Adding Machine Embroidery Designs To Quilt Layouts In EQ7..

Adding Embroidery To Quilts-smallToday, I have a new tutorial for Electric Quilt, and the 10th lesson, I’ve added this year for EQ, making it now 37 lessons on EQ itself that are now offered here at Seams To Be Sew.

This year, I am participating in a one day event each month with QuiltShop Gal and other bloggers for the day, posting something about EQ, whether it’s a lesson, or something created in EQ, we’re all doing something.

You can find my other EQ lessons here.

Links To references used in the video are:

Learning EQ 7 Facebook Group
Kreative Kiwi
Skeldale House
Embroidery Library

PicPick (screen capturing software) I like PicPick, because it’s not only screen capturing software, but is an editor also, from the moment you capture an image, you can then edit the image with various effects, including adding arrows, other images, text, cropping, etc.. They have a freeware version and a paid version. I’m not real sure the paid version is that different from the free version, but I believe the paid version has an auto update feature and you don’t ever pay for the software again once you do pay for it.

Border Designs featured in video from Embroidery Library

This lesson is 44 minutes long. It covers alot in this one video.

  • How to import designs you buy or free design downloads on the web.
  • How To create your own embellishment/embroidery library
  • How to add them to sketchbook
  • How to add the Embellishment Tool to your quilt layout worktable
  • How to add the designs to your blocks
  • and How to add the border and corner designs.

Since writing this post this morning, I have found out the differences courtesy of Kari Shell at On Point Quilters, she has noted that EQ7 will only allow you to import the .exp format. Because I own EQStitch, I can also import other formats such as my .pes file into EQ. If you don’t own conversion software to convert to .exp, the many sites on the net where you can purchase designs, often include all the various formats, and you could try re-downloading, but the simplest method is to just own software that allows you to convert to various formats.

Al Navaras, also has a post about the .exp formats and some of the issues he found when converting in 6D Embroidery software. I’m going to give that a test run today in my 6D software and see if it does have the same problem.

The Embellishment library is also called Embroidery Library.

Both Kari and Al are very knowledgeable in EQ, they each have many great posts and videos about EQ, and they both do videos quicker than I do.. 🙂

I wrote EQ support about the .exp format used to import into EQ, it uses the Melco .exp format file, which also should have a .rgb file to help with the color part of the format when it’s imported into EQ. When you import the .EXP file into EQ, the .rgb file needs to be in the same folder so it can also include that color info. This is what EQ support has told me when I enquired today.

Other Bloggers Participating Today Are:

Bea at Beaquilter has also posted her Tuesday Tutorial series today with a post about Borders, you may want to drop in their also to have a look.
Tomorrow, I will post a quickie lesson on how to convert designs to other formats, especially .exp in various softwares, Stay Tuned. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Adding Machine Embroidery Designs To Quilt Layouts In EQ7..

  1. Interesting topic, adding machines in embroidery design is much good and safe because I think sewing embroidery design from own naked hands is not safe neither its easy as it looks, I want to appreciate you for sharing something new 🙂

  2. I so need help….my knowledge of most the terms here are limited…I believe my talents are elseware, none the less I need help! I have hand drawn block patterns I would like to import into my EQ7 in order to print patterns, templates and foundation pieces…is this possible. Currently I have scanned some of my images and am trying to import them with NO luck. My phone number is 5756919682 and email is I am willing to pay for help….what ever it takes! Please help!!

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