12 Days of Christmas Cards – Day 04

stbs-12-Days-2020First today on day 04 of 12 Days of Christmas Cards, It’s come to my attention that those of you who follow me especially on Blogluvin are having problems with receiving updates on a timely basis. I did watch blogluvin yesterday to see how long it would take for my post to appear and I was very surprised to find that even 5 hours after I’d posted my day 03 post still hadn’t shown up on Blogluvin. This is very disturbing because I totally get it now why you’re having issues with not being able to download the pattern on a more timely basis. There are a few things I can do about that but what I can’t do is make those previous patterns available again to you, so I’ve tried to offer a different route for you. Even with this morning’s blogpost for the Virtual Cookie Exchange, I am still waiting for it to show up on Blogluvin and that was posted 6 hours ago, and still nothing. By the time I posted this post today it had gone live on Bloglovin. So it wouldn’t have mattered how early I was posting that email still would be late which really does infuriate me. I really appreciate those of you who wrote to me about this situation as I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Let me try to help you understand tho. Blogluvin and Feedly/Feedburner are services you can sign up for. These are services that many bloggers use to help you stay informed of what’s happening on blogs you follow. As a domain or blog owner, we have no control over how often those services send mail to you and we have to hope that your receiving updates in a timely manner. At Blogluvin you can change your settings tho, even before you “follow” someone on Blogluvin, you have to create an account with them. You can’t follow or even favorite a site without first creating that account. The same goes for Feedburner/Feedly services. Facebook and Instagram do the same thing but they are different types of services and do not send you an email. Your more dependant on visiting those sites themselves to see announcements on your wall or in groups about what’s happening at your favorite sites.

At Bloglovin, you can change your settings tho. Here is how…

My page may look a little different from yours if you don’t own a blog, but all the settings stuff should be the same.

stbs-Blogluvin-1In the upper right corner where you see the is the ability to log in to your account. Once you’ve done so, click on Settings in the menu.

stbs-Blogluvin-2Click on Email and Notifications

By default, you may see that you’re on “Daily:” postings


If you wish to receive email more frequently change it to Frequent.


Once you do this, there is no “Save” button it’s just an automatic save and you can then allow perhaps 24 to 48 hours for this to change.

The idea of this is that it will help you to receive emails that are separate for each site, instead of one email with many different sites included in the email. You may not want to change to that but it may help to receive news faster especially when you’re trying to get that free pattern you might like to have.

However, sadly there is no guarantee that will work. The 5 hours of not seeing my blog updated proved that to me so I went looking for another option. I know you need to see those posts as soon as possible. So, while I am not a fan whatsoever of newsletters I found one that will send you an email the very moment I post on my blog anything that is new as far as a post goes. I don’t like saying that you need to signup for it but you do need to signup and then confirm the signup with the activation email. This is a plugin I’ve installed into my blog and there is a chance my email will popup as spam/junk in your spam/junk folders so you’ll have to watch and then whitelist that email so it won’t filter to junk/spam. However, it does send that email automatically from the moment I post. I tested it twice and both times it succeeded beautifully. If you’d like to take a chance on it, you can see the signup on the right side list with all my other items. It’s in the “Follow Me” section and I’ve also added it to my signature text below at the bottom of every post.

You can also use this to also signup for this newsletter

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I will NEVER put a popup on my website I absolutely HATE them and I use that word in the term it’s meant. They are annoying and almost always screw with my browser so that it freezes and I end up closing the browser.  If you ever run into a popup on my blog, please write to me immediately I did not put it there.

I hope this will help you with getting news on a more timely basis.

Now, let’s get to today’s pattern.

This is for my Australian friends. Ever since the fires last year I have felt for all the animals that were lost. It still makes me sad that all those lives came to an end with no way to escape easily. It’s not that I don’t feel for the loss of human life either, but animals have no defense. All they can try to do is run away from it with literally almost nowhere to go that might be safe for them.

I hope this cute Koala pattern (which is now an endangered species due to the fires) will brighten your day.


