2018 Web Event’s Around The World

2018 Around The WebThere are many things that bring quilters together, but one of the funnest each year is a block of the month, or a quilt along, row along or any other event that captures our imagination and creativity.

Whether you participate in a class at your LQS or one from a blog on the web, they are totally fun and enjoyable. From Mystery Quilts to Pieced and Applique, a block of the month around the web or in your LQS varies depending on what the teacher/designer/blogger wants to do. Some will give you a tutorial, some will write out the full pattern on the post page for the block, some will give you a pattern to download and like me, assume you know what you’re doing. As an applique designer and so many ways to applique, I create my patterns so depending on your favorite technique you can do what your most comfortable with. Each of these bloggers who are featured also does so.

Last week I presented you with a list of known blogs at the time doing a block of the month type of event, today I present you with a few more added to the list and some removed due to the “cost” of the event. As you know this blog only features “Free” block of the months, that is you get something for free just for visiting their blogs. The blogger is free to eventually offer the previous pattern for sale, but part of the event needs to offer something free to the people participating.

Do not assume that all of these are free just for the heck of it, some of them have requirements, such as signing up for a newsletter, or creating the block to get the next one free, perhaps you’ll have to join a Facebook group or an Instagram whatever they call them…  Some of these botms do not start at the first of the month, some start in February, or specific dates in January, and some of these are continuations from 2017.

So, without further ado, this is the page on my site for the year 2018 where new botms will be featured as I find out about them. I’ll list the guidelines below the list in case your a blogger who qualifies to be on this list, please don’t hesitate to write me to ask questions if you have them.

You’ll find this post under my 2018 BOTMs menu at the top of my blog.

The guidelines to be listed are as follows:

  1. Bloggers must have a “free pattern” as part of the event.
  2. It must stay online as a free pattern until your next release to be listed freely. As a visitor, If at any time during the 2018 year you find this not to be the case, please let me know, I’ll investigate and get back to you, and if needed, I will remove the blog from the listing.
  3. Buying a book or pattern to follow in an event is not “free” sorry, but I don’t want to be forced to buy anything if I participate in a botm, so that idea is out. (It was a common question last year) My thoughts on this are that to participate, you have to buy something, so the blogger is only creating a “how to” post, this is not my idea of free and I will not feature a botm/botw that makes you purchase a book or supplies.
  4. In the case where a botm is featured as a requirement to finish a block before getting the next block free, I see nothing wrong with this, as long as your still getting it free, then nothing is wrong with listing this type of required block of the month.

Please let me know about your event by clicking here and filling out the form.

Enjoy 2018 and have fun with the events you choose to follow.
Please take the time to thank the blogger even with a comment,
it means so much to hear you say thank you or a compliment of some sort. 



16 thoughts on “2018 Web Event’s Around The World

  1. Wow what a time consuming task of gathering all of these in one place. Where do you find time to quilt? Thank you so very much for sharing my QAL.

  2. with all the BOTM possibilities, I need to quit my full time day job! LOL Thanks for putting all of this together.

    1. I know how that goes, I try to keep up with some of them, but by June I usually know which I’m following steadily and which I’m not. Still, it is quite fun to visit the sites and see how each is progressing.

  3. Thanks for listing QuiltBOM in the links. That was kind of you! My difficulty already is paring down the ones I want to what’s actually reasonable to do!

    1. You are welcome, but my decision to add it is based on the fact that you continuously keep updated, where I know I added to my list only a few times last year, so it makes sense that people may stay better updated if they can follow along more often than I update. 🙂

  4. Thank you for taking the time to put together this list! I found one for the fall that I have already written down to check on the middle of the year!

  5. Again, thank you for the extra time you always put in to do this. I, for one (of many), appreciate it. There is so much out there that it is overwhelming for this little old lady. LOL I have already signed up for a couple and will be doing more. My middle name is “Somebody Stop Me.” Doesn’t help. LOL Thank you again!!! and again!!

  6. Thank you for the links & all the helpful info that I didn’t know. Sometimes it is a matter of not knowing what to ask. Again, thank you.

  7. Hi Marian. Thanks for the BOTM blogs. The first one I thought would be really fun to do was “Bug Off” from Angie Padilla. Please let me know if I am confused (definitely a possiblity) but when I went to her page, I could not sign up for her e-mail because I am not a “member”. It appears that to get the free BOTM you must be a member of her blog. And that costs $30/year. 🙁

    1. Hi Melany,

      On the 7th when she starts that botm, you’ll be able to download it until she releases the next block, and then it will only be available to members. Angie does a free botm every year for non-members, and Bug-Off is the free one for the year.

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