2018 Is Just Around The Corner, What Are You Up To For 2018?

2018Each year I try to post what’s happening around the web. I’m certainly not the only blogger who offers a yearly event, and I myself enjoy visiting all the different events that happen around the web each year. I know many of you visit my Block of the Month page during the year, it’s one of my most visited pages on this site each year and always becomes a new page during the year. I’ve never removed any of those previous pages, so it’s easy to go back to see previous events and visit among some of the blogs that feature amazing projects or wonderful blocks for us to make.

As you know, I am currently still working on Twas The Night Before Christmas and the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam series in the USA. My goal is to finish them by next December as I want to move on at this point and have several things I hope to offer in the coming year(s). Although, I am still planning a Tutorial of the Month to expand on my tutorials and a Project of the Month as it is my goal to get back to regular sewing. Events such as the Row Along and Quilt Qwazy Queens will still happen on this blog coming in March and September of 2018.

I’m not the only one tho… so, this is my yearly post asking what your plans are for next year? Are you a blogger featuring a planned event. I have only one guideline to be featured.

To qualify to be listed on this list, bloggers must have a “free pattern” as part of the event. It must stay online as a free pattern long enough for the next release to be listed freely. As a visitor, If at any time during the 2018 year you find this not to be the case, please let me know, I’ll investigate and get back to you, and if needed, I will remove the blog from the listing. Buying a book or pattern to follow in an event is not “free” sorry, but I don’t want to be forced to buy anything if I participate in a botm, so that idea is out. (It was a common question last year) My thoughts on this are that to participate, you have to buy something, so the blogger is only creating a “how to” post, this is not my idea of free and I will not feature a botm/botw that makes you purchase a book or supplies.

If your a visitor who knows about a block of the month happening for 2018 that isn’t listed below, feel free to email me also, I’m happy to feature it here on my blog. The only requirement is like above, a free pattern must be available as part of the event. I do not feature paid block of the months.

Here are the events I already know about and a huge thank you to my friend Susan at Quilt Block Of The Month who also features many of these with her daily posts. I know about them because of her and my normal visits to past block of the month events on the various blogs I try to get to each month.

Announce Your Event Here

If you know of an event, you can sign up here… I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another post, but I will also keep this page updated as new events come along.

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

12 thoughts on “2018 Is Just Around The Corner, What Are You Up To For 2018?

  1. Dec 7 Temecula Quilt Co. has a sew along Snow Ball Block that is a
    great way to use up scraps. You make 16 blocks a week. Thanks for your list of 2018 BOM look forward to Its a Wild Life.

  2. Looks like the new year is off to a good start! There are a couple on there I don’t have, so I will have to get them up soon. I’m glad you saw the colorful bear one. That is so cute! I’m looking forward to doing some great things in the new year!

  3. Thank. You Marian for all your wonderful blocks & especially all your hard work! I always look forward to your newsletters! Happy Holidays to you & yours, Susan

  4. Just popping in to say Merry Christmas Marian and thank you so much for all the fun you provide in your blog throughout the year!!!! I don’t comment often (limiting my onscreen time), but I follow along regularly. Blessings to you and your loved ones!!!

  5. Hey, thanks for already putting up my Beary Colourful appliqué BOM. Most appreciated. And thanks for doing this list, there are already a few BOMs on there I hadn’t found yet that I will now check out. Very helpful. 🙂

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