2015 Oh Holy Night Guidelines and Features

2015 BoW

Welcome To Oh Holy Night 2015 a Block of the Week.

Little Treasures 2014 can now be found here

Artwork for Oh Holy Night is mainly created by Angie Wenke.

All other artwork was drawn by Marian Pena in Electric Quilt. (Landscape, Trees, Optional Other Star, (not shown) Building, sitting lamb (not shown)).

I am estimating that Oh Holy Night will take about 12 weeks to complete, but it is possible it may finish sooner or run a bit longer. While I have made a set schedule, sometimes, real life gets in the way and I may not get something posted on time.

I won’t be showing my finished project this time until the project is finished, but instead you will see the progress of my wallhanging.

I will offer machine embroidery files with this project like I did with Little Treasures. Machine embroidered formats offered will be .art (version 3), .hus, and .pes. Any other format you need will need to be converted in your editing software.

Because of the restrictions of the artist Angie Wenke, cutting files will not be in the included files, however, I already have in my Tutorials section how to’s on converting your templates to cutting files, for Silhouette Studio so you can make your own. I will be adding how to create cutting files in Make The Cut and Sure Cuts Alot in the next few weeks. Since Sure Cuts Alot also allows you to create .fcm files for the Brother SNC, it’s a huge advantage to purchase this software if you own the Brother SNC machine.

I will offer a fabric chart for each of the shapes, but because this is applique, please use your scraps, their is no need to buy any fabrics for this project unless you have no fabric inventory at all or a small stock of fabric. I love making scrap quilts, so I try to use what I already have, not that I didn’t purchase anything, but I try not to purchase anything other than what I may use a large amount of. In the case of Oh Holy Night, I purchased my main background fabric, the sky fabric, and the borders, parts of my background for the ground use scraps as do all the other shapes.

Each part of the Block of the week will only be available for download until the next part goes up, so each friday, the previous pdf will no longer be available, but will be offered for sale on PayHip and Craftsy if you need to purchase a missing part. Each part will be $2.00, please don’t email asking for missing parts, I will not replace missing parts unless they were purchased. Individual parts may be removed after Oh Holy Night ends.

I have made a Flickr group for you to upload your images to, I’d really love to see your progress for those who may be following along. It is located here.

Each week, I will post a new part of the wallhanging on this page. You can access it by clicking on the images for that week posted here. If a tutorial is added for the release, it will also be added to the Tutorials section. Tutorials are not added to the pdf releases.

All templates will have reversed and non reversed shapes, with no seam allowances added to the templates.

The order of releases are tentatively scheduled as:

July 10 / Week 1 – Discussion of supplies, and background techniques.
July 17 / Week 2 – Creation of Background and Adding Border
July 31 / Week 3 – Adding Border, & Trees / Various sizes (yes, while optional, if your going to place shapes over the border, it needs to be added prior to doing applique shapes)
Aug 14 / Week 4 – Building & Shed
Aug 28 / Week 5 – Star & Angel
Sept 11 / Week 6 – Animals 1 – Cows
Sept 25 / Week 7 – Animals 2 – Camels
Oct 09/ Week 8 – Animals 3 – Sheep, and Sheepherder
Oct 17 / Week 9 – Donkey (release maybe on thursday the 15th or saturday the 17th due to Halloween Haunts on 16th)
Oct 23 / Week 10 –  and Wisemen (all 3 of them)
Oct 30 / Week 11 – Joseph & Mary
Nov 06 / Week 12 – Baby Jesus and finishing up

Most of the shapes range in the size of 8×10 to 8×12 in block sizes. Some shapes such as the shed and large tree are larger

No actual layout will be given for Oh Holy Night, I think you should place your shapes where you want them, while you can follow my layout, you may find you like your own.

You should feel free to use the applique technique that you feel most comfortable with. I use various applique techniques depending on my mood for the most part as I like to play/experiment with techniques, so I don’t always use the same technique. While you can use fusible techniques for this pattern, please understand that my applique shapes are drawn for hand/machine blindstitch applique so their are overlaps on shapes that lay under another shape. I do not add seam allowances to my shapes.

The finished wallhanging size should you use my borders is: 60×47. Without borders the wallhanging is: 48×35

One week after Oh Holy Night ends, I will offer the complete pattern for sale on PayHip, and Craftsy. The single shapes may no longer be available. I will also offer the Electric Quilt file for sale on PayHip. Because of Vat Laws and Craftsy not incorporating the new Vat taxes, I am removing from Paypal the ability for a customer who lives in Europe to purchase patterns at Craftsy. If you live in Europe and are subject to the Vat, please use PayHip. The price is the same and I will always honor additional downloads should you need them with the proof of purchase.

This post was written July 09, 2015, it is not the “first weeks” post. It’s was written to let you know the guidelines and features of this pattern.

I have enjoyed seeing your comments for Oh Holy Night and I’m glad many of you are looking forward to it. I hope you will continue with your comments, feel free to ask questions, and post your photos.


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