A Lesson Learned – Reactivating Electric Quilt

eq7Today I was preparing to be away from my home tomorrow, and was installing EQ 7 on my laptop. It would be my 2nd pc install for the software.

I kept getting an error on my laptop and after trying to install and activate it 3 times, I finally gave up. Thinking what could possibly be the problem…

So I deactivated my EQ 7 install on my main desktop thinking, perhaps that is the problem. So then I tried to reinstall it on my laptop again and still got the same problem…

So there I was, wondering, what could possibly be the problem, I tried looking on the web, at EQ’s website, in the support section and many different error numbers were showing there except for mine which was error 104. After I couldn’t find a resolve for error 104, I finally just decided I would email support, even tho I wouldn’t hear anything until what would be my night time from EQ tomorrow night (Monday). So I went to reactivate my Electric Quilt back on my main desktop and lo and behold, it would not allow me to reactivate.

Now, I can guarantee you that while I usually make typos, I don’t make that many typos. So it wasn’t that my serial and passwords were having typos in them.

The odd thing was and I can’t show you the window because it has my serial in it, but the serial it was showing on the reactivation screen was different from the one I have for EQ. So I was stumped, and decided to open the little notepad file I keep of all my software serial numbers and just as I was about to copy the EQ 7 serial, I saw my EQ Stitch serial, and it was the same number in the reactivation screen that I was seeing in my notepad file. It’s like a lightbulb went off and I tried the password for EQ Stitch in the window and guess what.. 🙂 Activation Occurred.


So, you can imagine how happy I was. At least EQ would work on my desktop again. I was worried for a bit about how I could screw up so royally as to have no EQ on any pc.

eqstitchI got to thinking a few moments later about EQ Stitch, and decided to try installing it on my laptop.

Everything went like a dream, this time, no error 104 message, and it installed like it should.

What I didn’t realize here is that EQ Stitch includes your EQ7 install on it. When you install it without having any other version of Electric Quilt on your pc, it will ask you for your EQ 7 serial and password to confirm I gather that you own EQ 7.

Once it’s done installing, you will then need to activate it for your 2nd pc or laptop with your EQ Stitch serial and password.

Once it’s done activating and you get the activation success window like you see above, it will then open Electric Quilt up for you, and you can have a little smile that it all worked well in the end.


I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see the words: Welcome To Electric Quilt 7. :))))

I hope this helps you should you ever have this problem to.






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