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We Support You Blog HopI didn’t have to think about this one, the moment I saw it announced at Sew We Quilt, I knew I wanted to participate. It’s a good thing at the moment that I don’t have anyone personal close to me who has cancer, but I know what it is like to see someone go thru it. My grandmother was a huge part of my life and one of my biggest inspirations when I was a child. Growing up, I can remember her living with various health problems as she got older. She to went thru breast cancer in her early 60’s. She seemed to come thru it at the time quite well and I don’t ever remember with all her health issues of her ever complaining even one moment of pain she was suffering. She lived to be 72 before she died in 1987. Imagine all those years ago, I’m sure the treatments for cancer are probably far more advanced now than they were even in the 70’s when she was going thru all her health issues. For my project today, I often remembered my grandmother reading. She had these funny little spectacles she wore when she read and other than 60 minutes and Lawrence Welk, I don’t remember her and my grandfather watching much on TV even tho they sat in the den each night with the tv on. In honor of her, I started out doing the pattern in Electric Quilt to redraw it and plan it into a wallhanging. I was thinking I wanted to do different types of bras and just have some fun with it. Then so many things happened to me in December and January that I ended up getting side-tracked and couldn’t even sew throughout January. So I knew I had to do some quick rethinking of my project and once the doctor gave me the all clear I opened my Bernina Designer Plus software and decided to go the way of machine applique instead of machine blind stitch applique. I don’t create much machine applique,  so it was a learning experience as well and that’s what I thrive on most, I love learning new techniques, so in a way it was a good thing. I redrew the design in the software, and started adding to it. I took nothing away from the bra design, except for the middle section where I replaced it with a traditional Breast Cancer bow. The only thing I really added to it was the hearts design in the middle part of the bra and the heart on the hanger. So you might say, what did I make… well.. in honor of my grandma, I made a bookmark..

We Support You Blog Hop

A really big bookmark that is… 🙂 hehehe

We Support You Blog Hop

This is the other side of the bookmark.

The heart represents the love and memories I have for my grandmother.

We Support You Blog Hop

You probably noticed it has a handle, that’s so it can be carried around from place to place.

I also added pockets, the book will fit entirely in the right side pocket, or just part of it will fit if you wish to bookmark a page.

We Support You Blog Hop

Although often I will want to bookmark more than one page, so the other side will bookmark a page also.

I added two little pockets on the right side sleeve so that you could put some pens, or some change. The very left side of the sleeve closes with velco. So you could put some id in it, or money, etc.. Thus use it as a carry all to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my project today.

The bookmark pattern was created by me as were the ribbon, and heart on the bookmarks.

I’d like to thank Mdm Samm and Pat Broe for giving me the honor of participating today and being great organizers.

Mdm Samm provided us with the pattern to follow as a guideline allowing us to customize it for our own needs.

She is selling this pattern which you can email her for information at: madamesamm@me.com

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Jan 30th 
how arT you
Feb 2nd 

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Feb 10th


I’ll see ya their.


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That is a sweet little bookmark. Love the lace that you used for your bra. It looks all dainty.


A beautiful bookmark Marian…it is a beautiful bra…love the lace!! Thanks for sharing your support…Pauline

Sandra Davidson

A very neat bookmark I haven’t seen one that size before but I love it because I am always losing my bookmarks. Sweet bra I loved your work and thanks for the support.

Joanne H.

Beautiful! You are a very talented lady. Thanks for sharing with us!


What a great idea, Marian … and beautifully done! The machine embroidery of the pattern is a stand out. I love the little ruffle and the pink ribbon touches. This make a perfect gift for someone to carry a book and never lose her place. The back is lovely, too. Beautiful batik fabric. Very creative, Thank you for sewing your support and joining in the hop … <3 Pat

apple blossom

lovely project.


Thank you sew very much for Supporting and hopping. Your Bookmark Bag is very clever. Practical and Beautiful.

Alicia Key

Lovely embroidery! You say you made them yourself? Do you digitize on Art and Stitch or some other software? You did an AWEsome job!


What a great way of making this project your own! Thanks for sharing.


What a lovely book mark!! I love the pockets and your machine embroidery. Congratulations on digitizing it!!

Tonia conner

Great project, the bra is beautiful.

Mdm Samm

your story and your very lovely project has a lot of love poured into it…she would be very pleased..

Gmama Jane

What a great idea…..Great ideas come often in small packages.
Great idea!


Love the bra, what a neat idea. Great work on all of that embroidery too!


What a great idea. I can see that this bookmark would work especially well to hold open the pages when using a pattern in a book. Since most books don’t have sprial-bound pages, this would work really well. Love that you digitized the pattern and made it your own. The bra turned out so cute – love the eyelet lace. 🙂 Support the cause and the girls!


Certainly did enjoy your project!


I love your bookmark. That is a terrific idea. With pickets and even handles to carry it with you.
Terrific job!!!


What a very clever bookmark! and i love the way you embroidered the bra! Too cute!!


Sweet project. Love the post too.