I’m going to leave this as a free pattern until Sunday morning since the Blogluvin issue has blown me away. That is more than enough time to get it downloaded and for Blogluvin to send you an email. The new newsletter won’t help you with today’s post but will for Monday’s post.

The free pattern is the 9-inch block size only
Click the image to go to the download page
Free Download Expires at 8:00 am mst December 6, 2020
As a note here, when a pattern expires for the free pattern, I mark it at $1000.00. This is so you won’t purchase an incomplete pattern. You can always find the full pattern by clicking on “Seams To Be Sew” on the product page, or coming back to the post page here at my blog. The full pattern is also always listed with the free pattern.


The full pattern includes sizes 9, 12, and 15-inch block patterns.
You can find it here. See discount below for purchased patterns during 12 Days
Artwork for this pattern inspired by Freepik.

Today’s Newest Release

stbs-2020-Love-You-A-Latte-bThis pattern is available in sizes 9, 12, and 15-Inch.
You can use the same coupon code below to get 20% off along with the 5% if you use today’s free pattern page to add it to your cart.
Love You A Latte is inspired by the artwork of Bizzy Hands Creations

All newly released patterns during 12 Days will be 20% off during this event. You can earn an additional 5% off by adding the pattern via the free pattern page also. To get your 20% off during the event, please use coupon code: 12DaysOfChristmas2020

If you haven’t seen my other post today for the Virtual Cookie Exchange, you may want to do so, I created a Hot Chocolate pattern for it.


When a previous free pattern becomes expired, the 5% does go away for that pattern, but it is added to each new day’s free pattern, so the 5% is still available for every pattern released during 12 Days of Christmas Cards.

Need a how-to-use Payhip lesson? Here’s a tutorial I’ve made up.

See My Previous Year Patterns Here. 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 |

My Friends Who Are Doing Other Events During December

Are you doing an event this December that I missed? Please let me know, I really want to let my friends who visit me here at Seams To Be Sew become your friend too. Rules For 12 Days of …. are here, please take a moment to read them. It’s assumed you have read them. Before you contact me, please read the rules to be sure your question wasn’t already answered.

Cya Tomorrow,

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

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14 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Cards – Day 04

  1. I love your patterns so much. I am not sure if I have missed any. I have 4 patterns so far. I have been worried that I was missing patterns from day 4 till today the 7th and no patterns today. I am hoping I am not missing one. Thank you for your lovely patterns.

  2. Got caught up on your blocks. Each are great eye candy!. Thanks so much for sharing and for going the extra mile to address the delays.

  3. Grazie per i suggerimenti, anch’io ho perso un modello ma lo acquisterò appena finita la raccolta. Così nel caso dovessi perderne altri li acquisterò tutti insieme. E grazie ancora per tutto ciò che ci regali……a presto

  4. Than you for sharing your creativity with us. I really enjoy your posts. Cookies and hot cocoa bring warm memories. And I love snickerdoodles.

  5. The patterns are indeed cute. I am subscribed to your email/blog/newsletter and the first 3 patterns took over 12 hours from the time on the posting to when I received it. FYI.

  6. Thankfully, I didn’t miss out on any day. I bookmarked your page and set myself a reminder to check back every day. However I didn’t see this post until this morning. Thank you for another incredibly sweet pattern.

  7. I too missed out on day 1. The notification didn’t reach my email until it was no longer free. Seems like a lot of things on the net are haywire right now. Thanks Marian for all the help. Thank you for the beautiful patterns.

  8. Thanks much! I wasn’t able to get day 2 so will be on the lookout for the link when you post them again. THANKS much for all you do!

  9. Oh yes I was also affected but after losing out on the first day I decided to go the FB route and follow the notification. Have subscribed now to your newsletter so I won’t miss out.
    The koala is so cute. Heart wrenching when you think of defense less creatures burnt to death!

  10. These patterns are all so incredibly adorable! Thank you so much…the set is fantastic! And thank you for the screen shots to help with notifications…I am learning a lot here…

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