And We’re Off… The Road Home Begins…

stbs-Road Home tall bannerIt’s been months since I announced the signups for The Road Home Row Along. A little bit of history… Last year, Seams To Be Sew hosted the first Row Along called EQ Seasons. We had 21 bloggers who designed row patterns in Electric Quilt. We shared the pj7 files, and the pdf files during that event. This year, we changed things up a bit and dropped the EQ requirement. We now have 40 bloggers participating in this six-week event which is hosted by Seams To Be Sew and Sew IncrediblyCrazy. Quite a few of the bloggers who participated last year loved the fun so much they came back to do it again this year. If you were here last year for this event, whether a participant, visitor or blogger you already know how much fun it is.

So, let me explain. I am most often asked what is a Row Along. How does it work? What’s required? When I came upon the idea to this, I was working on a row quilt from Deanna’s DOD Mystery Quilt Blog… I thought it would be fun to have a blog event where we offered rows as a giveaway. So I contacted Electric Quilt designers I’d found on the web and invited them to participate. It was the beginning of something very new for myself and my blog. Since that time, I’ve offered several other events and am now doing a second Row Along.

Please note, while this event has some similarities to the Row By Row Experience, it is not the same thing and was not created at a time when I even knew what the Row By Row Experience was.

How Does It Work

During the next six weeks, you will be given 8 to 9 (4 to 5 per day),  blogs you can visit twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday’s. At each blog, you’ll find the story of the bloggers Road Home… why they chose to create that journey and what inspired their projects. You’ll also be able download that pattern via a pdf document. Let me emphasize, that if you’re using a cell phone or small android type device, you may need to download your projects on something larger like a desktop, or laptop. I know a kindle will open pdf files, so I’m fairly sure an iPad will also, I just don’t know how they are at printing out. Since I can’t print from my kindle, I’m assuming you may not be able to print from an iPad.

The Rows

The rows are based on the idea of the bloggers idea of “home”. The row requirements were that all rows had to be 12-inches high and 24 to 40-inches wide. Some rows will be a full 40-inches, while others are 30-inches. I will do a tutorial on how to work with odd sized rows during this event.


All giveaways run for one week and then winners are announced the following Wednesday and Fridays.

Each blog will offer you two giveaways to sign up for. All giveaways, have various requirements, many of our giveaways this year have a US shipping restriction on them.

Each blog has it’s own giveaway and what I call a shared giveaway. All of the Anita Goodesign giveaways are a daily shared giveaway, this means that you can enter them, but each featured day give you a new opportunity to win with the blogs. Each of the featured days have a separate giveaway, so there are many possibilities to win these CDs. You must own an embroidery machine to use these CDs, they will not work on anything but an embroidery machine. There will be 5 giveaways daily for the Anita Goodesign CDs.

Seams To Be Sew will offer a giveaway that you can participate in daily for the Fat Quartershop’s amazing giveaway bundle. It will run for the entire run of the event ending on October 12, 2016.

All giveaways can be entered at the bottom of my posts.

If you are an overseas person who wins a giveaway, you’ll be asked if you wish to cover the cost of shipping. If you do, you will need to send the money via Paypal to my pardner Amy who will then ship your giveaway to you. This is the only way we can work around offering giveaways to overseas and Canadian/Mexican residents. The only exception is the Calibre Art cutting mats, they will not be shipped overseas whatsoever since the process to get these mats is different from how other giveaways are shipped.

As an overseas, or US border resident, please do not sign up for the giveaways with that restriction if you’re not willing to cover the cost of shipping.

Featured Days

Every Tuesday and Thursday thru September and the first week in October at least 4 blogs will offer row patterns for you. This blog and other participating blogs will also announce these on your favorite spots. Watch your email, all social services, and any newsletters the blogs might offer to let you know their day is being featured.

Bloggers are asked to keep downloads free thru the end of the event, but each blogger does make the choice how long they wish to keep them free beyond that point and they are asked to specify a download expiration on their posts.

FlickR Reward

This event has it’s own FlickR group, you are invited to join in on the fun and watch as the bloggers add their rows, and if you make one from this point on until October 12, 2016, you may enter a special giveaway which can be entered here at this blog on any featured day’s post. The giveaway is open to everyone.

The Road Home Row Along at Flickr

You can also keep track for the future with our Pinterest group located here.

