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She Who Sews Hi and Welcome, Today I am participating in the She Who Sews Blog Hop. I’ve created several things for you to see today. First, A HUGE thanks to Madam Samm and Carla for organizing and cheering us on for this very fun Blog Hop, and to the sponsors, a huge thank you for your wonderful prizes.  I love being in Blog Hops and love the learning experience each has taught me. This blog hop in particular, allowed me to experiment a bit in creating my own project, completely designed by me. I’ve never created a “book/bag” before and this really isn’t a bag… When I first signed up for this Blog Hop, I had it in mind to do several things for a sewing room, but I do not have a sewing room, I use my dining room to sew in. It’s like a sewing room in a way, but definitely isn’t the same as the sewing room I had when we lived in Maryland or Virginia. So it’s just a “Marian” room with a desktop for the hubby to. 🙂 While I wouldn’t say I’m a clean freak, or an organized in every kind of way type of person, I do like some organization. I have many storage bins for my sewing supplies and some bookcases for fabrics, and what isn’t stored here in the dining room is up in one of the bedrooms as well, mostly UFO’s, and rayon thread tho. I have tons and tons of rayon thread, I so wish I could just get rid of it at this point. So, once again I went looking on the web to see how I could pretty up my “green giant glass jars” that I store scissors, clips, tweezers, and seam rippers in. I have another just for pens, pencils and small gadgets. They are ugly. So I thought, perhaps I could make a box or two to pretty them up. While I made boxes for you to see, they are way to large to place my green giant glass jars in. So, here are my boxes, I followed a tutorial I found at SeaSide Stitches. These are really pretty boxes, but I need to refine them so I can slip the green giant glass jars inside of them.


I made 4 boxes, 2 large (10-Inch square) boxes, and 2 smaller boxes (8-Inch square)

In the left side boxes, these were done properly as she describes in her tutorial.

The right side boxes tho were a mistake. I thought I had first read to fold in a triangle instead of a half square. In this way, you don’t get the points on the top like you do with the half-square fold seen in the left side boxes.

Here they are with items placed in the boxes:


It’s pretty rare that a candle isn’t burning in my dining room, so I placed one of the Yankee Candles I was burning into one of the 8-Inch boxes, perfect fit, doncha think?

In the half-square 8-Inch box, I placed the contents of one of my green giant glass jars in them. I like it 🙂 Sure makes it easier to grab them from the box instead of the jar.

My next project, came to me out of just needing a way to store some printable freezer paper. When I was looking at some of the other blogs who are participating in these two hops last week, it occurred to me that I could make a book like case to place the paper in. Now, I don’t really think anyone needs a pattern to make this type of bag/holder.

It’s pretty easy, you just measure the size that you need, and I know the printable freezer paper is 8×11 and because I wanted it to fold over, I knew I was going to need at least 8×22. The She Who Sew squares tho in the panel are 7 1/2-Inches, so I decided to add some to it to add some additional items like a tracing pencil, scissors, and other stuff one might use with Freezer Paper.

So once I worked out how I’d like the panel to show itself off, The size came out at 15 x 30. A little bigger than I first thought it would be, but it still works well for my needs.

So let me show you a few pictures here..


This picture is pretty straight forward. This is how the storage case looks finished. As you can see, I used all She Who Sews fabric except for the black tonal fabric, and this is only because I wanted to highlight the panel. There are no tone on tone type prints in this collection, so I decided to risk it and add a tone on tone type fabric for the main background. Otherwise, all other fabrics in this storage holder are the She Who Sews fabric collection.

I added some handles to the bag, so that I can hang it on the door easily if I like or a peg holder on the wall even.

The inside contains some pockets and a top sleeve to hold the items in from sliding out of the storage case.. Let me show you..




In this image, you can see the sleeve. I wish I’d made this a bit wider, but it works great even as it is.


Here you can see the pen on the left, the printable freezer paper in the middle, and a pair of scissors in the right side pocket.


Here’s a side view that lets you see the handles and left side a bit better. The handles are made by creating a tube and turning a 2-Inch strip. Pellon Fleece was added to the inside of the straps as well to give the strength needed for handles.

The storage case also contains pellon fleece in the middle to give it that needed strength to carry supplies in the bag.

The main pocket (not the sleeve) was created by stitching two 7 1/2-Inch wide strips together. I then ironed on some Heat’n Bond Lite in the middle to give the pockets some strength so they won’t become flimsy down the road. I then quilted around the edges of the case, and added the pocket lines to the 7 1/2-Inch wide strip. The sleeve is created by making a tube, and turning it from apart of the border strip fabric of She Who Sews. Because it has that white wide edge on that border stripe, I used that as the “other side” which you don’t see in the images.

This is how the case looks hanging on a door.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my creations. I’m pretty happy with how the case and the boxes turned out, even with the little mistake on the boxes.

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Cya Soon!!


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sew much to learn! wow. Will one of those items be potholders with stare block that has favorite pictured person, place, or thing in the center block of the star? I ask because I feel when sharing your skills with a younger generation or another, this is an inspiring way, in my humble opinion, to capture a new sewer. Sewing is part of the basic skills utilized with the next generation. As I learn it id my dream to share skills with younger people for sewing needed in future. Just my thoughts anyway.


Hello Marion – I wanted to tell you first, how sorry I was to read about your mother. It sounds as though she instilled a love of creativity in you, as did my parents.

I also wanted to say thank you for participating in this hop. You made some beautiful items from my She Who Sews fabric and I’m so glad to be able to view them here. I love the book bag (that’s not a bag) and the boxes. All are quite nice, great job!

J. Wecker Frisch


Love your sewing case!


Love your case for rulers etc.


Your projects all turned out lovely. I really like your case for storing your rulers etc in. That would be so handy for carrying supplies to class or to retreat. Thank you for sharing!


These are great projects, functional and pretty too!


Yes, I did enjoy seeing your creations. The bag is not only functional but so darn cute. Who even cares if you use it…just hang it up and enjoy! lol The boxes are pefect and they are something I need, too. Excellent!


Your work is wonderful! Love that tool bag!

Carol Kussart

Great projects! I think you’ll like the boxes for storage–I think the ones you did “wrong” turned out right anyway! Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Davidson

Love all of your projects and they are all very useful in your sewing area, and help with organization which is important.

Amy @ Sew Incredibly Crazy

Such a cute variety of projects! The fabric boxes are very nice and I love the ruler holder. 🙂

Margaret Parks

Love the fabric boxes, that fabric really works well with them. The ruler holder is just great!



Great boxes. You can never have too many boxes. Also love your tote. Great for taking to classes.


The boxes are oh sew useful and cute too. But your ruler holder is way to cool. How ingenious with the flap.

Baa. xxx

Love those cute little boxes – both ways! and I think your bag book is just the bee’s knees! Very clever and so useful.


Love your projects today! The book is awesome and the boxes are wonderful and I will have to check out the link and make a few for myself!


Well, you did a good job, I very much like your tote for all the things which we really NEED while sewing, smile!


Very nice job!


Love your projects! I’ve made some of the fabric boxes and love how convenient they are! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Eugenia Maru

Muy lindos trabajos y muy lindo blog.
Saludos desde Chile