And…. Then There Were More BOTMs….

…and then there were three more in my inbox yesterday. Thank you all for writing to me about these botms, Each of them looks wonderful. 

Both From My Carolina Quilts and Collection Edith have already started, but it’s not too late to also get started as they both seem to be in the first month. I had never been to Collection Edith’s site before, she came recommended from a follower of this blog and WoW, she has some amazing patterns. I was truly impressed.

Fat Cat Patterns new botm is her 3rd one for this year and it starts March 1, 2019. I have followed her botms for the last six years and love every single one of Sindy’s projects. 

These BOTMs have already been added to my 2019 BOTM page.

A small note of concern was in my email yesterday and I would like to address that now…

I had a reader who was surprised that I would promote other people’s patterns when I myself offer patterns on my site. She is of the impression that just because I am a pattern designer that I would collect other peoples patterns. Even went so far as to accuse me of doing it to steal from other bloggers. Believe me, I was very taken aback. Why would anyone think this?  I am a quilter just like all of you. Before I started creating patterns, I bought books, patterns, magazines just like all of you probably do also. So why would I stop doing that just because I create my own patterns now?

It’s easy… I am not in someone else’s mind. Every one of us has different ideas and thoughts and creativity levels. I am a quilter, a seamstress, and a crafter. I’ve always purchased patterns, books, classes, etc… This isn’t going to stop just because I create my own patterns also.

Now as to theft… Not only do I make every effort to credit the artists whose work I’ve created patterns from, but I add those to every one of my pdf files, my machine design files, and to my blog posts and cart pages. I would never claim something as mine that isn’t. I follow terms of use policies to the letter and I have never created a pattern from an artist I didn’t have permission to do so from. 

I think before anyone goes accusing people of something they haven’t done, they should have some kind of proof, and when it comes to copyright, you should report it to the artist themselves. Let them deal with me instead of you doing it. They have the right to send a cease and desist letter you do not.  I have sent a cease and desist letter to someone who copied one of my patterns and I know that it’s not easy to do something like that, but I do take copyright very seriously. I would never knowingly break that trust.

This person didn’t outright accuse me of stealing from a certain artist, but she made it seem like I would copy patterns from people I download patterns from for botms that other bloggers offer. Again, something I wouldn’t do, I don’t need to. I would buy the pattern or book or magazine and I have when I missed a month of a botm that I liked enough to buy a missed pattern from.

I find it sad that people are so heartless that they would even think this of anyone. It is very discouraging and that is why I am addressing this on my blog today versus sending it via email to this person.

I do my block of the month page as I have said many times before because I collect patterns myself and to me, I thought it would be nice to offer something to people who follow my blog also. I don’t have to do this, it’s just something I do because it gives me the chance to visit blogs each month that I might not otherwise get to. If anyone thinks I do it because I’m going to copy a pattern well that’s just silly and so not going to happen. It makes me sad that this has happened but I am not a quitter and will continue to offer a botm page because I do collect patterns also and I don’t just make my own, I make other people’s patterns also and have proven that over and over and over again on my own blog.

I hope you all have a great day!

stbs-2018 sig

I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

Please remember it takes 2 minutes to comment, please say Thank You, whether you downloaded a free pattern, read a tutorial, or just learned something new.  It takes time for people to write a post, take pictures, make a project or even write a pattern.
Let them know you appreciate it.

If your comment doesn’t show up after you post it, it’s most likely gone to the spam folder. I will see it and approve it, unfortunately, it just means something about your email address caught my spam filter’s eye. 

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27 Responses to And…. Then There Were More BOTMs….

  1. AvatarMary Dailey says:

    Never joined a QAL, interested in finding one

  2. Avatartheresa cole says:

    Thank you so much for all your creative endeavors, and THANK YOU for sharing other artists work by giving us links to their pages. We are a community of quilters, and sharing has always been what the quilting community has been about. You have in no way claimed that their work is yours, but have shared with us the knowledge that you too seek to learn more and share other ideas. Your work is beautiful. Thank you again. We DO appreciate you very much!

  3. AvatarPam Jolly says:

    Hi, I appreciate that you list the other BOMs that you know of. I view it as a kindness on your part and have never thought otherwise. Thank you for doing this. I enjoy your blog very much.

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  5. AvatarAggie says:

    Hi Marian
    I truly appreciate what you have said about copyright and how difficult it is to be creative in an environment where people are very quick to judge. This struck a note with me.