Facebook Group To Follow Along In

A Moment Of Thanks

Even as busy as she is this year, Amy Warner of Sew Incredibly Crazy agreed early on to help me with this event. We partnered up and she took on the challenge of helping me to get sponsors, and has been their for  me every step of the way when I had a decision to make that was troubling me. I’m sure I’ve annoyed her with the little things, but sometimes it’s those little things that just drive me bonkers the most. Sometimes I will wonder if it’s right or wrong and she’s my go-to gal for those things. She’s also the one who will be shipping all the prize winners their giveaway items to everyone. This by itself is a huge task and one I can’t do because shipping out of here can be a hassle at times and it does take awhile for mail to arrive too the states.

To all the bloggers who are participating. You’ve been amazing, I know it can seem frustrating and confusing at times to have to create just a row, but without your willingness to just jump in and do it, we wouldn’t be at this moment today. Thank you so much for jumping in with me and having a bit of fun with this Row Along. I hope you’ve not only learned something but had fun doing it. I know the rows I’ve seen are really amazing. Great Job Ladies!!

To all the sponsors, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! What can one say for your generous nature to help us giveaway your products. I really appreciate your generosity and I buy your products.

Participating Bloggers For September 06, 2016

These very brave bloggers are starting off this event with a bang..

Enjoy your time visiting them and be sure to comment,
All the giveaways except Anita Goodesign need a comment on the featured blogs of the day.

September 06

Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life 
MI sunrise coast
Cynthia’s Creative Ark
Adelaide South Australia
Kissed Quilts
Washington state (Grand Coulee)
Renee Chester
Alberta, Canada

To see all the giveaways visually, please visit this page at Seams To Be Sew

The Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway

Entries end October 11, 2016
No restrictions on shipping

You can only enter this giveaway here at Seams To Be Sew
You need to visit the blogs Facebook page in order to enter.
I will add to the list each new Featured Day of this event,
so you need to come back to enter for those blogs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The following giveaways end for entries on September 13, 2016

Today’s Giveaways Are:

Anita Goodesign
There are 5 winners for each featured day of this event.
You must own an embroidery machine to use this prize.
No restrictions on Shipping

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The following giveaways all require a comment on the blog itself to enter.

18×24 Calibre Art Cutting Mat
US Entrants Only – No International Shipping

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cynthia’s Creating Ark
12×18 Calibre Art Cutting Mat
US Entrants Only – No International Shipping

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kissed Quilts
Aurifil’s Tula Pink Chipper Pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Renee’s Quilting Addiction
Washington Street Fabrics 1 Bundle – Fats, Strips, Squares
US Entrants Only / International Winners Agree To Pay Shipping

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please stop in each day to visit your favorite blogs, pick up a free row pattern and leave us a comment, let us know how you liked the row, the blogs,

and if anything is wrong for you, please write me, I’ll do my best to get it corrected quickly.

Enjoy The Road Home Row Along

and don’t forget, their is still time to join in on Simply Sign Me
a Signature Swap.

Please consider joining Joan at Moose Stash Quilting and I for Simply Sign Me
Signups End this Friday September 9, so if you’ve been contemplating joining, we hope you do it by friday.

Simply Sign MeCome and Join Us, I love Signature Swaps and
I’ll really miss my friends if they don’t participate.

Signups are being taken for

Eerie Nights BH
Signups End this Friday September 9, so if you’ve been contemplating joining, we hope you do it by friday.
If your having problems with the form, please just send me an email to signup and include the information that the form asks for.


28 thoughts on “And We’re Off… The Road Home Begins…

  1. Hi, I have only just discovered this amazing row along by chance on a pinterest board. Is there any where I can find a list of all the rows on offer? I have managed to download some of them, but I’m finding the trail to find others very confusing. I would really love to have all of the beautiful patterns, so I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you. Kind regards, Eileen.

  2. Calibre Art Cutting Mat I won the great matt got it in mail today …Wow was fast and I love it…I have a small one but this bigger one will come in handy…..tytytyty again for road home blog hop…

  3. What a great start for what will be a super fun row along. Thank you, Marian for all your hard work from organization to tutorials to giveaways and everything in between.

  4. All the rows look great! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the rows will be. What a wonderful way to tour the world without ever leaving the comforts of home. Thanks to you and all the designers for what will be a marvelous row by row.

  5. Thanks for giving us more rows to look forward to. You can definitely print pdf’s from an IPhone or IPad if you have a wireless printer.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that Leslie, I have a wireless printer, but have never been able to get it running on my desktop.. I’d love to move it if I didn’t have to hook it up to the usb.

  6. Thank you for hosting The Road Home, I appreciate all the work and time you put into an event like this. Visiting all the blogs and Facebook pages has been a great way to start my day, travelling to so many wonderful places from my sofa here in Nova Scotia is the added bonus of our internet world 🙂

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