12 Days – Day 7

12 Days of Snow Snowman B01This week, I will be featuring what is probably the number 1 thing that people think of when they think of Snow… and that is Snowmen. We’ll have 4 days this week of Snowmen. We’ll also have 1 day of Snowflakes and that day will also feature a fun tutorial also.

I am still experiencing internet connection issues, but here I am at 2 am writing this post to get it out for the day.

I wish there was a way to get people to read my posts. Those of you who do, a HUGE Thank You for doing so. Those who just come to get the free pattern it is frustrating to me to receive emails because you didn’t get the download in time. So I’m going to do something I never do.


Now, to those comments that pointed out they couldn’t find the 8th or the 9th pattern, well they haven’t been released yet, but maybe you meant the dates of the 8th and the 9th, well… if you followed my blog, you’d pretty much know I don’t post on weekends. If you see Day 6 as the title on a Friday, Day 7 won’t be until Monday.

So now that I’ve vented my frustrations out… I feel better. My apologies to those of you who do know me or read my posts and again THANK YOU!!!

Today’s Pattern

This block is the first of 9 blocks to be released. This is the only one tho that will be released during the 12 Days of Snow event. The rest will be released next week.

12 Days of Snow Snowman B01Let’s play a game today of Hide and Seek, those of you who know me, know how I like to link files… 🙂 So you’ll find the link to the download easily.

Those of you who don’t may need to read 🙂

Artwork for this pattern is inspired by Diddybag.com

This block is available to be purchased at Craftsy and Payhip

The free version of this pattern comes in the 8-Inch block size.

This pattern can be purchased in the additional 13-inch block size, both sizes are included in the pattern.

The download will expire Dec 11, 2018, at 2:30 – 3:00 am mst
Download Has Expired, Pattern Has Been Deleted

CL Winter The Continuous Lines Winter pattern is now available on Craftsy and Payhip in the machine embroidery designs.

Other Events Today

Click the images to go to each page. Even if you’re not on Facebook, you can still download the images you need and watch the videos. Just click past the login screens to view the videos. Janeen is doing her 5th year of patterns from Dec 3rd to Dec 13, she is opting to tell the story of Twas The Night Before Christmas in 10 days. Her patterns are like mine available only for 24 hours and are downloaded on Craftsy. Buttermilk Basin is doing a 12 Days Sew Along, a pattern a day. The first pattern will be available thru the event, but the rest of the days are also only available for 24 hours. They also have kits available for the Sew Along. To find the page the patterns are on, click on the “Shop Online” in the menu, it will be at the top of the page, and you just click the image to go to the download page. No need to go thru a cart, the patterns are available for immediate download.

The download link to the Free pattern is on this post, you will just have to read or perhaps click to find it.  If you truly can’t find it, leave a comment, I’ll send you an email if my connection is working ok.

Cya Tomorrow

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

Please remember it takes 2 minutes to comment, please say Thank You, whether you downloaded a free pattern, read a tutorial, or just learned something new.  It takes time for people to write a post, take pictures, make a project or even write a pattern. Let them know you appreciate it.

If your comment doesn’t show up after you post it, it’s most likely gone to the spam folder. I will see it and approve it, unfortunately, it just means something about your email address caught my spam filter’s eye.

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68 Responses to 12 Days – Day 7

  1. Evelyn Thomas says:

    Thank you, hus pattern is great even if no longer free. Today, I found you via another blogger. I totally understand your frustrations. I’m glad I found you. Merey Christmas

  2. Debby says:

    Thank you for the fun free blocks! I clicked where I did before but am only getting a page that wants me to make an account. Let me know what to do if you have time.

  3. Lynn N. says:

    Thanks for the cute patterns!!

  4. Livia Boggs says:

    Thank You Marian for your generosity and sharing your Snowman he is very cute.I have a soft spot for snowman, I have them all over. I did read your blog all the way and always do. Thank you again so much for sharing I am looking forward to working on him!

  5. Pat McCoy says:

    Thank you for the snowman. I applaud you for these designs. What a gift.

  6. lynn bourgeois says:

    Good morning Marian. He is so cute .Thanks

  7. Ria Tiedink says:

    Wat een leuk patroon. Ik hoop dat ik elke dag op tijd ben. Er is namelijk nogal een verschil met de Hollandse tijd. Maar in ieder geval de eerste is gelukt. Ben benieuwd naar de volgende.

