12 Days of Cute Christmas Fun – Day 09

I do hope you’re enjoying the patterns. From some of the comments, I’ve received this week I can see that a few of you are. I don’t just read comments here on my blog, but those in Facebook also.

I definitely appreciate those of you who take the time to comment. It makes me feel happy that you take the time to say thank you or to just say you like them. With my internet issues this past week I’ve been just crazy about how to get the patterns online, but I also know those of you who know me know they will show up. I have the internet on my cell phone, but it’s very limited as to how much I can use and I don’t know my passwords to even get into my own website to write a post if I needed to, plus that small typewriter is very difficult to write a post with. I’d admire those of you who can do it. As a funny part of this story as to my cell phone usage know how… this week we decided to try the local pick up from the grocery store instead of dealing with holiday crowds, so I ordered my groceries online, went to pick them up on Sunday, and we sat there for 40 minutes waiting for someone to come to the car to bring our groceries. It wasn’t until I decided to call the store to see where they were that we finally understood we needed to download a cell phone app, then let them know we’d arrived. LOLOLOL!! Can you believe that? I’ll be honest when I say that it is a sheer convenience to be able to order online and just pick up and not have to deal with the shopping itself, but I am a little picky also, they had to make 3 substitutes to my list, 2 I didn’t accept, 1 I did accept and I do enjoy picking out my own fruits and veggies, even my meat as my dad taught me how to make the best picks when we used to go grocery shopping with him in my young adult years. So while I may go in for those few things I do like the grocery pickup, even tho I may be taking someone’s job by using it. I still won’t use self-checkout when I do go into the grocery store.

These last few days will offer some of the ones I have been working on all year. The pet series artwork only came out about 2 weeks ago and I set aside what I was planning to do these instead because I just fell in love with each pet, thus the reason each day this week has been a different pet.

So, on Friday, we’ll start with and finish those up next Tuesday….

Here’s is today’s free pattern as promised the Santa Bear pet pattern.

Santa Bear (click the image above to go to the download page)
The free version comes in a 9-inch block size
Didn’t get all the pets…

You can buy them by clicking any of the images below…
Look for the discount codes below the images
The donkey is shown twice as there are two versions of the same pattern.

[envira-gallery id=”23331″]

All Codes expire Dec 25, 2019
Donkey – 12Days-D06
Cat – 12Days-D07
Puppy – 12Days-D08
Santa Bear, Monkey, and Love Birds – 12Days-D09

Artwork for these patterns has been inspired by Bizzy Hands Creations

Sadly, Janeen at Quiltart has had her free patterns for 12 Days distributed in a Facebook group and she has stopped offering her 12 Days series. This is truly a sad day for anyone who was being honest and not sharing her or anyone else’s patterns. This is the most frustrating thing to a pattern designer or anyone who is just trying to make a living on the net by selling not only patterns but designs, artwork, etc… We all need to make a living, earn extra money and when people share that ability is stolen from us. There is no way we are making 5000.00 a month selling patterns if we make $100.00 a month we consider ourselves lucky.

Please don’t share, steal, or give away our patterns. Send people to our sites to allow them to download them from us, or buy them. You help to support us and are providing goodwill and honoring the designer.

I promise you, if you were in our position trying to do this and offering something free that really takes many hours to create, you would not be happy either that this was happening.

Basic Guidelines For This Event:

All downloads expire at the time of the next release or hopefully within 24 hours of the last post. During this event, I have two doctor’s appointments in the next 12 days, so posting tomorrow and next Wednesday maybe later in the day. Those of you who know me, that no matter what a previous days download stays up for 24 hours at the very least, after 24 hours it’s subject to expiration. I am very strict about this requirement. I will not send you a free pattern if you miss the deadline.

Patterns posted on Fridays, run the entire weekend giving my weekend visitors a chance to get at least one pattern during this event. I didn’t do this last year and I was sad about being so strict, so I’ve gone back to keeping them up for the weekend.

All downloads are on Payhip. – Payhip doesn’t like mobile downloads, so be prepared to send it to your email, Dropbox, google drive, or any other cloud service you may use if you are using a mobile device to download with. All payhip items are sent an email with the download link even tho you can download right after the purchase in your browser. If you’re on a mobile phone tho, wait until your on a device that you can use later. I do not own any mobile devices, so I do not know how to send it to your email, or a cloud service, I’m sure there are youtube videos or how to’s on the web to help you with this. Please get your download done the same day, as I delete these downloads after the expiration and they are removed from Payhip servers, they are not there forever for you to download freely.

