issue associated to losing files.  It is your responsibility to take care of the patterns you download from people, thus I do not like using Craftsy unless I plan on making the pattern a free forever download. You should also not assume that Craftsy will always be this way, if you didn’t download the patterns, you may miss them based on a glitch or Craftsy shutting down. While I don’t think it’s likely, I wouldn’t have said that about Pattern Spot either and they closed shop in December, so nothing is really forever. Thus, you should download and put it in your cloud storage, put it on a disk for safekeeping, etc..

If you buy or get it as a free pattern, it’s on Craftsy‘s site forever or as long as they are around, thus the reason I like to use Craftsy for patterns that people can purchase. With Payhip it isn’t like that, but I can reset a download which I would do for anyone who purchased a pattern of mine.

I hope I have addressed that issue, and to the person who was concerned, I am sorry that your upset with my dropping Craftsy for free patterns. I like it also, but it doesn’t offer everything I want or need for limited free patterns, thus I have moved to other solutions. I’m doing the best I can to make it easy and I do realize not everything is easy, but I am building my own cart also and soon, all freebies, either way, will be at that cart, so it’s better to just get used to the cart idea because it is coming.

Now, to the new patterns of the day…

Valentine's SamplerI am totally loving these samplers I’ve been doing. They are so fun, fast and easy to piece. I hope you too are enjoying them.

Click the image above to visit this pattern at Craftsy

See the Individual patterns here…

I’ve also released the 2nd of 12 Continuous Line Designs to come each day over the next 13 days.

Artwork Inspired by Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Designs

Inspired by the Artwork of Dottoo Dots
Permission was granted by Roy Reed to allow me to use his artwork for creating Continuous line design patterns.

The Hand/FMQ patterns come in 3-12-inch sizes.
The Machine Embroidery patterns come in 4-9-inch sizes

Yesterday, Meand wrote me in an email with another Block of the Week site. I noticed on QuiltBom today that Susan had added this much earlier this month but somehow I missed that update.

Apple Blossom QuiltsYou can click the image to visit this site, but it has also been added to my 
2018 Around the Web page also. This is quite cool, she started it right on January 01, and you can still download the 4 available patterns that have so far been released. It is all applique. I wish her luck keeping up. It can be overwhelming.

So, obviously no free pattern today, but tomorrow there will be a free pattern, it will NOT be on Craftsy. You will be using the cart at my rewards site for that.

Please note, I was not trying to make anyone feel guilty today about not commenting yesterday. I was just dismayed to do all that work and not even see anything but 1 comment. I do apologize if I made you feel guilty.

I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

Please remember it takes 2 minutes to comment, please say Thank You, whether you downloaded a free pattern, read a tutorial, or just learned something new.  It takes time for people to write a post, take pictures, make a project or even write a pattern.
Let them know you appreciate it.

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Marian, I did not expect a response in a new post. Thanks for explaining, I appreciate it. Thanks for all you do!!
When I’m traveling I used to be able to grab your patterns in Craftsy and then download to computer when I got home (most motels have free computers to use). Payhip doesn’t work that way. I guess I’ll have to do without or buy more of the ones you release when I’m travelling. I love your patterns and have bought some as well as getting free ones.
PS The being able to still get them at Craftsy if I lose my computer is one of the things I liked best. Now I’ll have to print out patterns as I get them even if I don’t have time to do them right then since that archive isn’t available any more. Glad the ones I buy will be available by contacting you.

Sobana Sundar

Though I am at present doing only Sue and Sam, I read all your posts and am amazed at the work you put in. I was really grateful about your collection of the BOMs for the year.
True we are all guilty of not expressing our thoughts through comments. Thank you for all your effort and also reminding us of our social responses.

Sherry in NC

Thank you for all your patterns. Also, free pattern sites, Row By Row and Blog Hops.

Sherry in NC

Thank you so much for ALL your patterns. Also, for keeping us up to date on Row By Row, free pattern sites and Blog Hops. Love them all.

Carol Brown

I love all the block of the months you have given to us. They are awesome, and inspire to all of us who quilt. I too have not said a thank you, so I am saying it now. Thank you for all the hard work and for giving us these beautiful blocks.

Bev Gunn

Guess tomorrow will be an “e-learning” day for me as I haven’t worked with a cart system of ordering yet! It is good to stretch the brain now and then, so thank you for the challenge!

Donna Bushkie

I have just started viewing your patterns and love them. Where do I get the whole package of Valentine patterns. Not just one by one. Can’t wait to start.


Oh, and thank you (after all that and Nintendo g to say it. . . I forgot!!


Your designs are adorable and you couldn’t pay me enough to design and write patterns. Therefore, you and all the other designers are invaluable to me!! My next purchase is going to be your monsters. I just love them and have several great nephews who just have to have a special quilt from “Aunt Edi” 😜😜😜😜

Edith Gorzo

Thank you once again for the lovely patterns you design. I always look forward to them as they are so delightful.


Wow, 1 in 600? That’s not even a 2/1000ths or .002! Thank you for these designs today, and taking the time to separate into hand and machine embroidery files. I don’t care where you put the patterns or how annoying the download might be. It’s free! I can pay the price of a little inconvenience.

Judy Oake

I do so love your quilt designs ! I appreciate all you do for us !
Thank you!

Linda Fleming

Love your Valentines sampler. I’m always amazed at how hard you work to share all your patterns whether free or not! I do appreciate you sharing what you so love to do.
Thank you!

Teresa Springer

Thank you. I’m one of those that lurk but haven’t taken the time to say Thank You for all the wonderful work you do for quilters. Your BOM page is a must for anyone who wants to stay current. I hope you have a good day.

Laura Kuch (cook)

I started following your blog when you were overseas. You are a very talented and generous artist. Thank you for sharing your talents and keeping us followers updated.


Thank you for your designs and hard work. I am temporarily in Lubbock Texas (I live in Albuquerque, NM) due to my daughter just had my grandson 2 months early by emergency C-section due to preeclampsia. He weighed 2lbs 14 oz. Both are doing fantastic! I don’t have my machine or sewing things with me. I did grab my computer so I have that to be able to look at, and try to get my sewing fix this way. LOL

Keep up the good work, even though we may be silent, we love all that you do. It’s sadly like a moms job, not a lot appreciation while it’s going on, but hopefully very rewarding.


I agree with everything Tammy, Connie and Nancy said. I love your work and have collected your patterns for years. Free and purchased. I am sorry I get lazy and don’t tell you are appreciated.

Tammy b

I love your patterns! Love the valentines one! I enjoy reading your blogs!


I love your patterns and am very grateful for them! A couple of times I have tried to comment and it has asked me for information that I wasn’t sure I wanted published…it took it automatically and said my comment would be posted under it…full name…which, when you have a unique name, is daunting…so please don’t think we are all lazy or ungrateful…sometimes it is frustration with the invasiveness of the net…you are so appreciated!


Marian, your designs are delightful. I appreciate all you do for the quilting community. Thank you!