    Perhaps you would be interested in taking a look at the Block Barn series I have on my website. I focus on historical blocks, and they are for embroidery machines. I just love the accuracy of using an embroidery machine to piece my blocks.

    Once again, thank you for your candid post – sometimes it is better to address things that could damage your reputation in the public space.

  6. AvatarVicky says:

    Marian, you don’t know me and I don’t know you personally but you are just one of the people that we can tell that would be as good and honest and kind in ” real life” as you are on our computer screens. I have been trying to follow you for years. Some years I do better than others, I am getting old and forgetful…lol. and don’t get to sew nearly as much as I want or as I used to. It is a big help and such a time saver to do what you offer us with the BOM’s and the QAL’s. I wish to just add that I don’t think I would be alone in saying how grateful we all are that you are so kind and giving with yourself as well as your time and talent. Remember most all of us do love you. God Bless.

  7. Avatarconnie wolfe says:

    Your efforts to share your knowledge about other BOMS is appreciated. Each post that I’ve received has been very respectful and always cites your sources. I suspect that far more of us are thankful for your organization than the few who may be suspicious, Unfortunately, there are always those who aren’t willing to pay and put their skills to destructive uses.

  8. AvatarSue Raymond says:

    Shame on them! I’ve been following you for several years now and really appreciate all of your hard work and willingness to share so much for free! I think it’s wonderful that you share other BOM’s, Blog Hops, and quilt alongs. Keep doing what you do, and ignore those who are so disrespectful.

  9. Avatarlynn bourgeois says:

    Marian, It’s good to hear from you. I enjoy seeing what you do, and appreciate what you include information that helps be grow my knowledge of what everyone is doing in their quilting lives. If you can, ignore those who will be mean spirited. Realistically, none of us can make every project that comes through as a BOM or other pattern, but we still enjoy viewing.

  10. AvatarToni Vitrano says:

    So sorry that your sincere desire to share beneficial information with your followers is turned into an attack on your integrity. I very much appreciate the chance to find out about other bloggers, BOMs, etc. I have found wonderful patterns, inspiration, opportunities and on and on because you have the vision to be a team player and promoter. I love YOUR work and appreciate that you are not threatened by the work of the other professionals you represent. Please continue what you are doing!!!!!

  11. AvatarMonica Richmond says:

    Marian: If and when in doubt, always remember
    99.999% of us love you and truly appreciate the hard work you do for us. My life changed when I became disabled. I live in chronic pain every day, but you have helped me manage that pain with joy of sewing. I don’t share my creation because its not as pretty as all of the other folks, but it gives me something to strive for. Again thank you, and ignore negative people. They don’t have anything else to do in life but complain. 🤯

    • AvatarMonica R says:

      I forgot to mention, all she had to do was go onto other famous quilters websites similiar to Marian’s and see they do the same thing. All quilters help promote each others ideas. A good example is Pat Sloan puts links from Joan Ford’s websites. All quilters love to help each other, its not stealing there ideas. That is plain idiotic!!

  12. AvatarBobbie says:

    I have enjoyed your blog and your generosity of patterns for years. I also enjoy learning about other BOM’s as well, please don’t stop! It is really sad that this person only see’s the bad in things and not all the wonderful patterns and information you share. Usually a person who see’s bad is because they do it, ignore her and focus knowing there are far more positive followers that appreciate all you do!!

  13. AvatarApril Lopez says:

    I appreciated your post talking about all these BOM. I don’t see them all and i loved that you shared them with us. I know many sewists who do BOM and QAL from other people and they share them on social media, which in turn gets others involved. Please keep sharing. And ya know, there’s always one bad apple in the bunch.

  14. AvatarSobana Sundar says:

    That was a truly silly criticism. I mean if you are gonna copy you would quietly do it on the sly, not share the bom’s with the whole world would you.
    And has that person ever seen your talent? Your designs and colour choices are wonderful. Why would anyone ever think something like that of you.
    Thanks to you I have so many patterns saved, a few sips even! Just yesterday the admin of my group asked me to share links to Sindy’s hen party in my group hoping to inspire more quilters. With your permission I will share your BOM link page also.

  15. Thank you for your BOM page. And thank you for advertising my BOM on your page. We are all stronger together. As a reader I appreciate being able to find projects I may want to join. As a blogger and designer I appreciate the extra exposure and the networking for my own work. Anyone who designs and thinks they have nothing left to learn from others is dead in the water – there is always a new technique or a new perspective to explore. And sometimes it is nice to just sew something that doesn’t have to be drafted first. Honestly, I hope your correspondent was just having a bad day.

