12 Days Of Christmas Day 07

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D07And here we are on Day 07 of 12 Days of Christmas, now half way thru this really fun event. Janeen’s village has been such a fun and wonderful way to build a cool Christmas village along with the added shapes and the train, I am certainly enjoying reading your comments and having fun just seeing your reactions.

I keep hearing your planning to make it, I sure hope you will share your photos once you do, I am happy to post them or see them on Facebook in the groups, or even if you post them to the Flickr feed for Seams To Be Sew.

Even Pinterest, if you post them to PInterest or your blog, please drop me a line, I really am interested in seeing your projects.

Today’s release is a Village Light Pole, and Train Border 04

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Artists For Today’s Patterns
Train Clipart by Country Clipart By Lisa
Village Light Pole By Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Designs

Please remember do not use android, iphone, or ipad type devices to download. If you have a problem with the download, first, try changing the device your using to a laptop or a desktop.
To download, click the image above, it will open straight to the pdf, click the download button. Do not try sharing it to google drive, upload it after you download it to google drive if that’s what your trying to accomplish.

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D07

Isn’t it cool to see how the train is coming along?

I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on how I will turn it in the corner? Do you know a cool way to do it? I’ve thought of something I’m just not sure how it’s going to work, I do know I don’t want it to look like this:

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D07

I just think it will look odd, so thought maybe I’d extend the little pole out and turn it in a “L” shape. What do you think?

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Next, I am still looking for Wooly Blocks, if your going to your Quilt Shop in the next week, their is still 7 days until the hibernation period starts and I need a mere 7 blocks to finish my project with. You can see the blocks I’m interested in by clicking here… read about the post etc…

A huge THANK YOU to those of you who have already helped picking up kits for me. I am truly grateful. 

If you missed it on my birthday, I also noted that I had updated the Row by Row free patterns download page. It has moved here for those of you who like those patterns. You will also always find it under the “Event” section of my menu at the top of the page.

and last… I am home all day today, no errands, I will finish Sue and Sam today. I hope to release it tomorrow morning, so watch please for a Saturday release, and Sunday I will post my monthly EQ tutorial.

Don’t forget about the DJ Inkers giveaway, you can enter that here….

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Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

26 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas Day 07

  1. You have been so generous with your pattern enhancements for Janeens Christmas Village. Thank you so much. I see 4 train cars but I only have 3. I do not have the Engine. Did I miss it? If I did, how can I purchase it. I checked your Craftsy site and none of the train patterns are there. Thank you for your kind response.

  2. I like your idea about extending the pole. Do you need the train to go all the way around? If there’s enough room, there could be a cute red caboose with a wreath on it, and then another train on the next side. This is a great light pole! Thanks for the pieces you are adding to Janeen’s fabulous village.

  3. I also see a “coal car”. You could make a flatbed car with chocolate chips on it, that way you could miter it in the middle to make the corner? (sorry for the two comments, computer acting up again)

  4. Love the snowman idea below. Maybe have tracks going around the corner with the snowman holding a lantern, signaling,guiding the train around the corner.

  5. Well, I’m sleep deprived here, thanks to you 2 girls. Stayed up half the night stitching away on these. Kept telling myself, just 1 more thing…. That never happened! LOL!
    This is turning out so darn cute, and of the work you have put into it for us!

  6. Both of you ladies are just making my eyes swim with the spirit of Christmas. We all are truly blessed to have these special gifts from you both. Funny thing is…it’s making me want to eat gingerbread cookies and all sorts of yummy seasonal things!!! Hahahaha. I love how the train border is coming. I love both of the ideas mentioned, tunnels and snowmen. Could also have Santa or reindeer holding the pieces together. I will be happy to see what you come up with!

  7. Marian, I just found your and Janeen’s blog! Your talent is amazing. I love the Gingerbread Village! Can’t wait to buy all the blocks I’ve missed. Your generosity is only superseded by your talent! Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

  8. i think the “L” would be great for the solution of the curve. To help make that “L”, I think the whole train would look good with an additional hook up piece sticking out on each side of the cars, but one without the red tip. The red tip of course is where the two hook up pieces hook up. Give you more leeway to make that turn and would look good too.

  9. aww another cute day. I love both. I have always been partial to lamp posts. And that little lumber jack ginger man is just too adorable. Thanks. Hmm, that is an interesting question about the train and the corner. will have to think on this.
    thank you.

  10. I am sorry that I cannot come up with a decent idea for the corners, but maybe this is a ‘solution’ – a ‘curved/rounding’ tunnel with the back part of a wagon going in the tunnel and the front part of a wagon coming out of the tunnel – hope that makes sense???
    Personally I am not sewing the train – I have too many UFO’s – but can’t wait to see how you resolve the challenge of the corners 😉

  11. Thank you for the patterns! Maybe for the corner you can have a snowman or gingerbread man holding onto the pieces that connect the train. Like he’s trying to pull them together. He would be in the turn and not the train cars.

      1. I also thought maybe you can have a snowman/gingerbread man on each of the train cars pulling on a long hat, scarf, Christmas lights or a huge candycane between them.

        1. Whatever they’re pulling between them could have some slack in the middle, because the train has to slow down to make the bend. Unless of course you use the candycane. In that case use two hooked together.

  12. Have Christmas quilt underway for this year but this looks like next year’s project, the perfect combination of paper piecing and applique. Thank you and wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  13. So loving the blocks so far, I won’t be able to get it done for this year, but, definitely have it for next Christmas. Thank you both so much for the patterns. Merry Christmas to you both.

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