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My blog has been open now for six years as of this past April. I have offered patterns free and for sale since about five years ago. My early patterns are very different from my patterns that I produce today. In some ways they are very much the same, but today I do more to have them be easier to understand and use. I wanted to take a moment of your time today to show you the results of the survey that some of you took the time to do when I asked with my last release of Sue and Sam patterns and the Cupcake of the Month for April and May.

So today, I’m going to take a moment of your time and show you the survey results from the survey I took over the last few weeks. I will even answer a few of the questions that were part of the results.

I have often wondered whether it was worth it to create the SVG Cutting files or the machine embroidered patterns for my patterns.

I could release patterns much quicker if I weren’t creating the additional files, but if your using them, I will still create them. Enough of you said that you are using them so I will still create them. Originally, I created those files for myself, so that’s the reason they are included with the patterns for those of you who also might like to do them via the methods I’ve shown in my tutorials section.

So lets look at those results….

By clicking the images above you can read the results of the survey.

First, let me thank all of you who took the time to answer these results. I really appreciate hearing your feedback. Over the years of creating patterns, I’ve asked for advice and while I haven’t always listened, I soon realized that the advice given made perfect sense. A big example of that was when I was asked to add the 1 inch square to my patterns to allow you to make sure your printers were printing properly. I didn’t add that square to my patterns for quite some time, but soon realized when one of my testers noted that her printer didn’t print the pattern correctly and it took quite some time to figure out what went wrong in the pattern. Thus I started adding the 1-inch square.

So let me answer your questions from your comments.
By clicking the image you can better see the answers.

The patterns that were on Craftsy are now on Payhip. I’ve added all the previous patterns to Payhip that weren’t there prior to Craftsy shutting down our patterns, so every pattern I currently offer is on my Payhip shop. These links can be found on my sidebar and under the “Shopping” Tab at the top of my page. I’ve even separated some of the patterns into categories to make it somewhat easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Answer 2:

It is rare that you will find a pdf file in a zip file in my downloads. On my Payhip shop every pattern is separated for download by a pdf and a zip file. You do not need to download the zip file if you don’t need the SVG cutting files or the machine embroidery files. That’s all the zip files ever contain. So it is possible to always download just the pdf file.

Answer 3:

SVG Files are for people who own cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo, the Brother Scan n Cut, Cricut or the KNK machines. There are other brands, but these are the top 4 machines in the market. They allow you to cut your patterns without the use of scissors or a rotary cutter. They aren’t so much for cutting pieced blocks, but for applique, they are well worth the cost of the machine. They are also nice because every one of these machines will print, so you can print your layouts, or mark your embroidery lines on placement paper to help make it a bit easier for you and for the most part you can use a pen or pencil of your choice. It saves big time on buying printing ink or taking your pattern to a print shop to be printed out.

By not using the embroidery part of your machine or learning how to use it, think of all the money that is just being wasted because you’ve spent the extra money for the embroidery techniques your not using. Embroidery machines are not cheap machines and while you can get less expensive embroidery machines, the hoop sizes are often smaller. Even tho all of my patterns include embroidery files for a 5×7 hoop. You didn’t mention the brand of your machine in your comment, but if your machine brand is a common brand it’s quite easy to use software that will convert to your format or you can let me know the format you need and I’ll add it to the zip files. I only add the most common formats to my zip files which are .art, .hus, .jef, .pes, and .vip … In other words, Bernina, Viking, Janome, Brother, and Pfaff. There is so much help available online to show you how to use your embroidery machine also, endless youtube videos, FB groups, yahoo groups, even forums, and of course there is your dealer who really should offer a class to show you how to get started. I am self-taught. I bought my first embroidery machine from an online dealer, learned how to use it in yahoo groups at the time, and the manual. It is so much easier today to learn how than it was in 2002 when I first started. I still have that machine although I have an issue with it and it needs to be fixed and I’m just not willing to spend 200.00 to have it fixed at the moment which I could buy another machine of the same type for a few hundred dollars more and have it be an updated machine. No floppy drive… in other words to deal with either. 🙂 But I bought a newer machine 2 1/2 years ago with larger hoops when we moved back to the states and it’s good enough for me right now although I do not like how it does machine applique. The brother machine by far does the best applique on the market imho.

I hope that you will take the time to learn your embroidery machine soon. Of all the machines I’ve ever purchased, the one I am the most happy with has been my embroidery machines and that is simply because they enhance the beauty of projects I’ve created. There is so much you can do with them and so many projects now that can be created entirely in your hoop. I can’t even imagine being without my embroidery machine now.

Answer 4:

Alignment is easy, once you’ve made your placement area on your background. I will tell you two different ways to do this, but there are also youtube videos that show you how to center and align.

When I center, I fold my background in half lengthwise, and then in half again crosswise so a 12-inch square would then become a 6-inch square. I then lightly iron or press a fold into the lines created by the folds of the fabric. by doing this I have my center, and can easily iron it out later. If you mark your center, it may happen that your marker won’t wash out well, so be sure if you use a marker that it is one that will wash out.

