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Scraps From My X-Blocks ProjectHi Everyone, I have a fun new project for you today featuring the X-Blocks ruler. When I saw all of the most irresistible patterns that you can make with these rulers I jumped at the chance to participate in this blog hop. I know I’ve said in the past that I dislike specialty rulers, but sometimes a specialty ruler can do more than just one pattern type and I’m always happy to have the options available to me in that respect. With these rulers, I definitely see the potential possibilities with even taking old blocks you may have made that let’s say didn’t piece correctly or are warped to the point you didn’t wish to use them in your project. X-Blocks blows that out of the water and lets you use the rulers to allow you to create something new and fun with those types of blocks.

My project today uses the

7 1/2-Block Ruler From X-Blocks

7 1/2-inch X-Block Ruler

I chose to do the Patchouli Pattern.

It’s actually a very easy block that most of you could do with normal piecing techniques, but the instructions in the pattern are what make this an impressive pattern and how you use the ruler to create the pattern makes this easy peasy, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced quilter. I will note, this pattern does need you to read the instructions because you are reversing the ruler to create half of the blocks, so it is important to read the directions.

Patchouli Pattern

I love this pattern and what I love most about it besides the easy creation of the pattern is that you can use the edges of the blocks you cut off in the borders also.

I did not make mine as large as this pattern is, I wanted to keep it small as I have a lovely spot for it in the dining room and needed to follow the dimensions of the wall.

First, I’m going to offer some tips when using any X-Blocks ruler.

I chose to use my Island Batik fabrics from what was sent me last year. We got these little bundles of 5-inch scrap rolls, and I always wondered what was I going to do with them. I used those for this project. I have used some of them in little pieces here and there, but for the most part, I had never cut into them like I did with this project.

The pattern itself calls for jelly rolls or honey rolls. I do not own anything like this, in fact, I am not someone who would buy these kinds of bundles. I’m old-fashioned and set in my “I buy it by the yard” ways… so for me, buying rolls of already cut fabric would just never happen.

Island Batik Bundles

Once I opened each roll, I then separated them by basic colors.

I then cut them into the 2 1/2-inch strips and 1 5/8 strips that were needed. I also cut the sashing that comes between the columns. I arranged the strips in mostly a scrappy way, trying to not have the same color in each block, in other words, if I used a purple, another purple didn’t go into the same strip set.

After you stitch your strips, you then cut your strips into blocks.

I did cut mine a little bit larger than it called for in the pattern and this didn’t seem to affect things once I used the X-Blocks ruler.

Once you cut your blocks, you then need to press them again. Some of the blocks need the seam to go one way and the others need the blocks to go the other way.

When you cut your strips into the blocks, you should average 4 blocks per strip set.

I then separated them into 2 blocks in one pile, and 2 blocks in another pile per strip set.

Originally I had ironed my seams all in one direction, and I wasn’t happy about having to re-press them but, I understand at least why it was done because you can’t separate the strips into the way they need to be pressed when your stitching them, so you either do not press at all, or you press in your preferred manner knowing you will re-press them.

The basic reason is that once you are ready to stitch your blocks into the rows, your seams are already the opposite directions because you pressed the seams the way the directions tell you to.

Next… I used a secret weapon to make cutting my blocks with the X-Blocks ruler.

One of my favorite tools in fact…. some of you who have followed me the last few years can probably guess what that is…

Calibre Arts Rotating Mat

My Calibre Arts Rotating Mat in the 14-Inch size… let me show you why this mat worked out so nicely…

How this works basically is you set your block down, line up your ruler, make your first cut along the edge… do not move the ruler.

Turn mat 90 degrees, without having to move your ruler at all, make your next cut, rotate mat again, cut, and rotate again for the last cut.

This is so much nicer than having to always line up the ruler with the seam and your cuts come out so nicely, no jagged edges, and all my blocks measured the 7 1/2-inches they should be.

This is how my project turned out…

Marian's Patchouli

I know this seems a bit small, but like I said, this goes in a really limited wall space in my dining room, so it’s been made to fit that area.

What’s cool about this pattern is that when you set it in a different way

How it looks height wise...

you still get the same pattern, it just looks slightly different and gives a new and fun effect to your project.

My outer borders have not been added as I ran out of black fabric and it hasn’t arrived yet. Took me awhile to even find it, but I am just now waiting for it to arrive.

Every part of this pattern was also stitched with Aurifil thread. I love using the medium grey thread to piece with.

There is a very fun giveaway going on with this blog hop, Doris is offering all of the X-Blocks rulers as a giveaway prize. I wouldn’t mind winning this one myself.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The full schedule for X-Blocks Blog Hop Is below.

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I would like to thank Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy for hosting this fun blog hop, and Doris at X-Blocks and Quilting Queen Online for sending the ruler and the pattern for us to try out the ruler and the patterns.

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I hope you all have a faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous day!

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kathy Persons

Love the bright colors


This is great!


So pretty! I love what you made for this blog hop. 🙂

Margaret Nelson

i need one of these rulers FO Sure!


I love how your quilt turned out – and the colors you chose. It will look beautiful on the wall.


Your quilt is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing with us, Marian.

Anna lutzbrown

Very very pretty si many color ways and ruler ideas…. happyness04431@yahoo.com

Nicole Sender

Great tutorial! I found it very helpful! Love your quilt!


It turned out just beautiful, Marian. It will look lovely in your dining room. Glad that you joined us!!


It turned out beautiful. Love the Batiks that you used. It will look lovely in your dining room. Thanks for joining us!!

Cathy Calloway

Lovely batik quilt. Thanks for the nice clear tutorial on the x block tool. Fun to see the many projects in the blog hop

Barb K.

Your batiks are wonderful for this project!

Lucy Brown

Thanks for showing how you usedthe rotating cutting mat, I love mine also and use it all the time!


I love your project.I need to get busy and make one!!

Allison Evrard

I am just amazed at how the X-Block rulers make such a complicated block so easy.


Oh, my goodness! How delightful!

Carol Kussart

Your wall hanging is going to be so pretty. The black will set the whole thing off. I love these rulers, and the more projects I see, the more I love them. Thanks for sharing!


Great start, Thanks for the tutorial and I am anxious to see the finished project – it’s amazing already.

Melody Lutz

Great tutorial with some SWEET results! Thank you for sharing.


I love the quilt. Great colors, batiks and 30’s are my favorite fabrics.