If I made a mistake on a free pattern, the update will be fixed and everyone who downloaded it within the proper time frame will receive an email with the new download link to download it. You have 24 hours to get that done.

I will try to be posted by 6 am mst each day, but I’m not known for being on time during this event, so please know I will post as soon as possible. I’ve always ended this event on time tho, so don’t worry all 12 patterns will get posted.


Some thoughts on download issues. If you’re having a problem, try a different browser. You can always use the email you receive to click again. You get 5 tries to download the pattern. If you use all 5, you will have to go through the purchase process again to get the free pattern.


See My Previous Year Patterns Here.
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My Friends Who Are Doing Other Events During December
and all have started.

This is Janeen’s 7th year of doing a 12 Days event and her theme this year is of elves.
Janeen is the only other blogger giving away a pattern a day besides myself.




Twelve Days of Christmas

My friends Sharon and Susan at Miss P Designs USA are holding there first event for 12 Days which started December 01, 2019.

They have plans to share recipes, tutorials, and patterns during there 12 Days.



Helen Godden is doing another Christmas event on her Facebook page this year
(everyone whether on FB or not should be able to participate)
I have a lot of admiration for Helen’s work. She is a true quilt artist who freely shares her knowledge with us.
She is extremely gifted and is one of the few people who’s botm’s I have chosen to pay for.
Don’t miss this event, it is so worth the effort to learn her techniques.

My friend Susan’s site has several events also listed on her site that is also going on right now. You may be interested in those also. Susan offers some great updates for other things going on at blogs and such also. She’s well worth a visit.

It also looks like Susan is doing her annual advent calendar event which always has lots of great ideas for the holiday season.

Cya Tomorrow,

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

Please remember it takes 2 minutes to comment, please say Thank You, whether you downloaded a free pattern, read a tutorial, or just learned something new. It takes time for people to write a post, take pictures, make a project or even write a pattern. Let them know you appreciate it.

If your comment doesn’t show up after you post it, it’s most likely gone to the spam folder. I will see it and approve it, unfortunately, it just means something about your email address caught my spam filter’s eye.




34 thoughts on “12 Days of Cute Christmas Fun – Day 09

  1. Thanks for your perseverance, losing internet certainly does a number on one’s patience! I love the patterns, thank you so much!

  2. I can’t decide which pet I love best – they are ALL just too cute. Thank you for yet another awesome pattern Marian.

  3. I absolutely LOVE him but I gotta say, the DONKEY is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!! Too cute Marian. THANK YOU for the wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas

  4. The applique blocks are very cute. I can appreciate the internet and cell phone issues because I, too, am not technologically savvy. Since retirement, I’ve been willing to put some time into learning some things , but, boy is that taxing on the patience! Good luck!

  5. Many Thanks Marian for all these gorgeous patterns and for your generousity and time that you always put into them.

  6. Thank you for the 12 days gifts. They are appreciated.

    Someone posted Janeen’s files to their site with download links for everyone. She felt like she was kicked by a donkey, and is suspending the free downloads. Such a shame!

  7. Your bear is just adorable!!! I am so angry at what happened with Janeen’s patterns. I wish there was a way for her to sue the person who posted her patterns on that Facebook group and make her pay for every single pattern that people downloaded/copied from that site. It is not right at all! Her elves are adorable and paper-pieced patterns are a pain to make! Ok, honestly, any pattern is a pain to make!

  8. Thank you for another cutie! We use online shopping a lot. When we were Fostering, it was just easier to have it all delivered rather than walking the aisles to get everything, and now we live 70kms away from our Supermarket, so we get it delivered here for convenience. There are always substitutions I’m not over the moon with and fresh fruit and veg, not likely! (we switched to frozen) and I loath typing on the phone, just can’t seem to fit my fingers on those itty bitty letters lol! Have a great day!

  9. The eyes on the Santa Bear are so adorable! Thank you for letting us have him. I have looked at the pickup services, but as I don’t trust the employees to pick the produce or meat, I most likely won’t use it. Good to know (should I change my mind) that the grocery app must be downloaded to the phone.

  10. Oh my goodness, that is such a sweet little Santa bear. Just waiting for me to stitch him up! 🙂
    I’m so glad you seem to have internet service now. Thanks for all the wonderful patterns you have done for us.

  11. Thank you for another sweet pattern. These pets are just so cute. That is funny with the grocery shopping app. I would have been right next to you with this. I am also like you, where it may be convenient, but I like to do my own picking.

  12. Thank you so much for these patterns. That Puppy is so stinkin’ cute!!! Love, love, love those eyes.
    I have never appliqued, but am saving the patterns I downloaded for a day when I attempt to applique. Hopefully soon!

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