And We Venture Into the 3rd Day of Peek A Who…

Peek A Who Halloween BlogHopDid you see the projects featured yesterday… OMGosh, weren’t they wonderful. My mind is boggled with all the great ideas and creativity we’ve seen so far these past few days… I’m so excited about what’s to come.

PLEASE READ!!  Those of you not familiar with my pattern a day during blog hops… I need to explain a little issue I keep receiving in my email… The pattern of the day that I’m offering this week is only available for 24 hours and then it is deleted. Once my next day post goes live, that’s it, the pattern comes down and the new one goes up. I’ve clearly stated this on each day below the picture of the pattern. If you can figure out how to download the pattern, you can certainly read that it’s only available for 24 hours. I don’t like being like this, but, I will NOT send you the pattern via email ever. Please do not ask me to. You will get this same response in your email. The patterns go up for sale after the pattern is no longer available for free. Payhip doesn’t allow for mobile device downloads, so you need to use a desktop or a laptop to download with. You will receive an email with the download link, be sure you get it downloaded via a desktop or laptop prior to midnight est every night. Any time after that I will not guarantee that the pattern is still available for download. Those patterns are deleted off the server once I click to delete the product from the cart.  This is how the 12 Days of Event also in Nov/Dec also works.

Let’s now get on to the schedule…

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

MooseStashQuilting | Hand Stitched Treasure
DesertSky Quilting | Adventurous Applique and Quilting
Seams To Be Sew

The rest of the schedule can be found here.

The Timeless Treasures and The Fat Quartershop giveaways run all week long.

Enter The Giveaways by opening the post, and don’t forget to grab your free pattern of the day each day.

Timeless Treasures

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The Fat Quartershop

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Calibre Art Mats

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If you win one of these coupons, the code will be sent to you with your winning email. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders. If I have an email that bounces, I’ll redraw the entry.

This is for the USA only, if you live outside the USA, you’ll need to have it shipped to a friend in the USA who can then ship to you.
Amazon won’t ship these mats outside the USA.

Winners Each Day

Oct 22 Winners
Nicole S
Nancy M
Kathleen M
Allison E

Oct 23 Winners
Bobbie P
Pam J
Susan N
Sheila L
Donna R

All winners have been notified, please check your email.

Free Pattern Of The Day

Monsters B05

Free Pattern Has Expired
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This pattern comes in the 6×6 block size
The pattern can be purchased with 9×9 and 12×12 sizes included
along with SVG Cutting Files and Machine Embroidery Files.
Purchase Full Pattern at my Craftsy Shop.
All 14 blocks will be released as a full set at the end of this hop.
The Free pattern is only available for 24 hours, it is then deleted.
Please keep in mind, payhip doesn’t let you download files to your phone or mobile devices. You’ll need a desktop or laptop to download the pattern.

Wooly Block
today is an off day, if you didn’t download them yesterday, get it done today

Wooly Block 2018Here’s hoping you have a fun day peeking at the blogs today!!

stbs-2018 sig

I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

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23 thoughts on “And We Venture Into the 3rd Day of Peek A Who…

  1. Ciao Marian, questa non vuole essere una protesta ma solo una comunicazione, ho visto questa mattina la tua email per il mostro con su scritto che è già scaduto…..come mai? Non capisco…. grazie comunque per tutto quello che fai per noi….Silvana

    1. Silvana, no puedo evitar lo que ves en el correo electrónico. Las fechas límite en mi sitio son específicas si revisó su correo electrónico un día tarde y perdió un patrón gratuito. Así es como hago mis patrones libres durante los períodos de eventos .. ¡¡Solo un día !!

  2. I find this quite confusing…it is Thursday and there is no free pattern…don’t know what to click on…only find pics of already expired free monster patterns…had trouble signing up for prizes with the row by row experience you ran, also…tried to click on links to register my participation…they would not work…very disappointing.

    1. I do not run the row by row experience, I run a row along. I don’t mean to be rude, but there are pages on this blog where the process of what to do and how to do it are explained. I think if you clicked some links you might find these things. I can not help what you get and when you get or read your email. My posts are advertised in various places, on google, on facebook, blogluvin,, etc… There is plenty of notice to get the free patterns. When I have offered free patterns during my blog events, they have always been 24 hours to download. I’m sorry if you missed them, but if your aware of an event going on, it would be wise to check my site daily for that free pattern.

  3. Thank you for all that you do and for your monster blocks, they are so darn cute. Also a thanks to the sponsors for their generous gifts for the giveaways.

  4. Thanks for another day filled with unique quilty eye-candy!! Really enjoying this blog hop – and I appreciate all the hard work you put into making it happen!

  5. Congrats to the Caibre winners. They are going to love their new mats! You little monsters are so stinkin cute. I see a stick horse or the lockness monster in todays! LOL!!

  6. Thank you for this fun monster. He looks confused. I guess I will have to put him on a placemat for my niece so he has purpose. LOL thank you for another fun day.

  7. I’m thrilled to be a winner of the coupon! I’ll be ordering that next week when the budget renews. =) Thanks for this too-cute-to-be-a-monster! These are all so adorable.

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