After that, I then lay the background onto my cutting mat, aligning the center to the center of the mat, and the folded lines to the lines on the mat so it is centered properly. I then use a washable marker to print the alignment SVG onto the background, and in less than 5 minutes I am ready to start placing shapes.

If you were to do this without a cutting machine, you can use freezer paper or a washable stabilizer to mark your layout on, then align it to your background fabric, and iron the freezer paper on your background or pin the stabilizer in place, and add your shapes. This was how I did it before I started using my cutting machine to mark my placements. However I also use this technique when the block is larger than 12 or 15 inches. Most cutting machines only have a 12-inch mat size, big enough for most blocks, but the KNK Force machine has a 15-inch layout so I can print my larger blocks on that machine. It’s a lot of money tho for a machine you only print placements on, that machine cost me 700.00+ when I first purchased it.

Answer 5:

I can promise you that my health is coming first. At the same time, if I’m not doing anything while I wait for it to be fixed then I’m getting nothing done. I have to do something so while it’s a bit slower to get done it is at least getting done. 🙂 I won’t risk my health tho just to create a few patterns. 🙂

As to the SVG and pdf question I answered that above in Answer #3.

Answer 6:

I have never charged extra for the patterns based on the fact that they include the SVG Cutting files and the Machine Embroidery files. The cost of my patterns for the pdf only is based solely on the time it has taken to create the pattern itself and in part the cost of the artwork that helped to inspire the pattern. While creating the cutting files and machine embroidery files does take extra time, this has never been factored into the cost of the pattern. I’ve always considered these as a bonus to the pattern to include them because I know many quilters do not have cutting machines and/or embroidery machines. I do offer a sale once a year on my patterns and this is the time to get them at a lesser cost. This sale is normally held in November, but this year I am thinking of moving it up to August since I know many of you start your Christmas sewing in September/October.

In finishing, I wish to say that I hope my answers did not come off as offensive or rude. I usually write or talk in a very matter of fact manner and this has gotten me into trouble in the past. I’m not trying to tick anyone off, I just write things in the same way I think of how to write them.

I’d like to say that your answers and comments really helped me to understand that my patterns are done well for your needs and I really appreciate that you like how they are done.

Have A Great Week!!

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12 Responses to A Moment of Your Time…

  1. AvatarSusan says:

    I’m way behind in reading everything, but that was interesting to read. Thanks for sharing the results of the survey.

  2. AvatarTrudy Double says:

    Love the patterns and all your hard work. Thanks for this explanation.
    Hope your health is improving and that your move is going well.
    Also looking for the rewards patterns for Colorado and Newfoundland, Did I miss them?
    Best to you…..

    • AvatarRobin R. Klein says:

      I’m a bit late in reading this post, Sorry. I had hoped you would share the results. Can I ask what do you consider your based number ?, number of readers or number of people who download patterns,etc. Verses how many people responded to the questions? If it’s NOMB I’ll understand. Did you get any negative outcomes? I wouldn’t think so, but everyone has an opinion. Lastly it made me feel good when you told us you’re not angry but when making a presentation, etc. that’s the way you speak. I get people asking me if I’m angry all the time, especially after we moved south and met up with mostly midwestern people. I like to get the facts or answers first then chat. People thought me so rude until they understood. Even in our own country there are so many different norms as to how we speak. Just THANKS for it all, especially the big smile of understanding that someone else speaks and writes like me 🙂

  3. AvatarSally Murray says:

    You rock! Thanks for all you do. Great info on cutting and emb. machines. I LOVE that some include SVG files!
    Have not yet used embroidery files but I’m sure I’ll love them as well.
    You are a treasure.

  4. AvatarConnie says:

    Wow this was informative! Must have taken an incredible amount of time to put it all together…including the survey…thank you!

  5. What a great response to all of us and letting us know the results of the survey. I, for one really appreciate how well written your patterns are and how easy to follow. Thanks again for all you do for us, the great effort you put in to your patterns and the extras.

  6. AvatarJoan says:

    If you don’t ask, you can’t get an answer. Addressing this straight up is always best. Your advise on the 1” square was invaluable to me. Thanks for all you do for all of us

  7. AvatarMarge Huewe says:

    Marian I appreciate straight talking and have never been offended by what you have said. In fact I appreciate it when things are clear cut and you do a great job of that, Thanks for all that you do for us.

  8. AvatarLori Smanski says:

    Marian, thank you for answering these questions and sharing them with us. I have been enjoying your patterns. Hope you have a fabulous week.

  9. AvatarBev Gunn says:

    Marian, loved your feedback on the questions. Sometimes we tend to take advantage of others time and talent and forget to be thankful to them. So, THANK YOU for sharing your time and talents with us so generously and I find them quite cute and adorable!

  10. AvatarSherry in NC says:

    Thank you for all that great information. Glad you’re working slower and taking care of yourself.

    • AvatarBarbara says:

      I would just like to say how much I appreciate the font you use to communicate with your following. After a day of sewing, sometimes my eyes are getting pretty bleary and some of the sites are difficult to read because of the size of the font used or perhaps the colors used. I definitely want to say thank you for the thoughtfulness you show. I do enjoy your site and appreciate all your generosity in sharing with us. Thank you!!

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