Sue and Sam In Georgia Finally Released…

Sue and Same GeorgiaNext up in the releases is Sue and Sam In Georgia… I love this pattern set, so fun and quite delicate at the same time. Kind of reminds me of those porcelain niknaks that were popular when I was a little girl. I can’t for the life of me remember the name now, but maybe someone knows what I mean…

With Georgia, Sam is the Free pattern, and Sue is the rewards block.

Created in Electric Quilt with commissioned artwork that is exclusive to use by Seams To Be Sew from Clipartopolis.  I hope you enjoy this absolutely adorable set of patterns for Georgia.

Sue and Sam at Craftsy

and I am trying something new…
I have been asked many times to combine all of the patterns, I just simply can’t do this on Craftsy itself, they have download limits, and file limits and because my patterns include more than just a pdf file, I am limited in that respect to putting them all together as one pattern.

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, 🙂 instead I will combine the Sue and Sams of each state, country, and province so it’s a little easier to buy both, you can still purchase them in single form also, but you’ll get a little bit of a savings by buying them both at the same time.

Sue and Sam Georgia
Sue and Sam Georgia Combined

The first combined set is Georgia, Sue and Sam are here.

The zip file at Craftsy no longer contains the pdf file, so be sure you download both files. I will no longer be including pdfs in zip files.

Because I am building my own cart site, I am no longer using Payhip as an alternative site. You can still buy previous patterns their but new patterns will not be added.

If you wish to have the cutting and machine embroidery files, you can purchase the full patterns at my Craftsy shop. Click the images above to go to Craftsy.

Important Links for this block of the week…

Coming Soon

Important Links for this block of the week…

Support Group on Facebook 
Yahoo Group For Support and Announcements
Pinterest Group For Sunbonnet Sue
Flickr Group For Sunbonnet Sue and Sam
Flickr Reward Request Form
Seams To Be Sew on Yahoo

These blocks are released at the moment as they are available. I am doing everything possible to get caught up.

FlickR Deadlines:

To receive Sue In Georgia, you need to upload Sam in Georgia by October 24, 2017, to the Flickr group and requested it via the Flickr reward form

If you haven’t finished Sue In Manitoba yet, the Flickr Deadline
is in just 2 days on September 27, 2017.

Cya Tomorrow for more of the Christmas Caroling Row Along


5 thoughts on “Sue and Sam In Georgia Finally Released…

  1. Of course I love these Marian! Sue is the perfect Southern lady. And Sam looks like the typical Southern boy. You did a wonderful job creating them. You made THIS Southern girl proud. Thank you sooo much! I really love them!

    1. Joyce, thank you… you were the one who asked me tho to give Sue in Georgia a peach… so I asked the artist specifically to make sure Georgia had a peach… 🙂

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