2021’s Row Along… Looking for Designers, the Theme, and Guidelines

stbs 2021 Seaside Adventure logo smallThis year’s row along theme is all about the oceans. Saving our oceans that is. I’ve long admired the ocean and its vastness, the beauty I’ve seen of it on tv and books, magazines, and when I was a child I even wanted to live in the ocean for a time.

However, that time was over 50 years ago and it has saddened me the last few years to realize that we are losing our oceans. It was bad enough that hunters would come along and illegally hunt animals of the ocean making many animals extinct or close to extinction.

Now we have to deal with climate change, litter from beaches, companies dumping illegally, and the worst invasion has become plastic. Just like fast-food chains are supposed to be replacing plastic straws, grocery stores are supposed to replace plastic bags, companies with plastic water bottles, we should all make it easier by saying I won’t buy this product anymore if you’re going to provide it with only a plastic option. I know that by saving our oceans we are saving our lives, perhaps it was from that Star Trek IV movie where the enterprise goes to San Francisco in what was about the 1970s and 1980s era and brings home 2 humpback whales because they’d been hunted to extinction in their time. In the movie Happy Feet, they did the same thing, the “bossy big” penguin was dyeing from a 6 pack plastic ring around his neck. The world loved that movie but here we are 15 years later from its release and our oceans are still in trouble.

So, this year’s theme is based on that and a huge thank you to ScrapDash’s Phoebe Moon for giving us the title of the row along this year.

This post is here for pattern designers who might like to create a pattern for the row along event this year. Let’s get into a little history, this is the 7th year for this online event. This is an online-only event, and as a participant, there are various requirements you’ll need to meet to participate.

You do not need to sign up for this event if you are planning to visit to download the patterns each day of the event. 

You are as a participating designer in this row along event creating a pattern in one of the following sizes of your choice. We will be offering three sizes this year for the Row Along. a 30×30, a 12×30, and a 9-12×18 row. These rows can also be 30×12 and 18×9-12 depending on if you go horizontal or vertical. 9-12 equals the choice to go 9, 10, 11, or 12 inches in width or height.

You do not need to be a blogger or have a website to participate. Your pattern will be posted by one of the bloggers who are participating in the event. It does help if you do have a site, but it’s not a requirement. If your thinking about opening a blog or website tho, this is the time to get started with that. This event will generate new followers and friends for your website.

Signups will be taken until March 10, 2021

You don’t need to be a pattern designer, but you do need enough knowledge to help you write a pattern you’ve designed yourself. You must be able to produce a .pdf or .doc type of draft of your pattern by June 04, 2021, which is sent to me. This does not need to be a finished pattern, just a draft of the pattern itself. This is a strict deadline date, if you can’t meet the deadline, you need to email me with a date you can meet, and if you still don’t meet it, I’m sorry to say it, but you will be removed from participating. Bloggers who have previously participated are given some latitude, but the reason these patterns are turned in is to give the other participating bloggers a chance to create your row for the show and tell day at the end of this event.

You must be able to stitch your row out so it can be showcased on your featured day. You have the entire summer to get this done. On your featured day, you will give the pattern away freely for a period of up to one week. After that you can decide to do what you want with the pattern on your own.

One of the best things about participating in this event is that Northcott Fabrics has sponsored this event every year I’ve held it. Every year they give each blogger fabric to help create their rows. The same goes for this year. Every participating blogger who lives in the USA or Canada will receive fabric from Northcott fabrics.  I am sorry but because of shipping difficulties due to covid, Northcott will only ship to the US and Canada this year. Your row does not need to contain only Northcott Fabrics, but the fabrics you do choose from them do need to be included in your row. This will be discussed fully in the Facebook group you’ll be asked to join once you sign up. You do not need to be a member of Facebook, but it will also help if you are as we post previews of our rows, seek advice, get to chat with other participating bloggers, and you pretty much know what’s going on before everyone else does. You will be notified of important things in an email if your not in the Facebook group.

You are free to use any technique you like, whether it’s applique, embroidery, paper piecing, or normal pieced techniques via cutting shapes with either strip piecing or freezer paper.

The logo can be downloaded here. You’ll find it in the zip file. If you need to know how to create a text link for your blog, you will find a tutorial here on how to do that. The tutorials cover both WordPress sites and Blogger sites.

If you’re new to the row along experience, you might like to visit the previous years to get an idea of how to write your posts or see some of the previous rows. The previous row along galleries are here.

The row along is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week of the event.

The one change this year is we will not be asking sponsors for giveaways. With shipping issues, and many companies struggling I just do not feel right putting them in a position where they might feel obligated and at the same time I do not know how my health will be. I had some issues getting giveaways out to everyone last year and I definitely do not need those headaches again.

This year’s signup is different. No forms!!! Send me an email at seamstobesew@gmail.com Use the subject line Seaside Adventure RAL and let me know your info in that email. Please include the following info in your email:  Full Name, Blog URL/ or Website, email address, day of the week you’d like to participate (Tuesday or Thursday), and date between September 7, and October 7, 2021.

If you have previously participated, you can also just drop me an email. I already have all your information unless it’s changed..

Northcott is our only sponsor this year!!

Thank you for your generosity every year.

5 thoughts on “2021’s Row Along… Looking for Designers, the Theme, and Guidelines

  1. We are slowly destroying our planet, I am sad to say. maybe this project if put out to the
    public what we are doing, might light up some minds. I am joining in for sure.

  2. It makes me very sad too that our oceans are polluted with plastic and garbage. I love watching the blue planet movies and vacationing near the ocean. Can’t wait for the sew along. Thanks for hosting again!!

  3. Beauty does comes from the Ocean. I have to stay inland though because it is a little too cold for me as I have to have the heat. Can’t wait for this sew along.

  4. I so agree with you about the ocean. I love it also. I look forward to this sew along. Thanks for including us.

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