  8. Bobbie Prairie says:

    Thank you so much Marian, I just love snowmen and have already downloaded the pattern!!

  9. Eileen says:

    Thank you for your time and great projects !!

  10. Sherry Neff says:

    This is the cutest snowman Marian.
    Thank you for sharing all you do!

  11. Carol O says:

    Another Cute one today. Not a problem getting it, hope your computer problems get better. Thank you so much.

  12. Doris Rice says:

    Preach it sista! I know exactly how you fell though! Thanks for the adorable snowman!

  13. Linda Fifer says:

    Thank you for the cute free download.

  14. Sobana Sundar says:

    That’s a cute looking snowman. You are one of the few I read even if I don’t download the patterns. Will go and play hide and seek now. Thanks Marian.

  15. Wayne Miller says:

    Love this however my computer crashed so lost all patterns for day 1 until today. So I guess I will not be able to participate I. This, sew along. Sorry.really loved the blocks but my computers memory wad fried and had to get a new. Thanks anyway

  16. Connie says:

    Another great block! Thank you for your generosity…these are super!!!

  17. kathleen says:

    Thank you so much for the Santa coming down the chimney. I just love paper piecing!

  18. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Thank you so much for another beautiful pattern!! I am so excited to be collecting patterns to make a beautiful Christmas quilt with!!

  19. Debi Doherty says:

    Thank you for all you do – I love your patterns!

  20. Elaine says:

    I just want to thank you for all you do. I enjoy all your patterns they are fun and easy to sew.

  21. Orla says:

    Thank you Marian! I apologize for not always saying thank you, but I wanted to make a special effort, as you are the second blogger I follow who has been given grief over their free downloads. I admit I sometimes miss them – but that is totally my fault, not yours. I wonder what has happened to social graces, I can’t understand anyone having the gall to complain after all your hard work. Thank you again, and your blocks are wonderful!

  22. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the cute snowman block, Marian! I had no trouble finding it! LOL I do understand your frustrations!

  23. Beth T. says:

    Thanks for the darling pattern, Marian, and for another fun “theme”. Each day has been sweet on its own and together they really sing! This is a reflection of your planning, effort, and care, and I know it is appreciated by many people who don’t think to leave a note telling you so.

  24. Susan N. says:

    Right where it always is. =) Thanks so much for the cute snowman. I love snowmen and will be excited to see what else is in the set.

  25. Inge Lise Hansen says:

    Tusind tak for den sjove snemand. Han er så sød.
    Jeg føler med dig, når internettet driller – det sker også her i den del af Danmark, hvor jeg bor, men jeg skal ikke have en indtægt via nettet.

  26. April Olive says:

    Thank you again for your selflessness! Your snowman is lovely and your work is amazing!

  27. Sue says:

    Thank you for your generosity

  28. Angelia Ulrich says:

    I got the pattern! Thank you, Marian, for it. I love snowmen. Thanks too to the commenter that gave me the hint where to find it 🙂

  29. Lou Bolte says:

    Thank you so much for these free designs they are so cute

  30. Sherry says:

    Thank you so much! That was way too easy.

  31. Laura K. says:

    Thank you for sharing. Love the snowman. Laura from Va. Beach.

  32. Meloney says:

    I think your snowman is adorable. My Mom would have loved him.
    thank you

  33. Susan says:

    Thank you for another cute pattern.

  34. Shelley D Buttler says:

    Thank you for the adorable snowman! FYI…i do read your posts! 😉

  35. Caroline says:

    Thank you for the Snowman, he is the cutest Snowman I have ever seen 🙂

  36. Ann Thompson says:

    OK I am feeling a little stupid, but I can’t find the snowman block. I have the others and thank you for them. I think I’m having a sr moment

  37. Jackie says:

    Thank you for the snowman block! he is too cute! I am thankful for all of the free patterns you so generously provide.

  38. sam says:

    This is the sweetest pattern. Love snowmen. Thank you for your generosity.

  39. Sharon Aurora says:

    YAY, I found it! But it wasn’t that difficult to find, ya know. I love snowman, but this one is particularly cute. Marian, you are one awesome lady. Thank you.

  40. melisa says:

    Thank you for the free patterns I love snowmen!

  41. Pam says:

    Thank you so much for these patterns. I love the snowman!

