2014 January Little Treasures BOM

2014-01 Little Treasures January
2014-01 Little Treasures January

So, I’ve learned a valuable lesson, Don’t use the Glue Stick from Elmers that is colored. :/ Only the white.. It’s finally here, my new BOM for you and I’m very excited to present it to you. I hope you will like it as much as I do. This is a 15-inch block. However, you can cut this at a smaller width if you prefer to have your doll look taller in the end when your working on your layout. So, right off the bat, I know you’ll want the download. Here it is: The pattern is now available at Craftsy for 2.99 The zip file contains everything you need to recreate this little treasure.

The artwork for this design was provided from the Little Treasures collection at Graphics and Graphics. The block was design in Electric Quilt 7, and the machine embroidery files created in Bernina‘s Embroidery Design Plus v7 software.

As a helper, I’ll provide some additional details below. This block/pattern includes all files, not just machine embroidery files. I designed it to include those of you without machine embroidery sewing machines. You can easily use all the parts of this block/pattern to create your own without the machine doing the embroidery stitching for you. It includes a chart for doing your hand embroidery as well. The embroidery files in the zip file contain 2 versions.

In my preview image above, my sample is reversed, because like the crazy person I am, I forgot to reverse the applique shapes in the pdf. I do not know how to do this yet to provide them that way to you in the pdf file itself, so if you create this block, the way it’s printed out from the pdf file, you will have a reversed image of what it should be. I have provided both embroidery files, normal and reversed in the file for you. The reversed embroidery files have a -r on the end of the filename. There is also a stitch out order chart in each of the embroidery folders for that particular file, so you can look at the stitch out order of each file. Most of the embroidery files are under 5000 stitches each. Now, to the nitty and the gritty. I have provided for you some additional tutorials here to help you on your journey.

Here are some pictures of the stitch order process for the applique. I did not take a picture of every step, only what I thought was important.

Little Treasures 01

It’s important to use the stitch out order I’ve provided to you in the pdf file, this block/pattern has so many parts that you will really want to stay aware of what is added next.

Little Treasures 01 Applique 2

Basically, you will work from the bottom up, adding the skirt bottom, dress bottom, bear bottom, shoes, and then to the top of the hat. Once you add the face, you then need to add the blonde hair but you want to leave the dangled parts just tacked down until you add the white hat brim, you’ll then add the two smaller blond hair curliecue type shapes to the hair, stitching it down.

Little Treasures 01 Applique 3

Once you are ready to add the brim, the following pieces should be in place the neck, inside hat area (light teal at bottom below the face), the sleeves on the dress and the face. The parts below the neck should be added after the brim.

Little Treasures 01 Applique 4

After the brim is added, you can stitch down the blonde hair, and add the collars, the bears ear, and the bears face. The last item to be added would be her bow. In these samples I do not have the bow added, because I always knew I was going to use a 1/4-inch satin ribbon, which I am still waiting to have arrive.

Little Treasures 01 Applique 5

Once you are finished, and if you do like I am doing by adding the ribbon, be sure if you use my applique placement guide that you wash out your stabilizer.

I will add an image here when my actual background fabric arrives and my ribbon of the finished January block.

In the meantime, this is basically what she should like when she is finished except in this one, it’s as I designed it originally and not reversed.

Little Treasures
Little Treasures

My email is in the pdf file, please send me pictures if you create any of the little treasures during this BOM. I’m sure I’ve forgotten to add something here, as I think of things, I’ll add an Update section on this page for anything concerning Little Treasures – January. Coming in February is this little treasure.

2014-02 Little Treasures - February
2014-02 Little Treasures – February



13 thoughts on “2014 January Little Treasures BOM

  1. l love your bom.
    when i download the file there no picture of block included i am doing the machine applique

  2. I love this BOM, this will be a perfect little quilt for my 2 year old grand daughter, thank you so much for sharing. As I just found you today, I went to Craftsy to purchase the January block but couldn’t find it, what is it listed under? Thanks Again, Bobbie

  3. Hi,

    I love love love this BOM but do not have WinZip. How can I download your patterns?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Josie, I’ve sent you an email with info on how to unzip and software you could use to do it with as well. But if your in a fairly current version of windows you should be able to unzip files and having unzipping software is pretty important anyway, no pc should be without it. 🙂 I’m glad you like the BOM, let me know if you can’t get it worked out.

    1. I hope you enjoy the block. Thank you sew much for leaving a comment and stopping by today. I really enjoy reading the comments people leave.

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