12 Days of Christmas Day 02 … Frosty’s Friends…

Hi Everyone, I’m so happy you liked the Unicorn pattern yesterday. I liked the whole series and it was really difficult to decide which of the patterns to offer as a free pattern, but I went with the Unicorn because I’ve never created a unicorn pattern before and thought you might like the change, thus the reason. prior to that, it was going to be the doggy, but at the last moment, I went with the unicorn.

To those of you who took the time to comment, THANK YOU!!! Hearing your thoughts and such is so nice. Please know that I answer questions and such that are commented on via email because I want you to see a response quickly. If you asked a question, please look for my yahoo.com email with the same title as the post in it. Check your spam folders also. I answer as quickly as possible. I answered several questions yesterday but received no reply on whether the issue was resolved.

Today’s pattern is the snowman pattern I mentioned yesterday. I hope you enjoy this cute pattern.

Download Expired
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The free pattern comes in the 12×15 size.

The purchased version of this pattern comes in 9×13, 12×15, and 15×20-inch sizes.
Cost is 7.50 with an intro 25% off Coupon Code:  12Days2019-Day02

These patterns were inspired by the artwork of Dorky Doodles

Some thoughts on download issues. If your having a problem, try a different browser. You can always use the email you receive to click again. You get 5 tries to download the pattern. If you use all 5, you will have to go through the purchase process again to get the free pattern.

Basic Guidelines For This Event:

All downloads expire at the time of the next release or hopefully within 24 hours of the last post. During this event, I have two doctor’s appointments in the next 12 days, so posting tomorrow and next Wednesday maybe later in the day. Those of you who know me, that no matter what a previous days download stays up for 24 hours at the very least, after 24 hours it’s subject to expiration. I am very strict about this requirement. I will not send you a free pattern if you miss the deadline.

Patterns posted on Fridays, run the entire weekend giving my weekend visitors a chance to get at least one pattern during this event. I didn’t do this last year and I was sad about being so strict, so I’ve gone back to keeping them up for the weekend.

All downloads are on Payhip. – Payhip doesn’t like mobile downloads, so be prepared to send it to your email, Dropbox, google drive, or any other cloud service you may use if you are using a mobile device to download with. All payhip items are sent an email with the download link even tho you can download right after the purchase in your browser. If you’re on a mobile phone tho, wait until your on a device that you can use later. I do not own any mobile devices, so I do not know how to send it to your email, or a cloud service, I’m sure there are youtube videos or how to’s on the web to help you with this. Please get your download done the same day, as I delete these downloads after the expiration and they are removed from Payhip servers, they are not there forever for you to download freely.

If I made a mistake on a free pattern, the update will be fixed and everyone who downloaded it within the proper time frame will receive an email with the new download link to download it. You have 24 hours to get that done.

I will try to be posted by 6 am mst each day, but I’m not known for being on time during this event, so please know I will post as soon as possible. I’ve always ended this event on time tho, so don’t worry all 12 patterns will get posted.

See My Previous Year Patterns Here.
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My Friends Who Are Doing Other Events During December
and all have started.

Quilt Art

This is Janeen’s 7th year of doing a 12 Days event and her theme this year is of elves.
Janeen is the only other blogger giving away a pattern a day besides myself.






Twelve Days of Christmas
Miss P Designs USA

My friends Sharon and Susan at Miss P Designs USA are holding there first event for 12 Days which started December 01, 2019.

They have plans to share recipes, tutorials, and patterns during there 12 Days.




Helen Godden


Helen Godden is doing another Christmas event on her Facebook page this year
(everyone whether on FB or not should be able to participate)
I have a lot of admiration for Helen’s work. She is a true quilt artist who freely shares her knowledge with us.
She is extremely gifted and is one of the few people who’s botm’s I have chosen to pay for.
Don’t miss this event, it is so worth the effort to learn her techniques.


I was visiting my friend Susan’s site yesterday and she has several events also listed on her site that is also going on right now. You may be interested in those also. Susan offers some great updates for other things going on at blogs and such also. She’s well worth a visit.

Cya Tomorrow,

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

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26 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Day 02 … Frosty’s Friends…

  1. I have been looking for blocks the blocks after this one and you said your internet was down and you would be posting them but I still cannot find them. I know I must not be looking in the right place. Please help me they are so cute.

  2. Thank you for another wonderful block. I live in Central Texas and we don’t typically get snow in the amounts that are needed to build snowmen or snowwoman – but I can dream!! Have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Thanks for doing the 12 days of Christmas again this year. I loved yesterday’s pattern thanks for today’s pattern I love the snowman and snowlady, each day is a lovely surprise thanks again

  4. Although I love in South Africa, where it is currently summer and very hot, I LOVE snowmen. Thank you very much Marian for this awesome pattern.

  5. Hi!! I appreciate your freebies each Christmas ! They’re always adorable!! I tried to download today’s cute Snowman couple but even with the coupon code, the cost was still over $5.00. The coupon was only for $1.88. Not sure if the problem is on my end or yours, but figured you’d want to know. Blessings!

  6. The kissing snowmen are just too, too cute! Thank you so much for running this 12 Days of Christmas and telling us about others that are participating or having their own 12 Days events. This has been so much fun hopping to find such wonderful things.

  7. Thank you, Marian, how adorable, I love, love Snow People blocks. You are so sweet to share your ideas and patterns with us.

  8. Thank you, Marian for another adorable block!!! I think I need to make a table topper for my swap partner next year using one of your patterns. I may have to make every one into a table topper for everyone in my family!!!

  9. Thank you . This is such a sweet pattern. I love snowmen and that they are kissing is super special. This will become a pillow.

  10. Snowmen/ladies are my seasonal favorite for decorating at this time of year …. cause they can stay out longer! Plus we almost live at a ski hill all winter. Thanks for the smiling faces! Thanks also for the great unicorn design of yesterday. You rock with both creativity & inspiration!

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