  42. Nina says:

    Thanks Marian for the cute snowman block and for all the creatively things that you do and share! <3

  43. Nancy Paris says:

    Thanks Marian for the cute snowman block

  44. Frances Campbell says:

    Thank you for the sweet snowman. Love the snowman but my love of winter is disappearing fast as more of it lands on the roads. Having a very early winter season of COLD and snow up here ~Nova Scotia, Canada~ .. winter does not officially arrive for awhile yet but I am so ready for spring 🙂

  45. Marilyn says:

    Thank you so much for the free patterns. I do try to read your posts, but I am guilty of coming to get the free pattern and leaving because I’m usually rushed. Today though I did read it, and I’m glad I had time to sit and read it. I do want to tell you how thankful I am for the free ones and I wish I could afford to buy the larger ones, but being on a fixed income, I’m unable to do that. So I truly do appreciate the free patterns. And I do want to say, I love the snow patterns so far! Thank you .

  46. Eva says:

    Thank you Marian for sharing all of your great patterns and the free blocks. I have been falliowng your post, duly noted that you are having internet issues and bless you for working so late at night or early in the wee hours of the morning to get the next free block out to us all. To say the less making a real snowman today is not a problem for me, snow this year way to early. I am sending you a huge thank you from Newfoundland Canada. Happy Holidays.

  47. M Berndt says:

    Thank You for this adorable pattern! So appreciative of your creativity!

  48. Gertrud Konrad says:

    Wirklich schöne Motive die Sie uns zur Verfügung stellen.
    Ich bin immer froh, wenn ich es rechtzeitig schaffe sie herunterzuladen.

  49. melanie says:

    Thankyou Marian. Love it

  50. Joan says:

    Oh Ms. Marian…this one is just too cute and so timely for me. I purchased the pattern so I could get the bigger size. I need just a little something to top off a Christmas package I’m sending off and a table topper with this guy is perfect. Guess what I’m going to be doing the next day or so??? LOL!! Thanks for all you do! We love you.

  51. Bryndís Elsa says:

    thank you for your time and effort for us . I just love christmas and my birthday is to day 10th.december, can hardly wait for the snowmen 🙂

  52. Nadine Raynor says:

    This is the second year I have followed your 12 days of Christmas. They are getting better ad better thanks for designing them.

  53. Bonnie says:

    Always love to get snowmen. Hopefully you get to sleep in after being up that late. When you get to my age that is the normal time to go to sleep. Thank you for all you do and hope you got some of the snow that went through CO.

  54. Margie says:

    Thank you for doing this. Today’s block made me smile. Am not able to make any of them at this time but after the New Year hopefully.

  55. Lori Smanski says:

    Thank you for this adorable snowman. I really appreciate the work you put into these patterns.
    Oh, I do hope your internet starts acting right soon. Internet problems are so frustrating. Sigh, sometimes drastic measures have to be taken. I am sorry for you that it has come to this. Marion, I do hope you have a blessed Christmas.

  56. Margaret Handlin says:

    Thank You Marian, What a cute Snowman..

  57. Joyce Carter says:

    You tell them girl!
    I do enjoy reading your post and find them very interesting. I know you put a lot of time and effort into making your patterns and writing your post. It is very much appreciated so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love the pattern for today.

  58. Nancy says:

    thanks for the cute snowman

  59. Birgit Federer says:

    Vielen, lieben Dank für dieses schöne Muster. Ich hab mich sehr gefreut!

  60. Janet P. says:

    Thank you! He is a cute little guy but it must be windy out!

  61. FAith says:

    Thank you Marian.
    As a transplanted Texan from NY, I do miss making snowmen, just don’t miss shoveling the stuff.
    For the rest of the folks out there. Please take time to read the daily posts. A lot of work goes into doing a daily post. Marian’s patterns are amazing and well worth your time to follow instructions on obtaining.
    And weekends are for family and “recharging your batteries”. It’s what puts the fun in working from home to do what you love.
    Stay blessed

  62. Tammy says:

    Love snowmen! Enjoyed your article.

  63. Ronelle says:

    I absolutely love the snowman! Thank you very much for the lovely pattern you’re sharing wiht us, Marian.

  64. jolie says:

    Thanks for the cute block.

  65. Chris says:

    Thanks again Marian for all the work you put into these patterns (and more) Coming from my part of Australia I have never seen snow or snowmen but I do love them, Cheers

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