2 New ATW Events & 30 Blocks in 30 Days Starts…

30 Days Blog Hop From Creatin' In The Sticks

I wanted to post a little note real quick today. 30 Blocks In 30 Days started yesterday, my day for this hop is April 20th, and I’ve got a great giveaway for you that day also. You will want to be sure you stop in and enter it that day.

In the meantime I’m posting the full schedule for you, it started yesterday, but ya’ll know how I feel about posting on weekends, I only do it when really really necessary.

I’ve also updated the 2018 BOTM page with some new botms and qals.

Schedule for 30 Days and 30 blocks
This is a blog hop that features each blog taking a block and creating a project with it. Only 1 blog is featured each day of the hop.

| April 1, Creatin’ in the Sticks | April 2nd – Kwilty Pleasures Blog |
| April 3rd – Sew Incredibly Crazy | April 4th – SBD Embroidery and Quilting |
| April 5th – What About Rheema | April 6th – Quilted Delights |
| April 7th – Joy Studio | April 8th – Just Sew Quilter | April 9th – Quiltscapes |
| April 10th – Beaquilter | April 11th – Freemotion by the River |
| April 12th – krislovesfabric | April 13th – MooseStashQuilting |
| April 14th – Quilts by Joanne | April 15th – Persimon Dreams |
| April 16th – Needled Mom | April 17th – Just Let Me Quilt |
| April 18th – Life in Scrapatch | April 19th – Quarter Inch Crafter |
| April 20th – Seams To Be Sew | April 21st – Just Let Me Quilt |
| April 22nd – Something Rosemade | April 23rd – Thimblemouse and Spouse |
| April 24th – Books, Hooks, Sticks, etc. | April 25th – Words & Stitches |
| April 26th – Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats | April 27th – Selinaquilts |
| April 28th – QuiltFabrication | April 29th – Lakeshore Stitches |
| April 30th – Creatin’ in the Sticks |

Updated on the BOTM page are Fort Worth Fabric Studio, the Garden Path QAL is starting, with Love Around the Year finishing. I’ve left the Love Around the Year on the list because the files are still available if you didn’t catch them yet. 

Fat Cat Patterns has started a Halloween BOTM. It looks as fun as the Christmas quilt is turning out to be.

Fabric Expressions has also started the Snow Globe BOTM, and the past months are still available.

On a side note, I expect to have Sue and Sams out by Wednesday this week and hopefully TTNBC out by the first of next week.

April 9th is my 5th year as a blog anniversary and I have special events planned all week for you. Hope you will stop in.

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Let them know you appreciate it.

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6 thoughts on “2 New ATW Events & 30 Blocks in 30 Days Starts…

  1. Thank you for taking the time to compile these lists. I am sitting out the 30/30 because I have too many other things in process. (My aim this year is to finish one UFO a month. It is do-able!)

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