  16. AvatarDonna says:

    thanks for all the great information you provide!

  17. AvatarSusan says:

    Marian, I am truly sad for the person who is accusing you of theft. Obviously this person is ignorant of the definition of creativity. I took a graduate class in creativity. Many of the items that have become popular, top selling items are not entirely new ideas. They are a change, improvement, tweak, request to the functionality, etc. of the item. Is the person who is using your pattern creative if she uses your pattern. Is she stealing your idea even if she paid for the pattern? Does it make it her idea if she pays for the pattern? NO! She paid you a fee for a pattern that gives her certain permissions and you have no guarantee that she will truly abide by those stated permissions. I can buy your pattern and change it by a set % and resell it as my pattern, too. I’m not sure what the % is as that’s not my interest and have no idea what it is. Some designers say they will only use the fabrics they design and then I see where someone has used a solid that is not in their collection – well that’s not exactly being truthful either. It might be by the manufacturer of their fabrics, but it’s not in that designers collection, so what do I say. Someone doesn’t know what the heck. I am very, very detailed and worked as a computer programmer and had to find mistakes in my and others programs. I found mistakes in web sites. However, I try to be kind and not point these facts out to these people who are stating what they think to be their truth. I think this person has much to learn about creativity, sharing, expanding one’s horizons, and learning in general and especially being kind.

  18. AvatarRosemary Barron says:

    You are one of the most giving and sharing of the bloggers I follow. It’s unfortunate that you had to experience this. It hurts. I love your designs and I follow other designers who’s talent I appreciate. That you take the time every year to offer us a list of BOM’s, etc., is commendable and so very appreciated by myself and countless others. Be who you are … a thoughtful, giving person. At 82, I’m still learning and will continue to learn because of bloggers such as yourself!!!

  19. AvatarSusan the Farm Quilter says:

    Marian, people who accuse others of unacceptable behavior are generally the ones guilty of said unacceptable behavior. Thank you for the links to the BOMs on the other blogs. I already follow one of them and now I’m following both of them!! I appreciate other bloggers sharing the blogs they like and find beneficial. That is how I have really expanded the number of blogs I follow.

  20. AvatarSherry in NC says:

    So sorry that person did not understand your intent. The majority of us understand that you are not copying someone else’s work. By listing other blogs and their BOM’s, you are promoting their business. We, including you, are getting the patterns from them. You are so generous in helping to get the word out about other small businesses in the quilting world. Kudos to you!

  21. AvatarJoan says:

    If anyone take a minute to get to know you, they would see that you are promoting others by showing their BOMs. I have found many new bloggers I’ve never seen before by going to your page. It’s part of the sharing and supporting we do in blogland. Keep up your good work…we know your integrity is in the right place.

  22. AvatarBeatrice says:

    I am so sorry that you have to deal with this, Marian. Most of us appreciate the work you do, and I would like to thank you that you promote my work without ever asking for anything in return. I didn’t know you weren’t allowed to collect patterns anymore when you design your own, someone should have told me, haha 😉 As for the stealing, I am not even going to waste time on a reply. Again, I am sorry you had to spend your time writing about this. Keep up the great work!

  23. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    This is so sad Marian. I really appreciate all you do and truly hope that you continue to list the BOM’s. I follow a lot of blogs, but your list has so many new ones that I didn’t know about. I enjoy the patterns they offer. It is such a shame that one person would do a thing like this.

  24. There will always be ignorant people who jump to conclusions that are wrong. Not only do I appreciate your BOM page, I actively email you to let you know of my QALs. We are a community of quilters, so don’t let the one complainer ruin a good thing for the rest of us. I appreciate your blog, your hard work, and your creativity!

  25. AvatarGabriele says:

    Please don’t stop doing what you do based on the opinion of one person. I am not a designer and enjoy seeing the different blocks of the month.

    I feel this is an exciting time for quilting as we are able to both see what others are doing around the world and to share our own work. I have gown so much as a quilter because of the sharing you and other bloggers do!

  26. AvatarSharon Vrooman says:

    Apparently this person doesn’t follow a lot of bloggers, as a number of us keep a side bar listing on-going QALs, SALs, and Hops. Some we participate in and others are there for those who have an interest. When we participate, we always link back to the creator for credit. It’s professionalism, it’s respect, it’s promotion for a fellow artist.

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