Amy Bradley and Electric Quilt are here for the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

Christmas Caroling Row AlongIn a day and age when we are seeing more and more people trying various techniques for quilting, along come two sponsors who really give us great joy in our quilting with not only their designs but their software.

I know this post is very late today, it’s just been a very weird day for me. I lost a folder in my email software that included all the sponsor information. Thank goodness I keep all my email from Gmail in the All Mail folder after it’s downloaded… I’m currently re-downloading all email for the last 30 days. Over 5300 emails, but it’s worth it to get that info back.

Today’s great sponsors are Electric Quilt and Amy Bradley Designs.

Electric QuiltElectric Quilt has been a sponsor of this event for all three of this row alongs years now. Our first year actually featured Electric Quilt’s software and all the designers who were in that row along that year used Electric Quilt to create their rows with. We called that Row Along EQ Seasons.





Amy BradleyAmy Bradley is someone whom I’ve long admired and that is the reason I approached her this year to be a sponsor. I absolutely love her patterns. They are cute, fun and whimsical.

Electric Quilt is offering a $25.00 promo code for purchase of EQ products

Electric QuiltSome restrictions do apply to the purchase of some products, they will be posted on the assigned bloggers blog post for her featured day.

When I received the box that Amy Bradley Designs sent, I was blown away, and I mean blown away by her generosity. Wait till you see all these great patterns she sent for the Row Along this year.

Are you blown away to? Total Value $108.00

Please note, these are announcements to the giveaways being given over the period of September 5, 2017, to October 10, 2017. Entering to win will not start until the Christmas Caroling Row Along starts.

I also entered the value of the Hoffman Fabrics which I didn’t know yesterday as of this morning.

Tomorrow I will feature C&T Publishing and Martelli Notions.

I’m not skipping Michael Miller and Hobbs Batting because I want to, but because I am having to redownload all those emails, it will mean I need to re-sort them and that will take me a bit of time. Since the pictures of their giveaways are in email, I need to get them sorted before I can post. I will shoot for their feature day on Thursday.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

5 thoughts on “Amy Bradley and Electric Quilt are here for the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

  1. I don’t care what order they come in, but I’m so sorry that you have to do all this extra work. What makes me glad is that you had a back up! That should be a lesson to all of us! These are wonderful prizes. Yes, I AM blown away by Amy Bradley’s generosity. Her patterns are wonderful. The $25 code will be helpful with buying the EQ software products. Sadly, expenses keep going up all the time for any good software!

  2. So sorry about your missing folder, time is so precious and sounds like you just lost a bunch! I am looking forward to your Christmas Row Along and want to thank you for all your work on the project!!!

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