12 Days of Christmas Day 10

12 Days D10-1Please note, I had thought I schedule this post to go live at 1am, but it turns out, it was 1pm… To the visitor who emailed me, Thank you for letting me know it wasn’t live.. 

Day 10 is here full of promise and fun… Today is a big day for patterns, as you can see in the image to the left, this is Block 5 of Janeen’s background block. I’ve added the Gingerbread Tree, The Village Light Pole, and the mailbox.

In my idea of how it should look, the Gingerbread Tree is right between block 5 and 6, it sits on the seam of the blocks stitched together..

No Train Car today, but instead, I give you the Train Corner… There is a huge difference between how I draw versus how one can use images in EQ to help you draw.. but, I hope you get it.. My hubby “saw” what it was, so I’m thinking it’s not to far off. 🙂

I’m going to get straight to the downloads today, I’ve a busy day tomorrow and won’t be around a lot so need to get to bed.

Artwork For the Village Light Pole and Mailbox are from 
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs
Artwork for the Gingerbread Tree is from
Prints Of Joy

The above pattern links are expired, the Train Corner will remain Free below.

12 Days D10-5

Artwork by Marian Pena

So lets see how the train is coming together today…

12 Days D10-2

You definitely don’t have to use my corner, but seeing it, does give you some idea perhaps of the direction you can go into to make your corner work for you also. I don’t know that I totally love it, but for now, I do like it..  🙂 I’ll think some more about it tho… The Train Corner will remain free and will not expire.

Please remember do not use android, iphone, or ipad type devices to download. If you have a problem with the download, first, try changing the device your using to a laptop or a desktop.
To download, click the image above, it will open straight to the pdf, click the download button. Do not try sharing it to google drive, upload it after you download it to google drive if that’s what your trying to accomplish.

I keep hearing your planning to make this village, I sure hope you will share your photos once you do, I am happy to post them or see them on Facebook in the groups, or even if you post them to the Flickr feed for Seams To Be Sew.

Even Pinterest, if you post them to PInterest or your blog, please drop me a line, I really am interested in seeing your projects.

You can enter daily for the Rotating Mats giveaway from Calibre Arts.

Samuel at Calibre Arts is offering his new rotating mat for 5 lucky winners of 12 Days of Christmas. These are considered trial samples for the winners to give it a try and see how you like it.

To enter, you simply need to be willing to pay for the shipping of the mat to you. Open to Everyone

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You can enter this giveaway daily, it will be on each and every post.

Please note, I have added to the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam release this morning on answers to questions I received after it’s release yesterday. This is in regards to FlickR rewards, and I’ve also listed the countries that will be released next year.

Be Sure you Stop In To See Janeen Today To

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

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17 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas Day 10

  1. Avatarchilipatch says:

    Janeens Quilt wird durch ihre Applikationen richtig zum Leben erweckt!
    Sehr gerne würde ich die Rotating Mat gewinnen und das Porto nach Deutschland bezahlen.

  2. AvatarJackie Hale says:

    I love the tunnel! It turned out great!

  3. AvatarLisa says:

    All the blocks are coming together so well, everything is so cute. This is really going to be a special quilt when finished. Thank you so much for the patterns.

  4. Oh my, I absolutely love your overall design. All of the blocks are gorgeous, but they come together to make such a sweet Christmas quilt. Total #CreativeGoodness


  5. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    Thank you Marian. I love the tunnel design for the corner The Candy Mountain looks so good with the cute train.

  6. AvatarSandy says:

    Thanks for putting the patterns on Craftsy……….got the two days I missed

  7. AvatarSally M says:

    Many thanks, darling as usual!

  8. AvatarMelany says:

    Love the corner block in the border. This whole quilt is just too stinking cute!

  9. AvatarMelany says:

    Love the corner block for the border. Thank you.

  10. AvatarMary chevalier says:

    Hi Marian i taught maybe a train track,but your tunnel surely do fit the bill,and it made the song just jump in my head .i haven’t done much on comments ,but i am amazed each day with what you come up with to finish each block.I do Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. AvatarSue says:

    Thank goodness you are well and it was just a time glitch. With the holiday season in about a week or so, it would not be nice to have illness when there is much left to do.
    There is so much flu going around where I live and it is nasty.
    Love the designs and will show you when I get mine done. Working slowly as this is rather new to me. Thank you Marion and Janeen for your generosity and artistry.

  12. AvatarMary says:

    I o like how the train turns the corner with the artwork there.

  13. Avatarsusan says:

    I love how the whole thing is looking really like a terrific village! Your additions make it sparkle with life. Thank you for doing this. The corner is a great tunnel! I know I wouldn’t have thought of that at all!

  14. AvatarLori Smasnki says:

    these are so cute. I do like the train corner. Makes it festive all long with everything else. thank you so much

  15. AvatarJoan says:

    Oh my goodness, when we see it all at once it takes your breath away! Wow, wow, I can hardly wait to get it done!

  16. AvatarLisa says:

    ChooChoo! The corner looks good…we are going through the tunnel of candy mountain! Thank you!

  17. AvatarCarol Deloney says:

    I’ve missed many of your absolutely adorable 12 days of Christmas designs. Will these be available for purchase? Thanks so much!

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